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Inner Tent

Pop Up Inner Tent
Berth23 2 and 3
Size175cm by 200cm by 235cm175cm by 200cm by 180cm140cm x 190cm x 140cm (2 Berth)
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When you go caravanning, the aim is to get out and about as much as possible. However, with the inclement weather we often get here in the UK, that is not always possible. It doesn’t mean, of course, that you need to remain stuck inside your caravan like sardines in a tin.

That’s why we have awnings. At Caravan Helper, we have covered a lot of different things related to awnings from the best caravan awnings available, awning lights, awning heaters and awning carpet for hard standings. We’ve even looked at a variety of different types of awnings (such as air awnings, sun canopies and porch awnings) and pumps for inflatable models.

Awnings are great, this is not news to anyone who anyone who has been caravanning before and benefited by the extra floor space and protection against the elements. The one problem with most awnings though is that they are not the most private solution. While you may be alright sitting during the day in one or using it to dry clothes in, you may not want to sleep in it at night.

Why would you want to? Well you might not want to specifically. But what if some guests pop over to your caravan for the day or you want some peace from the children? Then you will need something to make awnings more private and secluded, with extra protection against the drop-in temperature at night. That’s where awning inner tent for awnings come into play.

They are generally easy to fit and transform your simple daytime awning into a sleeping awning and therefore an extra inner tent bedroom.

As with most caravanning accessories though, there are quite a number of different awning inner tents for caravan awning on the mark. So, how do you choose the right one for your tourer? Well, it really is down to personal taste and preference but we hope that our guide below will help you find a great one. We have shortlisted what we feel at Caravan Helper are the six best of these incredibly practical accessories out there. So lets get started on caravan inner awning tent reviews (sometimes called an awning sleeping pod).

Awning Inner Tents – Our Top Choices

1. Kampa 2 Berth Caravan Awning Inner Tent

Kampa 2 Berth Caravan Awning Inner Tent

Kampa is a manufacturer we have featured extensively on this site, and that is why we have kicked off our look at the best inner tents for awnings with this one. Suitable for a two-berth awning, it is best used as either a storage or bedroom area. Obviously, you need to make sure that the measurements match up with your awning before buying, and the dimensions of this are 175cm by 200cm by 235cm and it weighs a rather lightweight 1.1kg.

The whole structure is fully-enclosed and has ground sheets sewn into it with a practical and convenient internal storage pocket. It comes also comes with all the pegs and fixings you need, though you may need to invest in extra fixings depending on the specific application of the inner tent.

Considering its size and price, this is a great accessory for your awning, if it is the right size. Its a great choice for a universal inner tent.

2. Quest 3 Berth Awning Inner Tent

Quest 3 Berth Awning Inner Tent

Next on our list is another product by another great manufacturer of caravan accessories that we have featured often on Caravan Helper, Quest. This is slightly bigger in terms of its depth, but a similar height and width to the above awning, with dimensions measuring 175cm by 200cm by 180cm. As is the case with the above inner tent, this one comes complete with a completely enclosed design and has the groundsheet sewn into. This model also has a practical storage pocket on the inside and has all the pegs and fixing you need, though you may have to invest in more, depending on how you are going to use it.

As it is a little bigger, the slightly bigger price tag makes sense, but with the quality that comes with a Quest product, this is a good bargain.

3. Outdoor Revolution Awning Inner Inner Tent 2 berth for Driveway-style Awning

Outdoor Revolution Awning Inner Inner Tent 2 berth for Driveway-style Awning

Slightly pricier than the above models, this inner tent from Outdoor Revolution is a two-berth accessory for driveway-style awnings. Micro-polyester has been used to create the inner tent and it is designed to be installed into the back section of the driveway awning to ensure the conditions are reasonably dim during the night when users are sleeping, as well as providing suitable shade from the bright light of the morning.

It features a completely sewn-in groundsheet with a water-repellent coating to provide an additional level of protection against the changeable weather of our country. It is quite room with dimensions measuring at 205cm by 135cm and weighs just 1.5kg.

N.B. This particular inner tent has been designed to be suitable with a wide range of specific awnings, including the following:

  • Oxygen Movelite 3
  • Oxygen Movelite 2/2XL
  • MoveAirLite Classic
  • Movelite T2
  • Movelite T3
  • Movelite T4
  • Movelite T5 Kombi
  • Cayman Air
  • Cayman/XL
  • Cayman Tail
  • Cayman Cacos Air
  • Cayman Cacos Uno
  • Cayman Cacos
  • Cayman Cacos XT
  • Turismo XS(2)
  • 6.0XTR Climate
  • O-Zone 6.0XTR
  • Inspiral 5.2

4. Sunncamp Pop Up Inner Tent – Two Sizes

Sunncamp Pop Up Inner Tent - Two Sizes

Next on our list is this awesome bargain pop up inner tent for an awning. It is available in two different sizes (2 Berth – 140cm by 190cm by 140cm) and (3 Berth – 200cm by 190cm by 140cm) and has an exclusive and practical pop-up design that makes it much easier to put up than others on our list. There is a trayed groundsheet and it has a fully-enclosed design. It may not look like much, but if the dimensions are suitable, it is definitely a great option for your awning.

5. Bo-Camp Inner Tent Extension

Bo-Camp Inner Tent Extension

Another mid-priced item, this inner tent for awnings from Bo-Camp is another great option if you are looking for a solution to create a more comfortable and secluded living space in addition to the space you have in your caravan. Its dimensions are very roomy at 200cm by 135cm by 175cm. Despite how small that sounds it is still enough to be of good use if you are just looking to add an extra level of comfort and is suitable for up to two people.

The tent itself is constructed from a very breathable polyester and features a waterproofed ground sail, with a ventilated mesh. Another great bargain to consider, if it suits your needs and dimensions.

6. Kampa Awning Inner Tent 3 Berth

Kampa Awning Inner Tent 3 Berth

The final item on our list is another great inner tent for your awning. It is a three-berth size so will be suitable for two people to benefit from it comfortably. Just like the others on the list, it is fully enclosed and has a groundsheet sewn into it. It is best suited to full size awnings. Just so you are aware, its dimensions are 175cm by 200cm by 180cm. Although it does come with, like the others, all the pegs and fixings you need, if you have a special application for it, you may need to invest in more.

There you have it, if you are looking for an inner tent for your awning, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Regardless of the size you have, you will be able to find one that is practical, easy to use and provides the right amount of comfort and protection. 

Another good alternative to an inner tent is an awning annexe which means you can extend the awning without losing any inside space.

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