The Freedom Caravan Club

The Freedom Caravan Club has recently caught our attention. Here at Caravan Helper, we regularly search the caravanning word both online and off to bring you relevant news, reviews, and information. With a mission to make caravanning accessible and fun for everyone, the Freedom Caravan Club may be of interest to those caravanners looking to … Read more

Inflatable Caravan Leveller

Caravans are not always the easiest thing to make level. However, over time people have come up with their own solutions. For example, using a concrete paving slab or precariously lodged pieces of wood have also acted as a solution. You can purchase ramps for your caravan but they tend to be expensive and they’re … Read more

 Dometic Caravan Fridge Not Working on 240v

Many people have had a problem with their Dometic caravan fridge. It doesn’t seem to want to work on 240v so what could be the issue? This article aims to help you solve the problem or at least help you understand what might be causing it: Check that the fridge is turned on This may … Read more

Electrolux Caravan Fridge Problems

Do you have a problem with your Electrolux caravan fridge? We might have the solution for you. This article could help solve the problem or help you understand what it might be. Read on for more information: Check that the fridge is switched on While you may not think that the fridge is switched off … Read more

How to Keep Motorhome Batteries Charged

If you tend to use your motorhome occasionally you may not be pleased to learn that the batteries tend to discharge when they’re not being used. It is, therefore, vital that you keep the battery charged while it’s being stored. The speed of the discharge depends on the type of battery and the temperature of … Read more

Caravan Windows Steaming Up (How To Fix it)

When caravan windows steam up it’s usually caused by the change in temperature and the levels of moisture present in the air. It’s these changes that can cause condensation to appear. While many people assume that every acrylic caravan window is vacuum sealed this is not the case at all. Therefore, the windows in a … Read more

Caravan Curtain Tracks

When you get a new pair of curtains, you need the right curtain track so that your curtains can hang properly. Caravan curtain tracks are perfect for that reason. These tracks are specifically designed for caravans, so you know that they will suit your needs. In this article, we will look at the best options … Read more

How Long Does a 47kg Gas Bottle Last in a Caravan?

There is no clear way to answer this question as it all depends on what you use your gas for. It also depends on how often you use your gas. If you use your caravan every weekend, for example, you’re likely to run out of gas more often than if you use your caravan once … Read more

Awning Reproofer

The best type of awning should be one that lasts you for a good number of years. But, as with most things over time through prolonged use, they may well start to show signs of wear and tear. This then means visible leaks as your awning loses its waterproofing properties. Unfortunately, this renders them less … Read more

How Good are Coachman Caravans?

We all know that many people love the Coachman brand of caravans but just how good are they? We did a spot of research and here’s what we think about the brand that has been around for 30 years: Build Quality and Reliability When it comes to the quality of the build we found that … Read more