Chemical Toilet Fluid Alternative

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. That’s how we all feel about sorting the toilet in the caravan. Especially if we have a standard cassette setup. The interesting thing is that, aside from the obvious fact that people don’t enjoy dealing with faeces and the smells they generate, it’s often the … Read more

Collapsible Watering Can

Space saving is part and parcel of caravan life, whether you have a permanent pitch or take your tourer or motorhome to sites on a regular basis. Caravan designers make great use of available space inside and out, and users come up with some innovative ideas too. But, it’s the designers of products for use … Read more

Caravan Toilet Fluid

Now that we’ve discussed the main types of toilets found in caravans, we are going to discuss the chemicals that are used to keep them clean. There are two main kinds of chemicals, blue/green and pink. Blue/green chemicals are used for breaking down waste matter in the bowl and keeping the waste tank clean. Pink … Read more

Caravan Toilet Spares

caravan toilet spares

No-one talks about going to the toilet and yet we all have to do it multiple times a day. Well, actually, people always ask about the toilet if you go camping or if you car camp. In most motorhomes and caravans there is always a toilet, be it a flushable one or a composting toilet … Read more

Caravan Shower Tray Mat

caravan shower tray mats

If you want to avoid slipping and leaving water anywhere while you are on your holiday, a caravan shower mat is perfect for you. As with a lot of caravan household items, you get a good variety in the selection of caravan shower tray mats available. Duckboard mats are popular due to their sturdiness and … Read more

Caravan Water Heaters

Caravan Water Heaters

We all want hot water while we are on our caravan trip. We need it for washing and bathing, doing the dishes and a multitude of other things. One way to keep water warm is by using a caravan water heater. Multiple choices are available, including caravan water heaters with gas and caravan water heaters … Read more

Caravan Waste Water Pipe

caravan waste water pipe

There is something magical about riding off here, there and just about anywhere, in a caravan. It’s an adventure and can give you a sense of freedom a lot of other holiday and travel options just can’t. There are parts of the adventurous and magical nature of caravanning, you’d probably rather not think about. Things … Read more

Aquaroll Insulated Cover

In this article, we will be looking at insulated covers for water carriers that are in use during your caravan trip covers for Aquaroll water carriers. If you have ever woken up to the water in your water carrier being frozen or the outside is covered in frost, these insulated container bags will be sure … Read more

Caravan Taps

caravan taps

When caravanning, there are two main types of taps used for sinks and basins. The first is a single cold-water tap. This can be fitted wherever there’s just the one single tap hole present. It’s then connected to a cold-water source. The second is what’s called caravan shower mixer taps. Also installed in single tap … Read more

12v Water Pump for Caravan

In this article, we will be looking at different caravan water pumps. You will want a pump that is not too expensive so it fits in your budget but is of good quality so it can do the job properly. Many of these fit that description and are also easy to use and easy to … Read more