Kampa Air Awning Problems

Kampa air awnings are a really great choice for caravanners. Especially those that don’t want the hassle of putting up rigid pole awnings. Kampa air awnings offer a quick and easy solution to add an awning to your caravan. They are lightweight and pack down to a much smaller size than the traditional awning. A … Read more

Inflatable Air Awnings

So you have the caravan and are looking to get some good use out of it this summer. Do you have an awning for your caravan yet? If not, you may want to consider the benefits of investing in one of the many available such as a caravan air awning for your caravanning adventures. An easier to … Read more

Breathable Groundsheets

breathable groundsheet

Whether you are new to caravanning or recently bought a motorhome or campervan, one of the keys to getting the most out of the experience is investing in the right accessories. You obviously need to make some compromises in terms of comfort when you are on the road. However, that doesn’t mean you have to … Read more

Awning Waterproofing

The best type of awning should be one that lasts you for a good number of years. But, as with most things over time through prolonged use, they may well start to show signs of wear and tear. This then means visible leaks as your awning loses its waterproofing properties. Unfortunately, this renders them less … Read more

Awning Tie Down Kit

As we’ve noted extensively here at Caravan Helper, awnings are one of those accessories that no caravan outfit should be without. They help increase the covered floorspace you have access to. As well as providing welcome shade from the hot sun on those days in summer when we do get a reasonably high temperature in … Read more

Awning Repair Kit

Awnings are great accessories to have for your caravan outfit, as they help to extend the amount of covered floor space you have. They protect you from the elements, by providing shade when the sun is really beaming down and a dry area to stay when its raining down. Depending on the quality of your … Read more

Caravan Awning Cleaning

caravan awning cleaning

Caravan awnings are obviously great accessories for extending the amount of usable, and, crucially, covered floor space you have for your tourer outfit. At Caravan Helper, we’ve covered numerous topics related to caravan awnings. From a look at the different types of caravan awnings available, including air awnings, how to work out the right size … Read more

Awning Rail Lubricant

awning rail lubricants

As you know, awnings are a vital part of any good caravan setup. They help to provide extra covered and usable floor space so that even the smallest caravan can still feel comfortable and spacious. One of the biggest problems with awnings, particularly with the larger models, is sliding it on and off the railing … Read more

Awning Pole Tensioner

awning pole tensioner

You want to get your caravan awning fabric taut, so no pools form in the roof and the roof fabric does not flap. What you do not want to do is ruin your muscles. That is where an awning pole tensioner comes in handy. Awning pole tensioners tighten up your awning roof, make sure that … Read more

Caravan Awning Layout Ideas

Caravan Awning Layout Ideas

An awning is one of the most important accessories you need to invest in when you’re buying a caravan. It helps to open your living space up more and can make a caravan feel a whole lot bigger. At Caravan Helper, we’ve look at the various options there are out there for awnings, including the … Read more