Best Caravan TVs. Which One Is Best For Your Needs?

People go on caravan holidays to get away from it all, but most people still want to take a TV with them to pass the time, keep the kids entertained and to binge-watch the latest Netflix shows. All the TV’s on our list below have a 12v adaptor which means you can use the power from your leisure battery. Most of them also have the dual functionality of a 240v plug as well so if your site has mains electricity you can easily switch to a standard plug.

Caravan TV’s are catching up to modern TV’s and a lot are HD, have smart features, Bluetooth connectivity and are generally pretty good for caravanners in 2020.

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Why should you trust us?

We absolutely love caravans and we have spent hours researching reviews across the internet to put together this list of the best caravan TV’s all in 1 place for you and put together a buyers guide which talks about some of the most common problems people encounter when setting up and using the TV’s on a caravan site.

Best 12v TV For Caravan and Motorhomes

This TV comes in at number 1 on the list because its a smart TV and we feel that is what you should be buying in 2020. This means that you can get Netflix on here. More people are watching Netflix each year and you can even download shows straight onto some devices to watch later.

Television is perhaps one of the costlier of choices on the list, but as an Android Smart model with WI-FI and HD Freeview, this certainly offers you much more choice.

With Netflix, YouTube and many social media platforms accessible from this product, this dual voltage 12/24v choice also has two HDMI ports so you can connect a host of other additional hardware to it. This allows you to play a games console, attach an HD satellite receiver or a Blu-Ray player.

Customers love the QuickStart tuning process of this lightweight TV, alongside the brilliant picture and sound quality of this model. You might need a wifi booster to make full use of the smart TV features.

We have included this one in the list as Sharp are most likely a brand that you have heard of as they have been producing quality products for a long time.

It is a dual voltage TV that comes with a 12v charger but can also run off a normal UK plug.

Built into the smart features are Netflix, Youtube, iPlayer, ITV and all your other favourite on-demand services.

There are also HDMI and USB ports so that you can connect your other devices to it with ease.

We really like this TV and it would be one of our top choices on this list.

Avtex has made it onto our list because they are well known for producing quality 12v products. With it being a premium product it does come with a hefty price tag when compared to the others on the list but it is made to be the best TV for your caravan or motorhome.

This Avtex model is available in 5 different sizes that range from 16 inches all the way to 24 inches.

Like most on the list, this comes with a built-in DVD player which is very handy.

It is worth noting that this one is not a smart TV and therefore you cannot get Netflix on this.

This 20” HD ready TV comes with Freeview access, a USB port, and an integrated slot-in DVD player. Aimed at those caravanners concerned about getting the right amount of voltage from their appliances, this model is ultra-low in power consumption, using just 12 Volts.

Alongside offering you the latest Cello model, this TV allows you to keep up-to-date with all your favourites using the Freeview option, or play a DVD of your choice when preferred.

Customers purchasing this model find it easy to set up and tune when in the van, with it offering an adequate picture and decent sound quality. This is one of the best choices for the best 12v television for a caravan.

22” TV is an all-inclusive model featuring high definition, Freeview, a USB PVR function and the ability to watch various video formats, view pictures and listen to music on!

With an AC adapter included for 220v mains and a 12v DC input lead included, this is an excellent energy efficient class A choice for caravanners looking to run their TV efficiently.

What’s more, this model’s LED screen technology offers an impressive picture quality every time.

Customers purchasing this TV highly rate its overall quality and ability to work perfectly in the caravan.

Another 20” Cello make, but this time an ultra-slim version, this model offers MPEG4 technology. This means you can access the USB playback and record features, a built-in DVD player, Freeview channels and HDMI connections.

Supplied with a 12v and 24v DC power supply, this TV is duel voltage allowing it to be used in the caravan with ease while ensuring it doesn’t drain the battery or encounter power surges in the process.

Customers purchasing this TV find it lightweight, and straightforward to set up. Best of all, it’s considered a great buy for its additional USB access.

Finlux’s sleek 22” TV offers full HD as well as DVD access. It also allows you to record through its USB access point.

Fully efficient energy-wise at class A, this 12v model is perfect for playing in caravans.

With DTS TruSurround ensuing all-around sound, all standard digital channels are available through this model. However, if you’re looking for HD channels, you will need an external HD tuner.

Customers purchasing this TV find it an excellent little model which offers not only good pictures but good sound quality as well. This is definitely one of the best tv/DVD for a caravan.

We wanted to include a wide range of makes on this list which is why Snipe have made it onto this article. You may not have heard of them but if do some searches online you will read a lot of good reviews about this brand.

This TV is on the cheaper side compared to others on the list but it has Bluetooth meaning you can connect it to your headphones or maybe a soundbar if you are watching a film.

It has all the usual USB connectors that other TV’s have, as well as Freeview and satellite HD receivers.

This is the smallest on the list but not everyone has the room for a large TV especially if you have a small motorhome or campervan. It has a small 10-inch screen which means it should be able to fit into the smallest of spaces and can even go on the bedside table as it comes with a flick out stand on the bottom or on top of the quilt in between the 2 of you.

