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When caravanning, even though it is a very inclusive and sociable passion, there are still times when you want peace and quiet. If you want privacy and protection against the weather but do not want to purchase an awning, a windbreak is a perfect choice to help you relax without anyone or anything bothering you. It can also be placed in front of the awning to help keep the wind off it and to give you that bit more privacy.

Most of these options come with pegs and guy-lines and are made from quality materials such as steel and polyester. You will want one that is sturdy enough to protect you against all kinds of weather and will not break quickly after use. Easy installation is also a plus.

In the following post, the team here at Caravan Helper have found the best motorhome, caravan and camping windbreaks available.

Caravan Wind Breaks and Windscreens

We are starting this article off with what we consider to be the ultimate windbreak. With it being the best windbreak it does come with a hefty price tag and is by far the most expensive one we found.

Take a look at it though and you will see it has amazing feedback and looks like a great piece of kit.

What makes it so good is that its the words first inflatable windbreak one, so there’s no messing around with metal poles. When doing our research we found that people thought it was stronger than traditional windbreaks and was great to keep their dog in. They also loved how easy it was to put together.

This windbreak is steel poled with 469cm x 14ocm polyester, giving it sturdy protection against the wind and being thick enough to avoid the sun whenever it gets too hot. Although it is not the cheapest option, this windbreak from respected company Kampa is worth all the money due to it being resistant to hail, snow, or wind.

The Kampa Pro windbreak will also give you any privacy you need for your holiday. This high-quality item is perfect for giving you protection against the harsher weather as well as the privacy to enjoy relaxing in the outside.

3. Vango Airbeam Modular Windbreak

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Another amazing inflatable windbreak, this time by Vango who is a well known respected brand in the camping industry.

This product is again on the expensive side but it looks very robust and we are sure it will last.

It can be put up in minutes and is the perfect place to shelter from the elements while you enjoy your book or glass of wine.

If you need the windbreak to be bigger you can add extra panels.

This product is a strong, weather-resistant, three-part windbreak that will resist any wind while you are out relaxing and enjoying the outdoors and give you enough privacy to do so without anyone seeing.  The Bo-Camp has a sturdy frame and beams at the top, meaning that it is strong enough to resist anything pushing it. 

The materials are excellently high-quality with additional durability. The windbreak is made from strong nylon with a PU coating, meaning that it will last a long time.

We mentioned that the product had three compartments. This means that you will be able to adjust the angle to any situation so nobody can see, the wind will not bother you, and the sun will not burn you. The Bo-Camo Windbreak comes with a PVC window, steel poles, a carry bag, guy rope and pegs and will allow you to relax away from the weather with privacy.

This Windshield from Coleman is designed to give you extra privacy on your caravan trip. It is made from five panels for additional space to relax away from sight, polyester for added quality, seams that have been taped, and poles made from fibreglass for additional stability against strong winds.

This windbreak is a sure-fire way to give you privacy and weather-protection during your caravan trip. 14 guy-lines come pre-packaged for improved stability along with the flexible fibreglass poles. The fibreglass poles also mean that it is lightweight to carry as well, making it quick and easy to set up.

The PVC window gives you a clear view to the outside, so you are not alienated from the outdoors, perfect if you want to enjoy the countryside without anybody seeing you. Orientation is easily changed with straps that attach to tent poles as well as all the other feature. The Coleman windbreak is an excellent-quality, well-made and durable product that will stop both the weather bothering you and stop people from seeing you.

6. PMS 150x500CM Summit Windscreen

PMS 150x500CM Summit Windscreen
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This option from Summit is light-weight, portable and ready to give you the privacy you require to relax and protect you from any weather you would rather not bother you. The enforced poles, 6 x 2m guy-lines and steel pegs will make sure that the windscreen is sturdy and strong. The PMS windscreen from Summit works as a standalone shelter meaning that installation should be easy.

The Olpro Picket Fence Windbreak is a sturdy product made from high-quality materials. The poles are made from strong steel, and the fabric is made from tough polyester. This will mean that the windbreak protects you from the wind, the sun, and the sight of any passers-by. Installation could not be much simpler. Just take the short bag, take out the windbreak and snap the sections of the poles together. The simple installation makes it perfect for taking to campsites. The Olpro Windbreak is a quality, sturdy product that is guaranteed to improve the life of any caravanner.


Here, we have looked at the best windbreaks for caravans we could find. Remember to find one that is affordable but will still last a long time and endure whatever whether it needs to endure, so you can relax outside while you are caravanning.

They also make a great addition for campervan holidays and motorhome use. With these 2 options, you can’t really have an awning but may want a small space outside with a bit of privacy.

We hope that this article has helped you in choosing your caravan windbreak and that you will enjoy your holidays in your caravan.



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