Caravan Tea Towels

As we’ve discussed in other posts here on Caravan Helper, there are a lot of different things you can buy the folk who love caravanning in your life. There are caravan t-shirts, caravan mugs, caravan stickers and various other great caravan gifts available. To add to our collection of slightly naff, but very fun and … Read more

Why Are Caravans White?

Now, we’ve covered a lot of different subjects here at Caravan Helper, regarding the hobby we all love so much. We’ve looked at awnings, the cost of buying a caravan, and a multitude of other accessories, equipment, tools, and tutorials, in addition to the many guides and overviews of caravan sites up and down the … Read more

Caravan Storage Wiltshire

There are fewer better ways to explore the length and breadth of this country with the same level of freedom than doing with a caravan. The only problem is, while you are not on the road, where are you going to keep your shiny pride and joy? Most of you are probably thinking your driveway … Read more

Caravan T-Shirts

There are lots of great gifts you can treat yourself or someone you love if caravans are your thing. There are caravan mugs and caravan stickers, which we’ve discussed in previous posts. In this post, therefore, we want to discuss another gift that shows a deep love for caravanning but is also extremely practical as well. As all the products … Read more

Caravan Storage Oxfordshire

caravan storage oxfordshire

Have you recently invested in a caravan? If so, a world of adventure awaits you. There are various places up and down our beautiful country you can explore with freedom in your new tourer. However, what are you going to do with it when you are at home? Whether you stay in Banbury, Bicester, Thame, … Read more

Best Caravan TVs                      

best caravan tv

Having the best caravan TV in your caravan is a great way to keep up to date with your favourite soaps and series as you travel, as well as offering some downtime when relaxing after an energetic day exploring the area beyond your pitch! With lots of us wanting access to more than just a … Read more

13 Pin Trailer Plug

Put simply, a 13-pin trailer plug is a must if you are towing a caravan, boat or trailer. It provides you with all the lighting necessities you need from your vehicle to the caravan, including braking lights, indicators and running lights, as well as a reversing light which is very important when towing. The plug … Read more

Best Skegness Caravan Holiday Parks

Skegness. Just saying the name, or its nickname of SkegVegas will either cause people to smile uncontrollably as they recall with fondness family holidays they had there or in a grimace because of really bad holidays they had there. For the most part, though, the former is more common. Skegness is famous for its beautiful … Read more

Caravan Ladder

We all see our caravans are our homes away from home (unless you are living permanently on the road, in which case – we salute you!). To make the experience of living in these homes away from home as enjoyable as possible, we kit them out with as many home comforts or alternatives to home … Read more

Collapsible Watering Can

Space saving is part and parcel of caravan life, whether you have a permanent pitch or take your tourer or motorhome to sites on a regular basis. Caravan designers make great use of available space inside and out, and users come up with some innovative ideas too. But, it’s the designers of products for use … Read more