Best Caravan Leisure Battery Charger

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One important accessory you need to invest in for your caravan, motorhome or campervan is the best leisure battery charger. Not only will this prevent you from getting stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but as most are intelligently designed to help with battery maintenance also, you can monitor and assess your battery before problems occur. If you want some recommendations on the best leisure batteries then click here.

If you have experience of caravans, you will already understand that there are potentially two batteries in a caravan set-up, depending on the model and type you have. One generally powers the motor, if it has one; while the other is used to provide power to all the appliances in your caravan.

Both of these are important, as is your car battery if you are towing a caravan. Which is why it is so important to invest in the best caravan battery chargers for your 12v battery.

Which is the best one for battery charging? There are so many on the market right now that a quick Google search may be enough to make your head explode. This is why we decided to put this post together, as it highlights some of what we believe are the best caravan battery chargers

Best Leisure Battery Chargers For Caravans and Motorhomes

The first on our list is from the highly esteemed manufacturer. The company are renowned for their standard-setting designs that are industry-leading in terms of safety and performance.

No different and is designed to charge any lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries up to and including 40 amp hours in size, that have completely drained. This is the product if you are looking to maintain your caravan leisure battery.

It charges two times faster than other models, can repair damaged batteries and can be used with CANBUS electrical systems and vehicles with micro-hybrid stop-start. Design-wise it is very compact, slick and extremely lightweight with mounting holes on its exterior and a rubber base that will stop it from scratching any surfaces or slipping off them.

As expected from a brand of their calibre, have also ensured that the 12v leisure battery charger has an overcharge and reverse polarity protection and LED indicators that offer feedback regarding charging and other diagnostic data.


Producing innovative accessories for cars and caravans since 1986. It had grown exponentially over the last 30 years or so and this automatic leisure battery charger is a great example of the quality they provide.

This charger has a 5-step cycle and professionals often install these this type directly onto their leisure battery to help it remain in tip-top condition. There are mounting holes that allow you to do this permanently and it can also be used externally for all kinds of lead-acid 12 volt batteries. As is standard with many leisure battery chargers for caravans, it features protection against reverse polarity and short-circuiting.

As well as the aforementioned lead-acid batteries, this charge can also be used with AGM, MF, wet-flooded and gel type batteries ranging from 12 volt/ 1.2 amp hours to 12 volt/120 amp hours. It can even recharge some batteries lower than 7.5 volts that have drained completely.


3. Numax 12 volt 10 Amp Leisure Battery Charger

Numax 12 volt 10 Amp Leisure Battery Charger

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Numax are another popular brand when it comes to batteries and accessories for batteries. This particular model is part of the Connect and Forget range and is suitable for all kinds of vehicles and leisure batteries.

It has been designed and constructed specially to provide a fast cycle charge, recover from a deep discharge and provide long-term maintenance for all kinds of batteries,

For installation it comes complete with crocodile clips, capped eyelets and Torberry Plug Connectors and it provides sufficient protection against overheating and reverse polarity.  The Numax charger is best used with leisure batteries of anything between 50 amp hours to 135 amp hours.


AA is obviously a very reputable name in the vehicle business, and their AA Caravan Battery Charger and Maintainer is not only approved but used by AA Patrols.

This has a truly ingenious smart charger that is perfect for most vehicles including cars and caravans when you need to top-up the charge level and when you need to be sure that the level is correct and to reduce the possibility of damaging your battery.

It includes a microprocessor that can sense the battery’s condition and maintains the regulator in order to produce the right voltage and current suitable for appropriate charging.

You will also find that it has a very clear LED display and it provides the standard protection against overcharging and reverse polarity featured in most battery charges these days. Eyelet connectors and crocodile clamps are also supplied for safe and secure installation.


The second to last item on our list is another from the highly reputable brand Numax. This is another Connect and Forget chargers and is an industry leader. Much like the other Numax model on our list, this has been designed to provide recovery from a deep and full discharge, fast cycle charging for when you really need your battery in operational and maintenance for your battery over a long period of time.

All the necessary crocodile clips and capped eyelets are included along with Torberry Plug Connectors to ensure installation is safe and secure. As is an industry-standard, it is built with protection against both reverse polarity and overheating and is best used with batteries ranging from 50 amp hours to 135 amp-hours.


6. Maypole MP7428 Electronic Battery Charger

maypole battery charger

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Maypole is a brand we have featured countless times in various posts as they are highly regarded and known for designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality caravan accessories.

The Maypole MP7428 is no different. It is suitable for use with batteries of sizes between 1.2 amp hours and 192 amp-hours. This includes AGM and lead-acid varieties and operates using a 9-step charging cycle.

This caravan battery charger can automatically detect the condition and voltage of the battery before it diagnoses charges and/or reconditions it and includes a clear LCD display. It displays diagnostic readings for the % of full battery capacity, charging current and battery voltage. As is standard with most caravan battery chargers, the Maypole model includes protection against short-circuiting and reverse polarity; along with open circuits.

All the relevant crocodile clips are included with a wall-mountable strong and durable case.


Will solar panels charge my leisure battery?

Yes, these will help keep your battery topped up but it could be more of a trickle charger depending on the weather.

Can these be used on a motorhome battery?

​Yes, a motorhome battery is a leisure battery and essentially the same thing.

What are the different battery types and will the chargers work on them all?

You can find them all on our best leisure battery page.

How many charges can a battery last for? What’s the battery life?

Each battery is different. It will depend on the type of battery and other factors.

Final Thoughts

There you go folks, our guide to the best caravan battery chargers on the market at the moment.

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