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SunnCamp Swift 390
Deluxe Porch Awning

SunnCamp Swift 220
Deluxe Caravan Awning

Westfield Dorado
Air Porch Awning
SizeFloor Area 390 x 240 cm
Heights from 235 to 250 cm
Floor Area 220 x 225cm
Heights from 235 and 250cm
Floor area 350 x 250cm

Heights from 235 - 250cm
Material75D Polyester75D PolyesterFabric Hydrotech SL
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Awnings are an essential piece of equipment that all caravan owners should own. Here at Caravan Helper, we’ve covered a lot of different awnings on other posts, on this one though we are going to be speaking exclusively about porch awnings.

As well as explaining exactly what a caravan porch awning is and how it differs from the other types of awnings available, we will also highlight what we feel are the best caravan porch awnings available now.

Best Porch Awnings for Caravans

1. SunnCamp Swift 390 Deluxe Porch Awning

SunnCamp Swift 390 Deluxe Porch Awning

SunnCamp have a great reputation, which is why we have featured many of their products here at Caravan Helper in the past. This Swift 390 Deluxe Porch Awning is another great example of the company’s commitment to sourcing, manufacturing and supplying some of the best caravan accessories and equipment.

It has been designed to fit caravans with a height of between 235 and 250cm and offers you a roomy floor space of 390x240cm. Made from 75D polyester material and featuring a steel and fibreglass frame, this structure offers durability and stability.

You should also note that it has been highlighted as an Amazon’s Choice product, due to its customer rating, affordable price and the fact that it is available to deliver immediately.

2. SunnCamp Swift 220 Deluxe Caravan Awning

SunnCamp Swift 220 Deluxe Caravan Awning

The second porch awning on our list is also the second SunnCamp product we are featuring. This is slightly smaller than the awning above, but will still be compatible with caravans that have a height between 235 and 250cm.

It offers floor space of just 220 x 225cm, which although small, is still functional and practical. Benefitting from two side doors that make it easy to access. Airflow technology is used in both doors to prevent the build-up of condensation, giving the awning a very airy feel.

3. Westfield Outdoors Dorado Air 350 Lightweight Inflatable Porch Awning

Westfield Outdoors Dorado Air 350 Lightweight Inflatable Porch Awning

Westfield Outdoors are another popular manufacturer and supplier of high-quality caravanning and outdoor equipment and accessories. This incredibly lightweight awning features some great technology. Despite its featherweight structure and framing, it has a few surprising extra features, including an easy-to-use roll-up sun canopy at the front and clear view windows all round.

Like many caravan porch awnings it has 2 side doors that are fully ventilated to prevent condensation from forming and it even has reflective storm strapping that will stop it from blowing away when the wind gets choppy.

On the inside there are blinds that give you the privacy you need when you just want to be left alone and there is a draft skirt and wheel cover too. It is supplied with a pump to inflate it and this benefits from the helpful cut-off valve that prevents it from being over-inflated. This is probably our choice for the best lightweight caravan porch awning.

4. Lichfield Dakota Caravan Air Awning

Lichfield Dakota Caravan Air Awning

Lichfield make products that are popular among the caravanning and camping community and this Dakota Air Awning is worth considering based on the branding alone.

It utilises the patented Lichfield AirOdyssey technology that means you do not need any poles at all to pitch this awning. Made from 150D polyester, it is reliable, durable and waterproof. Despite its durability, the 150D rating means it’s also incredibly lightweight.

It features a curved front door and two side doors to provide you with multiple access points that can all be unzipped from the top to increase ventilation. Not that there isn’t ventilation already thanks to the special panelling Lichfield have included.

You also get a draught pad that gets nearly around the support poles at the rear, along with a draught skirt and two covers for wheel arches and webbed storm straps. Lichfield have really thought of everything they can to make this a great purchase.

5. SunnCamp Swift 260 Porch Awning

SunnCamp Swift 260 Porch Awning

Rounding out our list of the best caravan porch awnings for caravans is the excellent Swift 260 model from SunnCamp. If you choose any of the SunnCamp awnings on this page, you’ll be undoubtedly pleased with the quality. It just depends on the amount of floor space you are looking for.

While this is compatible with caravans that have a height of between 235 and 250cm, it provides you with floor space of 260 x 240cm.

The same 75D polyester fabric is used in this structure, like the others from SunnCamp on this list. This is a lightweight, durable and waterproof material. Three things you should be looking for in an awning. We think this is a good choice for the best winter porch awning.

What Is a Caravan Porch Awning?

A caravan porch awning, as the name suggests, is a much smaller type of awning for your caravan that is designed to create a space outside of your caravan (not to be confused with a sun canopy). They are also cheaper when compared to a standard full size awning.

They are not nearly as expansive of roomy as full-size caravan awnings, but they can be utilised in a few handy ways:

Hanging up wet clothes and drying them with a heater, so you don’t have to hang them up in your caravan if you are unable to do so outside because of adverse weather conditions

Storing sports equipment that would otherwise take up too much of the already limited space you have in your caravan

Bicycles and other similar items, for the same reason.

Your pet dog, particularly if he or she is wet or muddy from playing outside and you don’t want them to cause a mess in your caravan.

Small, Lightweight and Easy to Set-up

A porch awning, due to its size, is generally a lot easier to set-up and take down than a full-size model and benefits from being considerably more portable. This means that you will find that most porch awnings fit most motorhomes and caravans.

They are set-up in almost the same way as a tent, with pegs in the ground and often some guide ropes.

Now that you are clued up with what a porch awning is, let’s look at some of the best small porch awnings.

How to Erect a Caravan Porch Awning

A porch awning is the perfect way to add a little space to your caravan setup, particularly if you don’t have space, the budget or inclination for a full awning. If you’re new to using them though, you may need a little help in erecting one. It is essentially the same as erecting a full-size awning, with the only difference being that the canvasses on the side verticals don’t fit inside the awning channel. They instead attach to the rear vertical poles.

Make sure you check the distance between fridge ventilator and nearest window, ensuring that it does not obscure them. Always read the manual that came with the porch awning you buy.

Here is a helpful video we found that shows you how to do it.


That’s it folks, our picks of the best caravan porch awnings available for caravans now. We would always advise that if entirely possible, you check out a porch awning in person, to get a sense of the space and how to put it up. Even if you decide to buy one online, to benefit from the better prices and delivery directly to your door.

We hope this post has been helpful and you find the best porch awning for your own caravan setup. Please take some time to look at some of our other helpful sites and if you have any questions or queries, please fire them directly to us, as we always like to hear from our visitors.

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