Caravan Carbon Monoxide Detector

Although you may not want to dwell on the negative sides of things, there are certain dangers you need to be aware of when touring in a caravan. As fuel of some form will be used and burned when you are using your tourer you need to take care. Not only do you need to … Read more

We Buy Any Caravan Reviews

So, whether you’ve had your current caravan for a number of years, or it was one you bought as you were just getting interested in this new pastime and way of holidaying and you’re now looking to upgrade or just switch it out for a newer one. What do you do? Well, we’ve covered this … Read more

Caravan Servicing

Welcome to Caravan Helper’s guide to specialist caravan servicing workshops that can be found up and down the country. Although you may want to try your hand at some DIY repairing of various issues you come across with owning a tourer, there are some that are better left to the professionals. That’s when you turn … Read more

Small Caravans with Shower and Toilet UK

Most caravanners view the act of caravanning as a break from the norm and a chance to try new things. But, when it comes to doing so without a shower and toilet – more of us prefer our home comforts here! Though this is one area of caravanning whereby some believe that pitching up and … Read more

Are Lunar Caravans Any Good?

If you’ve been looking for a caravan, whether it’s your first or a replacement for an existing one, and are considering one of Lunar Caravans tourers, we’re not surprised. Lunar Caravan shave been in the business since their inception back in 1969. That’s right, the same year the first ever manned moon landing. However, as … Read more

Esterel Folding Caravan Models

If you’re a fan of retro folding caravans you’ll probably already know about the famed French manufacturer of one of the first of these practical and storage space-saving creations. Although they’ve been since bought up and their folding caravan legacy has been continued to a lesser degree by the other French company Rapido, Esterel Caravans … Read more

The Freedom Caravan Club

The Freedom Caravan Club has recently caught our attention. Here at Caravan Helper, we regularly search the caravanning word both online and off to bring you relevant news, reviews, and information. With a mission to make caravanning accessible and fun for everyone, the Freedom Caravan Club may be of interest to those caravanners looking to … Read more

How Long Does a 47kg Gas Bottle Last in a Caravan?

There is no clear way to answer this question as it all depends on what you use your gas for. It also depends on how often you use your gas. If you use your caravan every weekend, for example, you’re likely to run out of gas more often than if you use your caravan once … Read more

How Good are Coachman Caravans?

We all know that many people love the Coachman brand of caravans but just how good are they? We did a spot of research and here’s what we think about the brand that has been around for 30 years: Build Quality and Reliability When it comes to the quality of the build we found that … Read more

Can You Sleep in a Motorhome While Driving?

You, your partner or your children are sleepy, and there is a long road ahead of you, so you think about going to sleep or letting your family sleep in the back of the motorhome. However, you must make sure that you are being safe and legal in what you do and what you let … Read more