Do Caravans Have Logbooks?

When you own and operate vehicles like cars and vans, that represent a considerable investment, it is important to have legal documentation that shows you are the owner. Just as you would have the legal documentation such as the title deeds that show you own your house or flat, you will have what is known as either a V5, V5C or vehicle logbook for your car or van.

Given how expensive even second-hand caravans can be, it would seem only fair to assume that there is some kind of documentation that is proof of legal ownership of touring vehicles. However, at the moment at the very least, there is no such thing as caravan logbooks.

Why Are Caravan Logbooks Not a Thing?

The logbook or V5 you have with your car is the documentation that legally registers the vehicle in your name with the DVLA as proof that you own it. This is a form of documentation, however, is only used for vehicles you actually drive. Caravans, therefore, as they are considered to be nothing more than trailers, cannot be registered with the DVLA.

The interesting thing is that most countries in continental Europe take a different approach and have similar legal documentation for cars, vans and other drivable vehicles and touring vehicles like caravans.

What Else Can You Do to Prove Ownership?

Well, except for property and vehicles, the only real way you can prove ownership of high-value items like televisions, computers and sofas etc. is with paperwork like receipts and insurance details. If the caravan you own or are thinking about buying is made in Britain, you can register through CRIS.

What is CRiS and Why is it a Good Idea to Get Your Caravan CRiS Registered?

CRiS stands for Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme and was set up by The National Caravan Council in 1992. The purpose of the CRiS was to have a record of all keeper details for all tourers manufactured by British companies that are members of the NCC to help with the detection and prevention of crimes involving caravans.

Is CRiS Registration Compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory to have your caravan registered through CRiS. That is why when you are looking at used caravans, you may find that new owners have not registered the tourer in their name. It is still something you should consider as the Scheme and the police work closely together. In fact, any caravan that is reported stolen or that has been involved in a major road accident is recorded by the scheme.

So, when buying a used caravan it is a good idea to check if it is CRiS registered and if the details match up with the person selling. If it doesn’t and it ever is reported stolen and the police find it, it will be seized from you and you will get nothing for your trouble.

It is, therefore, equally important that you make sure you register your caravan with the CRiS as soon as possible.

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