Awning Annexe

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An awning is a supplemental roof that goes over a bit of land around your tourer to deal with intense heat inside the caravan and outside. If you are having guests around, need some space away from the kids, or want extra space for any other reason you can add an annexe to your awning.

At Caravan Helper, we have covered a wide variety of awning related products and accessories, including inflatable air awnings, awning inner tents and awning heaters to name but a few. An annexe will zip into the side giving you a completely private extra room. In this article, we will discuss the best awning annexes we have found. Its basically a mini awning extension meaning that you can add it on when needed, and when it’s not needed it can be easily unzipped.

Caravan Awning Annexes

If you want to read a book and enjoy the great outdoors, but it is not warm enough to sit out you can use this conservatory. With a width of 180cm and a depth of 200cm, you will have enough room to sit down and read a book or play sudoku or a crossword and enjoy the outside world.

As well as being a place you can relax, you can connect it to your awning for an extra living space if you want friends and relatives to come around and stay at your caravan. The Kampa Classic Air Expert Inflatable Conservatory Annexe is guaranteed to be perfect for you to relax in or add to your caravan.

The Camp-Tech Touring Awning Standard Annexe is compatible with the Cayman awning. Just go and zip it onto the awning and you are good to go. Its design means that it is well protected from the weather, so you can sit inside it and relax away from the rest of the family no matter the weather, which is useful due to the highly unpredictable nature of British weather.

Not only can you use it for relaxing, but you can use it for extra space to store equipment, furniture, or anything else you would like to be conveniently tucked away until future use.

An additional feature of the Camp-Tech Awning Annexe is the bedroom inner you can place inside the annexe for an additional 40 pounds. The inner tent measures 180cm by 155cm, perfect for adding an extra bedroom in case a friend or family member wants to stay the night at your house. No matter what the weather is, you can use the Camp-Tech Awning Inflatable Conservatory Annexe to store and secure your items, add some more space to your house and with the inner tent you can have an additional bedroom.

3. CampTech Tall Awning Annexe

CampTech Tall Awning Annexe

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Another product from CampTech, this tall annexe can zip into the awning quickly and easily, giving you an extra space for whatever you might need it for. The Camp-Tech Tall Awning Annexe will be compatible with both the 2015 and 2016 model awnings and has the height of 185cm sloping at 165cm, the width of 185cm and the length of 200cm, giving you plenty of space for whatever you need your awning annexe for. This awning annexe has great height for the money and will be an ideal addition to your caravan.

This inflatable annexe will fit the Kampa Rally Air Pro and the Rally Ace Air (2016 model series 3 2016 onwards) and is complete with an inner tent. This Kampa inflatable annexe is large and spacious so you can keep furniture and other items in storage, and the inner tent can be used as a spare bedroom. The Kampa Inflatable Annexe is perfect if you need an extra bedroom for sleepovers, or if you have any dogs.

This is our top pick based on quality. The awning is available in three sizes, 260cm, 300cm or 390cm, meaning you will find a size that will fit your caravan. The optional annexe can be fitted either or both sides of the caravan and will make a great awning bedroom annexe if you need one. The material of the annexe is a high-quality polyester, meaning it will last a long time and won’t break easily which is desirable when you pay good money for an annexe. Not only is it strong and durable, but it is incredibly easy to inflate and pitch.

The spectacular quality and design make the CampTech Inflatable Awning the best choice for value in the UK and is guaranteed to be perfect for an extra bedroom or more storage for your caravan.


A caravan awning extension is a great way of creating extra space in your caravan for furniture, equipment, a space to relax or an extra bedroom. In this article, we have discussed some of the best awning annexes we have found on the internet. A high-quality caravan awning with annexe that is good value for money is the ideal choice, and if you want to use it as a bedroom you might want to get one with an inner tent. 

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