19 Awesome Family Caravan Hacks

Caravanning with your family is a lot of fun and adventurous, but it’s also involves a whole lot of hard work. At Caravan Helper, we know this only too well, which is why we have put together this guide of 19 awesome caravan hacks that will help make the experience a lot more comfortable, easier … Read more

Caravan Sites Near Portsmouth Ferry Terminal

One of the great things about owning a caravan is the fact that it gives you the freedom to try and explore new places. Places you may not have had the chance to visit before, either for financial or logistical reasons. You aren’t restricted in the same way you are when you’re trying to pay … Read more

Caravan Window Locks

Here at Caravan Helper, we take caravan security extremely seriously. No one wants to work towards achieving their dream caravan – only to have it broken into, due to a lack of adequate security measures. Once you take the decision to buy a caravan, you immediately need to think ahead about how best to protect … Read more

Leisure Battery Monitor

leisure battery monitor

One of the keys to having as comfortable and enjoyable an experience on the road in a caravan is being able to power the various appliances and devices you want to use. Obviously, compromises must be made. As there are many lower voltage models such as televisions for entertainment, hair dryers for personal grooming and … Read more

12v Coffee Maker             

12v coffee maker

With more of us turning to coffee as our leading drinks choice, when you’re caravanning many of us won’t be able to go the day without at least one cup! Years ago, we would’ve had to wait to get home before accessing that good quality cup of coffee. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. What … Read more

Caravan Coat Hangers

caravan coat hangers

You’re busy packing for your long awaited holibobs, all day you’ve been feverishly ironing t-shirts, shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers, jeans, dresses and shorts (you’re ever hopeful the good old British weather will hold). You’ve got everything ready, and now you just need a few caravan coat hangers to slip your garments onto in order to … Read more

Caravan Parks Within Walking Distances from Towns

caravan parks within walking distance from towns

As the title suggest, in the following post we will be specifically looking at caravan parks that are within walking distance from towns. When you’re going on holiday in a caravan, you’re free to explore the country and can visit some towns in England, Scotland and Wales that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider. Having a caravan … Read more

12v Hair Straighteners

When caravanning or travelling in general, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best as you do so! You may find that a few sites that you pitch up to will try to offer a wide range of additional facilities, and some of these will include a hair dryer. However, more popular than the … Read more

12v Hair Dryer

There are so many things you can quickly take for granted when you are not on the road and within the comfortable setting of your own home. For example, the handiness of having a kettle, oven, shower and washing machine that you can use with no hassle or worries about the effect it’ll have on … Read more

Best 12v Cool Box

A cool box for use in the caravan is not only ideal if you don’t have a fridge installed, but it also doubles up for use in the awning, the car, and when out and about on trips and picnics. You may find that some people choose to forgo a fridge in their caravan. This … Read more