Caravan Jockey Wheel Problems

You often forget the jockey wheel when it’s time to service your caravan. It might look unimportant and innocuous, but it’s a crucial piece of caravan equipment. Without it, hitching your van up and keeping the caravan’s A-frame off the ground would be next to impossible. You wouldn’t even be able to manoeuvre your caravan … Read more

What Is The Best Static Caravan To Buy?

There are many makes and models of static caravans to choose from. With such a plethora of choice, deciding what is the best static caravan to buy is no easy feat.  It can take a lot of the enjoyment out of buying one because you often time replace the joy and excitement with doubt, confusion … Read more

How Long Does A Static Caravan Last?

If You’re looking to invest in a new holiday home. You’re probably putting a lot of thought into what type of holiday home you want. You’re pondering the initial investment, running costs, maintenance costs and so forth. One option high on your list could be a static caravan. But you’re wondering, how long does a … Read more

Caravan Damp Repair Costs (What Can You Expect To Pay)

A major problem of living and caravanning in the UK is the wet weather we experience. Often having to heat caravans, sometimes even in the summer months. Combine that with high levels of humidity, especially if you don’t ventilate your van properly, can increase your chances of your van getting damp areas. With damp, you … Read more

How Long Does A Leisure Battery Last?

The winter months can be a hard time for your leisure battery. It’s probably not in proper use, but you still might need it to power any alarm or tracker you have on the caravan. You want it to be in optimum condition when it comes time to use it again. The best way to … Read more

How Do Caravan Solar panels work. How effective are they?

What’s not to like about solar panels? They work exceptionally well, they’re not overly expensive to buy, and you get all the kudos for being environmentally aware. Caravan solar panels work by taking sunlight and converting it to electricity. The more the sun shines on your panels, the more power you get to utilise. Modern … Read more

Parking Caravans On Residential Roads – Is It Legal Or Not?

Once you become the proud owner of your brand, spanking new caravan you are now legally responsible for where, how and when it’s parked. Better to get up close and personal with the legal requirements and what your responsibilities are. That’s exactly what this article is going to discuss, regarding your legal obligations to parking … Read more

Problem Unhitching Your Caravan?

Hitching and unhitching caravans can seem daunting to new caravanners. Even if towing the van is something you feel comfortable about, everyone takes a deep gulp of air when it’s their first time hitching up their caravan. Most caravans have a hitch, crank wheel, latch and lock, breakaway cable, handbrake and electric hook up at … Read more

How Much Are Touring Caravan Site Fees?

When you’re tired of staring at the same four walls and need to escape the household chores it’s time to get away. There’s nothing better than hitching up your trusty tourer and heading to one of the many caravan sites for a break. Site fees can vary so it’s always wise to do your homework … Read more

Touring Caravan Maintenance A Complete Guide

A caravan could well be your most valuable possession outside of your home and car. So it makes total sense to keep it in the best condition at all times. In this guide for touring caravan maintenance, we’re going to cover the most important aspects of maintaining your van.  Your touring caravan doesn’t need a … Read more