Awning Repair Kit

Awnings are great accessories to have for your caravan outfit, as they help to extend the amount of covered floor space you have. They protect you from the elements, by providing shade when the sun is really beaming down and a dry area to stay when its raining down. Depending on the quality of your … Read more

Awning Rail Lubricant

awning rail lubricants

As you know, awnings are a vital part of any good caravan setup. They help to provide extra covered and usable floor space so that even the smallest caravan can still feel comfortable and spacious. One of the biggest problems with awnings, particularly with the larger models, is sliding it on and off the railing … Read more

Awning Pole Tensioner

awning pole tensioner

You want to get your caravan awning fabric taut, so no pools form in the roof and the roof fabric does not flap. What you do not want to do is ruin your muscles. That is where an awning pole tensioner comes in handy. Awning pole tensioners tighten up your awning roof, make sure that … Read more

Caravan Awning Storage

Caravan Awning Storage

Awnings are obviously a great way to open your caravan up and extend the available floorspace you need to use under cover. They can be used as sitting areas, places to dry clothes and wet children and animals off. In fact, they even make for great sleeping areas, if you have guests visiting your tourer … Read more

Caravan Awning Curtains

awning curtains

In this article, we will be looking at caravan awning curtains. We could not find many on the Web, but we will be looking at them anyway. An awning curtain can give your awning a new look while keeping out the sun so you can sleep or relax. These options are both fashionable and functional. … Read more

Awning Annexe

awning annexe

An awning is a supplemental roof that goes over a bit of land around your tourer to deal with intense heat inside the caravan and outside. If you are having guests around, need some space away from the kids, or want extra space for any other reason you can add an annexe to your awning. … Read more

Awning Lights

awning lights

We’ve covered awnings extensively here at Caravan Helper because they are incredibly useful and help to expand the available space you have in your caravan. In order to get the best out of this space though, there are a number of items you can invest in, such as furniture, airers and even heaters. On this … Read more

Best Caravan Draft Skirt

best caravan draft skirt

Though you may not see so many of them on caravans currently, in recent months caravan draft skirts have become a popular search item. This could possibly be due in part to the continued temperamental weather that the UK has experienced this year alone. If you’ve never come across them before and have no idea … Read more

Caravan Awning Heaters

best caravan awning heaters

One of the delights of taking a caravan on holiday is the fresh air, and it’s never more enjoyable than in the quiet of the evening. Nothing beats settling down under your awning for a few drinks or a meal, or to simply sit around, relax and chat, and it’s all the better if you … Read more