Air Awning Pumps

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There is nothing quite like hitting the road in your car and towing your caravan to…well, just about wherever you want, is there? Even if you are so new to caravanning that you have not made your first trip, you can’t deny just how lovely that sounds. The freedom to go anywhere you want, within reason. To explore the country on your own terms.

One thing that every caravan outfit need, to get the very best out of your surroundings, come rain or shine, is an awning. While permanent awnings are a great option, some prefer, if their budget is tight or just for convenience, air awnings, otherwise known as inflatable awnings.

Whether you are new to caravanning or not, if you are interested in one of these great options that provide you with extra living space and cover, check out our guide to the best, here.

If you have already invested in one, you probably realise that you need a suitable air pump. If so, you’ve come to the right place as we are going to discuss some great air awning pumps that are currently available to buy, both electric air pumps and manual pumps.

Awning Air Pumps – Our Recommended Choices

The AirBeam DC digital pump from Vango is a great cost-effective option if you are looking to inflate your air awning. It features an incredibly powerful and efficient internal motor and comes with an easy-to-use LED digital soft touch display.

Will it pair up with the fittings on your air awning? Well, the fact that it comes with a selection of different sized nozzles, you are bound to find one that fits properly. The air hose itself is 1.5m, as is the cable that is connected to a car adaptor. However, it also comes with a 6.5m extension cable that is attached to a car adaptor, so you don’t have to run it from your leisure battery or the electric hook-up at a caravan site, you can just use your car.

To ensure you have no trouble transporting it or storing it away when it is not being used it has a built-in carry handle.

At Caravan Helper, like many caravanners out there, we love Kampa accessories. That is why we have chosen the Kampa air awning electric pump. Although it is very much made for use with Kampa air awnings and tents, it does come with a variety of different sized nozzles, meaning it will be perfect for inflating just about any air awning. Again, this simply connects into the 12v socket in your car.

If you worry about over inflating your air products, you don’t have to when you use this pump. You can actually set the pressure you require and once that has been met, it will automatically cut itself out. With a 5m long cable, you should have enough room to connect this to your air awning and car.

Another manufacturer that we have featured products from extensively here at Caravan Helper is Leisurewize from Streetwize Accessories. Lower in price than the above pumps, this is still an exceptionally good value pump. It benefits from a durable and robust construction and features the standard of an automatic cut-off when the desired pressure has been achieved. Compared to the others mentioned so far though, it is a truly portable device as it is powered by a rechargeable battery.

Like the others though, it does come with a variety of different connectors so you should have no problems connecting it to your specific air awning model.

An awesome choice if you don’t want to deal with lots of cabling or only have a relatively small air awning to inflate. Although it is by no means the best, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

The second air pump on our list from Vango is a lot cheaper compared to the other one. That is largely due to the fact that it is a manual pump and not powered by a rechargeable battery or the 12v socket in your car. However, it does benefit from a tough alloy shaft and comes with the obligatory selection of nozzles that ensure it will fit with just about any air awning or other inflatable you wish to blow up. You can also use it to deflate your caravan accessories when you are packing up and going home or heading to another site.

Worried about over inflating? Don’t worry as there is still a clear pressure gauge on top of the handle that you can use to keep track of the levels.

It may be a very simplistic design, but is a good thing to have, and hey, it could double as a form of exercise.

Although technically marketed as a tyre pump, don’t let that put you off investing in this awesome little device, because it can be used for inflating just about anything. Rather than having to fill your awning a little and then check the pressure and adjust and repeat the process, you can programme the exact air pressure level you need for your inflatable item, in our case, awning.

It relies on a magnet motor that offers a high level of power and features a coil that is made from pure copper that offers improved performance, while reducing the amount of energy it consumes. Therefore, inflation is a much safer process.

In case of an accident, the fuse has anti-burn capabilities that means it will cut out the compressor if there is a chance it will overheat. In fact, it will actually cut out completely if the temperature increases beyond 100-degrees Celsius.

As you’d expect, the main connector might not actually fit your particular awning, but it comes with a variety of nozzles and connections to make it easy to pair with your inflatable. To make it even easier to use it has a bright LCD display with a white backlight that gives you information regarding the current pressure reading and your target.

Now, in a perfect situation, you would arrive at a camp site or caravan park in broad daylight. However, because of one thing or another, you might have to use your pump during the twilight hours. AstroAI have thought of this scenario and equipped this pump with a bright light.

Considering its relatively low price and just how versatile and powerful it is, this could be the perfect addition to your caravan accessories.

6. Coleman Rechargeable Air Awning 12v Pump

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Another very low-priced item, the last item on our list is this great product from Coleman. Coleman are yet another company that regular visitors to Caravan Helper will be familiar with. This is different from the other electric air pumps on our list in that it is powered by a rechargeable battery, but can be connected up to a 12v mains outlet too. So, it is just as portable as the manual one, without requiring the help of your strong biceps.

On a single charge you get 20 minutes of use and it comes with a variety of different adaptors that means you will have no trouble (we hope) connecting it up to your own particular air awning model.

For storage purposes it also comes with a carry bag that everything related to the pump fits into nice and neatly. If it wasn’t for the fact it was produced by such a reputable manufacturer as Coleman, we would perhaps suggest you look elsewhere. However, because of their reputation for creating high quality products, the low price should not put you off.

Although you should find it easy enough to fit your air pump to the air awning, it could be that the hose size is not quite right. That is why you might need or want to invest in a set of air pump adaptor nozzles like this pack of three from Scoprega. They have been designed to fit most hoses with a diameter of 20mm and come with three different adaptors.

Given its relatively low price tag, this is an excellent investment that provides real value for money. Especially as it’s an accessory you may find useful even for non-caravanning applications. 

There we go, if you are looking for air awning pumps, we have hopefully provided you with enough different options to choose from. We truly believe that there is no right or wrong choice. It is more related to your own preferences and caravan setup.

Those of you on a tight budget, may favour the more basic models or even manual pumps. Whereas if you have a large awning to pump up, this may not be the best choice.

The important thing, as always, though, is to base your decision on more than just one factor. Rather, you should take into consideration your available budget, your needs and the size and style of air awning and other inflatable items you have.

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