Breathable Groundsheets

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Whether you are new to caravanning or recently bought a motorhome or campervan, one of the keys to getting the most out of the experience is investing in the right accessories. You obviously need to make some compromises in terms of comfort when you are on the road. However, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with muddy grass underfoot from the caravan pitch you’ve secured.

While it may not bother you when you are inside your caravan at a site, when you go outside or want to spend time in the awning, it can be nice to have something a bit more comfortable to stand and sit on grass, especially if the grass is cut regularly and is not long, luscious and cushioning.

Best Breathable Groundsheets

The first product on our list is this great option from MP Essentials which comes in 11 different sizes and three colours. That means you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one that not only matches your caravan outfit décor and colouring (if that’s important to you) but also the right size too.

It is made from a durable, non-perishable woven material that is not only breathable but environmentally-friendly too. It resembles carpet, which is why it is often referred to as awning carpet and provides a soft base for your feet. Unlike others on the market, this won’t scratch your feet.

Considering the price range, the fact that MP Essentials is generally a reputable brand known for manufacturing high-quality goods, we think this is a great option.


Another great camping accessories manufacturer, Leisurewize, has been featured on Caravan Helper several times in relation to a wide variety of the different products they make. This awning groundsheet is just another fine example of their ability to make high-quality and effective products that help make your caravan experience more enjoyable, for an affordable price.

This is rot and weatherproof groundsheet, like the one highlighted above. The difference is that this is retailing in one specific size, 2.5m x 4m. The Leisurewize branding and the fact that it offers an incredible amount of comfort for a very reasonable price makes this one we would strongly recommend that you consider.


3. Streetwize Supreme Awning Carpet – Blue/Grey

price check on amazon

Streetwize is another popular and reputable caravan, camping and outdoor accessories and equipment manufacturer. This supreme awning carpet is very similar to the other items above. It has that blue/grey colour to it and the same Weaveatex breathable and durable fabric. The thing that separates this one is that it has been specifically designed for size 9 awnings.


Again, this is very similar to the above. It has been made from a UV-resistant and flame-retardant material that is weatherproofed so it can be used all year round. While the one we have highlighted here measures at 2.5m x 2.5m, there are four other sizes available. Therefore, even if you’d prefer a breathable groundsheet cut to size, you should still be able to find one that fits, and for an exceptionally competitive price too.

Why trust OLPro? If you have not heard of OLPro, it is worth noting that it was founded by individuals who have more than 30 years’ experience in the outdoor leisure sector. They specialise in producing accessories for the camping and caravanning world and have strict quality control standards that ensure their customers get the very best.


It almost feels as if Kampa have you covered, no matter what you are looking for. That’s why, at Caravan Helper, they are another of our favourite brands. They have a sterling reputation within the camping and caravanning world for designing and manufacturing items that are top-class and often best-in-class.

Available in three different sizes, these carpets add a touch of luxury and warmth. They also benefit from being quieter than many others on the market. In a seeming departure for this area of the caravanning accessories market, this particular groundsheet has a rather fetching checked grey design and colour.

It is, as you’d probably hope, washable and thanks to its durable PVC backing, it is very hard-wearing. As is the case with most, it is also flame-retardant and weatherproof.


We found these while researching and while they are not really breathable awning carpets or groundsheets, they are the next best thing. If you are having trouble finding one to cut to size, why not opt for these instead? Again, from Kampa, these are essentially carpet tiles, a similar concept to what you might find for your home, that has been designed and manufactured using a similar UV-stable, rot and weatherproof material that’s used in full-size breathable groundsheets.

Each tile measures around 50cm x 52cm x 52cm (including the teeth) and are as easy to slot together like jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Not only are they ideal if you can’t find a suitably-sized awning groundsheet for your caravan outfit, but they are also perfect for times when you want a little extra floor space and can be easily scaled up if you switch to a bigger setup.

They come in packs of four and for the price they retail at, we think they offer amazing value.

So, if you have been turned away from caravan sites before because of your choice in less environmentally-friendly groundsheets or are looking into this kind of product for the first time, there’s plenty to choose from.


Now, there are groundsheet options out there. These groundsheets often incorporated into caravan and motorhome awnings, help provide a layer between the cold ground and your feet. In the same way, a tent groundsheet works. If you have spent any time browsing caravanning accessories in general or, more specifically, groundsheets, you may have seen reference to something called breathable groundsheets, but what are they?

What is a Breathable Groundsheet?

It is just like a normal groundsheet, in that it provides that layer of protection for your feet that stops dirt, insects and other random debris from irritating your feet and making an otherwise perfect holiday, less comfortable.

The key difference between a breathable groundsheet and an ordinary run-of-the-mill groundsheet is that many caravan and camping site owners require that you use them. Breathable is the crucial word here. These types of groundsheets are made from breathable fabrics. Why is this important? This type of fabric and design all the caravan site’s grass to breathe even when the groundsheet is placed on top. So, insects and larger debris and dirt are kept underneath the groundsheet, but the grass is not suffocated.

One of the big problems camping and caravan site owners have is trying to maintain their vibrant green land. If they didn’t have any rules in place, people would just come along and use whatever groundsheets they preferred, regardless of the damage they caused. What would that mean for the site owners? That luscious green land would look less vibrant and dense and patchier and more lifeless.

Of course, there is a downside for you caravan owners too – they are excellent when the weather is good. When it rains, as you can probably imagine, water can seep up in those gaps in the breathable fabric, making the ground underneath wet, regardless of the groundsheet.

If you do decide to invest in one, you may be curious as to which is the best breathable awning groundsheet. That’s what we hope to help you with below, as we carried out some research and found what we feel are the best of the bunch out there.

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