Caravan Windbreaks

caravan windbreaks

When caravanning, even though it is a very inclusive and sociable passion, there are still times when you want peace and quiet. If you want privacy and protection against the weather but do not want to purchase an awning, a windbreak is a perfect choice to help you relax without anyone or anything bothering you. … Read more

Caravan Steps

caravan steps

You would think that buying caravan steps would be a relatively easy job. After all, how many variations there can there actually be? Because of this, and the fact that we feel, at Caravan Helper, that steps are one of those caravan accessories that make life on the road a more comfortable, whether you have mobility issues … Read more

Caravan Dog Enclosures

caravan dog enclosures

If you enjoy taking your four-legged friend with you when caravanning, you’ll no doubt be frequenting those sites which are dog-friendly. You’ll also more than likely be aware of caravanning etiquette that advises when you’re on-site with your dog, you keep them under control. However, this doesn’t just mean making sure you keep them on … Read more

Caravan Tables

caravan tables

With caravans designed and built in an array of shapes and sizes, you’re not always guaranteed to purchase one that has a built-in table. An ever-changing need for the fixtures, fittings, and furniture we prefer to see in our caravans these days, more of us are opting for space over practicality. Caravan interior has, therefore, … Read more

Caravan Chairs & Recliners

caravan chairs and recliners

The team here at Caravan Helper, like most caravanning enthusiasts, have an ideal image in our heads of what the perfect caravan experience should be like. In our minds it obviously includes a nice and warm sunny day, nothing spectacular, unless we are imagining touring the south of France or along the Spanish coast. For … Read more

Best Caravan BBQ

best caravan bbq

Caravanning and barbecues go together perfectly. Although modern caravans are designed with reasonably kitted-out kitchens, is there any better way to enjoy the warm sunny days of summer than cooking on an open fire, or smoking hot coals? We certainly don’t think so. Burgers, steak, sticky chicken thighs and wings, sausages and the obligatory jacket … Read more