Campervan pitch marker

Have you ever parked up your motorhome and slept the night at a campsite, then decided to go out for the day? When you return, tired and hungry, you find that someone else has taken the pitch you were on? Even if you can find somewhere else to park it’s still annoying. And if you … Read more

Caravan External 240v Sockets

When you have your caravan looking great and with all the gadgets and gizmos you will need you might feel it’s time to sit back and enjoy what you have. But that will change when you introduce an awning. An awning is a great idea in itself, of course, because whether you have a big … Read more

Motorhome Screen Covers

Which screen cover should you choose for your tourer?  Do the “universal fit” ones really work?  When you are thinking about a motorhome screen cover, you need to consider these things. It’s important to get the right cover for your needs, and since different ones do different jobs, it’s a good idea to know about … Read more

12v Extension Leads

12v extension leads

When you first started to get interested in caravanning, you might not have known that caravans have a 12v socket in them. Why would you need a cigarette lighter in a caravan anyway?  The answer isn’t about smoking or not smoking at all. Lots of really very nifty appliances work with a 12v socket, and … Read more

Best Caravans for Winter Use

As caravans have become more sophisticated, not surprisingly, the prices have been rising. So, when you buy a caravan you are making a significant investment. In Britain we have very variable weather and so to get the best out of your investment, it might be an idea to do some winter caravanning. Many people want … Read more

Travel High Chair

travel high chair for caravans

Traveling with your toddler is full of challenges. Often babies and children don’t want to do what we want to do, like going to restaurants and sitting nicely in the high seats provided. Sometimes we take one look at the high chair and don’t want to put our babies in there. Eating out or eating … Read more

Dometic Fridge Parts

One of the most important parts of caravanning is having a working fridge. We need to store food, so it doesn’t go off. Some people might say a decent bed is more important, but no-one these days would put up without a fridge in their homes. Also, it is vital that we have them in … Read more

Caravan Storage Southampton

If you live in Southampton, you might be wondering if you need to put your caravan in storage? Well, caravan thefts are on the rise. In 2014 caravan thefts were up by 29%, and in 2016 they were up 36%, so the evidence points to the benefits of storing your caravan in a reputable storage … Read more

Caravan Storage Wigan

Your investment in a caravan as a home away from home means it probably has an important place in your heart. You will want to take good care of it, even when you are not using it. One way to take care of your caravan is to make sure it is safe and secure when … Read more

Isabella Awning Spares

If you have invested in an Isabella awning, then it shows you are serious about your camping. Probably you love your holidays and you like to keep things to a high standard if you are away. Isabella awnings have the joints of each piece of kit made of CarbonX, their reinforced plastic with added carbon … Read more