Caravan Breakaway Cable

It’s fair to say that the caravan breakaway cable is not the biggest item found on your tourer, but it plays an important role. Especially as there is a serious number of instances where caravans have become unattached from the vehicles towing them. Detachment is a serious problem that goes hand in hand with bad … Read more

Inflatable Caravan Leveller

Caravans are not always the easiest thing to make level. However, over time people have come up with their own solutions. For example, using a concrete paving slab or precariously lodged pieces of wood have also acted as a solution. You can purchase ramps for your caravan but they tend to be expensive and they’re … Read more

Caravan Jacks

At some stage of your caravanning journey, you may well find yourself needing to change the tyres on your caravan. There may also be times when you need to perform some maintenance on them. The safest and most practical way to do this is via a caravan jack. If this does happen to be the … Read more

Caravan Tyres

caravan tyres

Though there aren’t tyres on the market made specifically for caravans, you will need to ensure that when fitting tyres here, they can cope with the requirements and demands of a caravan. Caravans do in fact use tyres that are either made for cars or small vans. However, you will need to establish early on … Read more

Grip Track for Caravans

caravan grip tracks

So, you are in your caravan, and you park up. However, when you return, you see that your caravan is stuck in wet terrain. Or you are driving, and you get stuck in some snow. To get out of these scenarios, you can purchase some mud grip mats. If you do park up in muddy … Read more

Touring Caravan Towing Service

Touring Caravan Towing Service

The main reason people get involved in caravanning in the first place is the freedom and flexibility it offers. There is something a little special, magical even about loading up your tourer and heading out on the open road to here, there…anywhere. At Caravan Helper, that’s what drives us in our passion for this lifestyle … Read more

Caravan Stabiliser

caravan stabiliser

There’s one piece of equipment that whether you’re new to caravanning or not will come up time and time again when you’re reading various blogs and other posts and that’s the caravan stabiliser. While there are many things that you could get away with not knowing about, understanding and investing in, the caravan stabiliser isn’t … Read more

Caravan Leg Winders

caravan leg winders

The main part of owning a caravan is having the freedom to travel whenever you want, wherever you want. However, it is not just travelling and going on holidays. Owning a caravan involves caravan maintenance. In order to carry out caravan maintenance, though, you need to have access to the right tools for the job. … Read more

Spring Assisters

spring assisters

Spring Assisters For Your Caravan 1. Spring Aid 39-51mm Gap Coil Spring Assister The first product we want to look at briefly is the Spring Aid Gap Coil. This is ideal for providing the support a towing vehicle needs when it hooked up to a tourer. It also reduces the risk of your vehicle’s suspension … Read more

Caravan Nose Weight Gauge

caravan nose weight gauge

The caravan nose weight, otherwise known as the vertical force exerted onto the tow ball of your car when you have your caravan attached to it. It is normal and essential for the caravan weight should place some downward pressure on the rear of your touring car, as this aids the read tyres to grip … Read more