This is not full HD but the resolution is 1024 x 600 which for a TV of this size is perfectly acceptable. There is also no DVD player but when you are buying a TV this small you can’t expect it to have one.

What we really like is the fact that there is a built-in battery which means if you need to save energy on your leisure battery you can run it off its own battery for a while before it needs to be charged up again.

Buying Guide

As we said at the start, TV’s are getting better all the time and the same can be said for motorhome and caravan TVs. We have put together this short buyers guide for the best caravan tv’s which will go through some options you should consider when before making the important purchase.

Smart TV Features

In 2020 and everyone expects their TV to just have Netflix and Amazon built-in as standard and I am the same. A recent study showed that more and more people are watching streaming services over traditional TV and just because you are in a caravan doesn’t mean that you are going to change your viewing habits.

There are some important features that you need to know about smart TV’s. Not all TV’s provide all of the streaming services that you might get at home. My TV is from 2017 and is still a great TV but it does not get Channel 4 on demand. There is also no option for me to upgrade the software to do this. I am just stuck without it. So please double check what services come with your TV.

Caravan Site Wifi

Linked in with the smart features is the wifi on the caravan site. Are you going to be located in the far corner and have a limited connection?

Are you going to have to pay extra to get get a premium service and your caravan site even block services like this? I have heard of some doing this due to the network being overused.

Caravan wifi is also known for being slow. It may have been great for some browsing you do on your iPad now and then but can it handle a full 2-hour movie being streamed with no buffering?

What About Non-Smart TV’s? What Options Are There?

All is not lost if you don’t have a smart TV as you can still catch up on your favourite TV shows with these options. There are 2 great options to consider that can get your favourite streaming channels onto your TV

Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon firestick has been around for ages. As long as your TV has an HDMI port then you can plug this straight into your TV and control it via remote control. This will then allow you to access most of the major streaming services such as BBC, ITV, Netflix etc. There are also Firestick software upgrades from time to time which should update with new services when they come out.


I’ve had one of these for years and they work really well. You plug part of it into an HDMI port on your TV and the other half into your laptop or computer. Then whatever is shown on your computer can be mirrored onto the TV. So as long as you can get a good wifi connection on your computer then you are sorted.


Some of the TV’s above come with an aerial but please double check to make sure they do. This means you can then use Freeview to get all your basic channels to watch live tv.

The connection might be tough to get at times. Think about it for a second. Your house is tall and has a big aerial on the top. Your caravan is much lower down and there’s a chance the caravan site is in a valley or surrounded by big trees which is always going to make getting a good picture tricky. If they don’t have Freeview built-in then you can get Freeview HD set-top boxes but these are quite hard to find that run on 12v mains.


You could consider Freesat. We won’t go on too much about this as we cover it in another article but its a basic satellite TV service ran by BBC and ITV which gives you more channels than other digital tv services such as Freeview. However, you will need a satellite dish to get this service which is another cost and a large item to put in the caravan. Some people do take their own satellite TV system such as Sky with them and this might be something you want to look into more.

Sound Quality

Most small flat-screen TV’s have pretty rubbish sound quality. This isn’t just for caravan TV’s though, we mean any small TV. This means that most on the list will not have an amazing sound quality no matter how good the brand is. The TV’s are that small that it’s impossible to build in any sort of quality speaker system.

What we don’t want you to go and do is buy a soundbar. These are going to be far too loud to use in such a small space and would likely disturb your neighbours who are quietly relaxing next door enjoying a glass of wine.

A good compromise between the built-in speakers and a soundbar would be to maybe take a Bluetooth speaker with you. You probably already own one of these at home which means as long as the TV supports Bluetooth you can connect it pretty easily.

Where To Buy

All of the TV’s on our list above is from Amazon. The reason for this is that if you walk into a big TV shop such as Curry’s we bet that you won’t find any 12v TVs in there. The only places to buy them are specialist caravan shops and Amazon.

Picture Quality

None of the TV’s on the list is 4k. The highest quality ones on the list are full HD. We imagine over the next few years they will start to produce 4k TV’s as this is becoming the industry standard. It would also make them a lot more expensive. Also, the TV’s in this article are all on the smaller size and we don’t think to see the benefit of 4k unless a TV is over 40 inches in size.

TV Aerial

You are likely going to have to invest in a decent TV aerial that will go on top of your caravan. Having a small one inside next to your TV probably just won’t do in a lot of the caravan sites.


These Best caravan TVs. They all provide outstanding picture and sound quality, with each one offering specific features dependant on what it is you are looking to watch and access when using a TV in your van. Always check out 12 TV reviews on other sites, so that you get a wider opinion of them or ask other caravanners on your website what they use.

With a wide range of TV brackets that can be fitted within minutes, and an ability to access more features than ever before, watching TV in your caravan has never been more accessible or enjoyable!

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