Caravan Fridge Vents

caravan fridge vents

If you have a fridge in your caravan – and most of us do – then you will know that there are two fridge vents to keep the back of the fridge cool. The theory is that cool air is sucked in the bottom vent and hot air goes out of the top vent. These … Read more

Gas Bottle Level Indicator

If you’ve owned a caravan for some time now and been on numerous adventures, you’ve probably experienced the nightmare scenario of running out of gas. It always seems to be right at the very moment you really need gas for a nice hot shower or something as equally pertinent. Although most people will agree that … Read more

How to Insulate a Caravan for Winter

Many people are happy to camp out all through the year and caravan sites all over the country are staying open for longer. However, if you want to stay in your caravan over the winter months you’ll need to ensure it’s properly insulated. A caravan that isn’t properly insulated is prone to cracked taps and … Read more

What Size Gas Bottle Do I Need for My Caravan?

what size gas bottle do i need for your caravan

At Caravan Helper, we come across the question noted in the heading. To answer the question what size gas bottle you need for your touring caravan, you will need to think about what appliances you use that need gas and how much gas you need for your caravan in general. Nobody really works out exactly … Read more

Caravan Gas Regulators

caravan gas regulators

A gas regulator is an item which allows you to regulate just the right amount of pressure to adequately control the gas feed and flow from your gas bottle to your designated gas appliances. With many caravanners using gas for heaters, gas stoves and BBQs on their travels, a standard gas regulator does the vital … Read more