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Though you may not see so many of them on caravans currently, in recent months caravan draft skirts have become a popular search item. This could possibly be due in part to the continued temperamental weather that the UK has experienced this year alone.

If you’ve never come across them before and have no idea what their purpose is, a caravan draft skirt is a product which can be attached to the bottom of your caravan to prevent any draft circulating underneath. It’s also a useful item if you have an awning attached to your caravan as it will work to protect this area from any drafts as well.

A draft skirt for a caravan is an ideal product to take with you, especially if you travel to specific sites where you are regularly exposed to windy conditions – perhaps in a hilly region of elevated part of the campsite. It’s also a practical item to have stored away ready for contending with those blustery months.

Below is a fantastic selection of five different types of draft skirts for caravans currently retailing on Amazon. . So, if you’re considering trying them out for size, it won’t cost you the earth to do so! These are sometimes called wheel arch covers or a caravan wheel arch draught stopper.

Caravan Draft Skirts

Eurotail’s caravan draft skirt is a universal model in the colour of light grey and measures 400 x 60cm.

With the ability to customise this to the exact length that you need, this caravan skirting is both durable and sturdy and compiled of PVC polyester. This material type therefore makes it easier to clean.

Designed to prevents drafts in both the awning and from underneath your caravan, the 7mm keder piping strip will fit all standard piping rails. All you then need to do is fix it to the ground through the eyelets, using pegs. These eyelets are spaced every 50cm apart.

One of the more well-known and established brands, this Dutch-based company are hugely popular not just in the Netherlands but also in Germany, France, and several other European countries.

Now selling in the UK, they are seen as offering excellent quality products but all at fair prices.

Hindermann sells a draft skirt  which has received Amazons Choice for best caravan draft skirt.

This product is 500 x 50cm and made with flexible PVC foil in its materials, creating a more canvas structure in looks and overall feel.

Designed to keep out drafts both underneath the caravan and in the awning, this dark grey draft skirt also works on all standard piping rails with its 7mm keder strip. The strip simply slides into the rail and once again can be fixed to the ground using pegs.

The eyelets are spaced apart every 50cm and, for added practicality, the keder strip allows you to cut it with scissors to your own requirements, as it’s bonded and not sewn.

Customers purchasing the Hindermann caravan awing draft skirt find it a good quality product which does a great job at preventing drafts.

3. Outdoor Leisure Products Awning Skirt & Draught Excluder

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Hindermann’s second caravan draft skirt offering on this list offers precisely everything its cheaper counterpart does, but at an increased size, this time 600 x 75cm.

Once again, it can be attached to a standard piping rail and cut to size through its bonded not seamed material.

This is an excellent choice for those looking for a draft skirt which is more generous in size.

Customers purchasing this Hindermann draft skirt find it extremely easy to install and attach to the caravan and awning, with the more substantial sizing offering more of a generous coverage.

Vanilla Leisure offers a caravan and awing draft skirt which can be purchased in a range of meter lengths to suit your specific requirements.

With this increased scope of sizes comes the option of placing the draft skirt around even those bigger of caravan types.

This grey PVC material draft skirt offers an eyelet every 1m. However, it’s worth noting here that this particular product is cut from a roll. Therefore one end will not have an eyelet.

As with most draft skirts, the Vanilla Leisure one also requires a piping rail which it can then be easily attached to – providing a draft-free awning and caravan.

Customers purchasing the Vanilla Leisure caravan draft skirt find it a well-made product, which does the job it claims to do. The ability to select a greater length is also highly rated by many.

Finally, the last caravan draft skirt on the list is perhaps the more expensive of the bunch but comes complete with additional benefits to justify the price increase.

This is not just a draft skirt to ensure practicality in keeping drafts out, it also has added storage bins and pockets! This means you can utilise the space outside of your caravan and use this as extra storage with its thoroughly conveniently placed zipped compartments.

This draft skirt can be cut to size to your preferred preference but offers a total of 60 x 600cm overall of material. However, if you would prefer not to cut it, you can always fold it back instead.

Again, the Kampa draft skirt, just like the others, can be easily attached to the standard piping rail on your caravan.

Customers purchasing the Kampa organiser draft skirt find this a perfect solution for eliminating drafts through its high-quality makeup. However, it’s also considered one of the better products at providing an excellent solution for those items you need to store but don’t necessarily want in your van, such as muddy boots, wellies, and the kid’s toys!

Final Thoughts on Caravan Draft Skirts

Hopefully, this recommended list will give you a little bit more of an idea as to what caravan draft skirts are used for and whether they could be a good investment for your caravanning needs.

Though these products may not be considered the most essential of items by some caravanners, they can be a great way of ensuring a more comforting stop each time you find the wind picking up when you pitch up.

If you’ve ever found yourself lying awake at night in the caravan, having been kept up by listening to the noise of the wind swirling and gathering beneath the van, a caravan draft skirt will stop this immediately.

Or, if you’re fed up with a draft in your awning and find you regularly keep shutting the door behind you to combat this, a caravan draft skirt could just be a perfect way to fight this.

Whatever your reason for purchasing one, there’s no denying that these specific caravan draft skirts are very well priced and offer an instant solution to all such problems.

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