Caravan Packing Checklist

Touring caravan at the ready, it’s time to head off for a well-deserved break. Whether you’re off for a short weekend away with a friend, a two-week holiday with the family, or a six-month tour of the British Isles with your better half, you still have the unenviable task of packing prior to your departure. … Read more

Touring Caravan Sites with Fishing Lakes

For those caravanners who like fishing, touring sites offering well-stocked fishing lakes are hugely desirable. Perhaps one of the most relaxing breaks in the UK, there’s nothing better than pitching up and heading off for a full day of fishing amongst some of the most tranquil of spots. However, when you do select a caravan … Read more

Caravan Flag Pole

It’s quite possible, if you’ve already been to a fair few caravan sites that you’ve encountered the stunning array of flags people fly from poles on their tourers. Even if you’ve yet to take a trip with your caravan, if you’ve ever been to a music festival or driven passed caravan sites, you will have … Read more

What Size Gas Bottle Do I Need for My Caravan?

At Caravan Helper, we come across the question noted in the heading. To answer the question what size gas bottle you need for your touring caravan, you will need to think about what appliances you use that need gas and how much gas you need for your caravan in general. Nobody really works out exactly … Read more

How Much Is Caravan Storage?

Caravan Storage Near You There’s nothing quite like hitching up your touring caravan and setting off on the open road. After all, don’t we all enjoy escaping the 9-5 and the myriad of house-hold chores? But when you’re not out touring you will need to find a place to store your beloved caravan. If you … Read more

Best Caravan Parks in The Lake District

From its famous association with William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter to its magnificent scenery, the Lake District undeniably offers a perfect getaway. Instantly recognisable by its beautiful mountains, forests, and indeed lakes, it is no doubt a famous UK region. With many of its attractions open all year round, there’s never been a better time … Read more

How to Heat a Caravan Without Electricity

If you’re going to be staying on a camp site without electricity, you may want to figure out ahead of time how you’re going to heat your caravan. Caravanning in the UK is particularly problematic as it’s often possible to experience fours seasons in the space of one day! Therefore, you may set off in … Read more

Caravan Windbreaks

When caravanning, even though it is a very inclusive and sociable passion, there are still times when you want peace and quiet. If you want privacy and protection against the weather but do not want to purchase an awning, a windbreak is a perfect choice to help you relax without anyone or anything bothering you. … Read more

Changing Caravan Lights to LED

Changing your caravan lights to LED bulbs is how you save on the electricity use of your caravan for the next season. Using less electricity in your caravan means lower running costs and more freedom in choosing campsites. With some careful planning, your caravan might be able to run on the leisure battery alone. Ready … Read more

Best caravan parks in north wales

Bustling towns, seaside resorts, historic castles and breath-taking landscapes – North Wales has a lot to offer. Renowned for its rugged beauty, there are five official areas of outstanding beauty in Wales, and you will find three of those – the Lleyn Peninsula, the Isle of Anglesey and the Clwydian Range, here. North Wales (more … Read more