12v Extension Leads

12v extension leads

When you first started to get interested in caravanning, you might not have known that caravans have a 12v socket in them. Why would you need a cigarette lighter in a caravan anyway?  The answer isn’t about smoking or not smoking at all. Lots of really very nifty appliances work with a 12v socket, and … Read more

Best Caravans for Winter Use

As caravans have become more sophisticated, not surprisingly, the prices have been rising. So, when you buy a caravan you are making a significant investment. In Britain we have very variable weather and so to get the best out of your investment, it might be an idea to do some winter caravanning. Many people want … Read more

Isabella Awning Spares

If you have invested in an Isabella awning, then it shows you are serious about your camping. Probably you love your holidays and you like to keep things to a high standard if you are away. Isabella awnings have the joints of each piece of kit made of CarbonX, their reinforced plastic with added carbon … Read more

Caravans with grade 3 insulation

caravans with grade 3 insulation

Many modern caravans are built with grade three insulation. Previously there were only grades one and two. Grade one caravans are likely to be over the rainbow bridge by now, since they were probably built in the 1970’s and 1980’s. In 2010, Swift achieved grade three thermal insulation across most of the range, and this … Read more

Bailey Caravan Tyre Pressures

bailey caravan tyre pressure

When you buy a caravan, you may be shocked at the amount of tyre pressure needed. Most cars are around 26psi, and if you go to the garage to add air to your tyres, 26 seems to be the default. However, caravan tyres require a much higher pressure, some as high as 65 psi. Why … Read more

Caravan Carbon Monoxide Detector

Although you may not want to dwell on the negative sides of things, there are certain dangers you need to be aware of when touring in a caravan. As fuel of some form will be used and burned when you are using your tourer you need to take care. Not only do you need to … Read more

We Buy Any Caravan Reviews

So, whether you’ve had your current caravan for a number of years, or it was one you bought as you were just getting interested in this new pastime and way of holidaying and you’re now looking to upgrade or just switch it out for a newer one. What do you do? Well, we’ve covered this … Read more

Caravan Servicing

Welcome to Caravan Helper’s guide to specialist caravan servicing workshops that can be found up and down the country. Although you may want to try your hand at some DIY repairing of various issues you come across with owning a tourer, there are some that are better left to the professionals. That’s when you turn … Read more

Small Caravans with Shower and Toilet UK

Most caravanners view the act of caravanning as a break from the norm and a chance to try new things. But, when it comes to doing so without a shower and toilet – more of us prefer our home comforts here! Though this is one area of caravanning whereby some believe that pitching up and … Read more

Are Lunar Caravans Any Good?

If you’ve been looking for a caravan, whether it’s your first or a replacement for an existing one, and are considering one of Lunar Caravans tourers, we’re not surprised. Lunar Caravan shave been in the business since their inception back in 1969. That’s right, the same year the first ever manned moon landing. However, as … Read more