Caravan Storage Nottinghamshire

If you live in Nottinghamshire, finding the best caravan storage in your area is essential. With new builds often not allowing caravan storage, and caravans taking up a lot of space on your driveway if you can store them, it makes sense to store your caravan at a secure facility. So, here are the best caravan storage facilities in Nottinghamshire.

Caravan Storage Options In Nottinghamshire

Lowdhams Secure Storage

Lowdhams has a few self-storage sites around the UK. Their site in Nottinghamshire has 300 caravan pitches that were purpose-built to conform with CaSSOA Gold Award standards. When any traffic enters Lowdhams, it is tracked by CCTV. The caravan compound has a full perimeter fence, and access is controlled by swipe cards. This means that access to Lowdhams is basically impossible unless you have one of their cards. If you do, access to your caravan is simple and easy. Lowdhams has so many excellent features that make them one of the best caravan storage facility in Nottinghamshire.

Barnstone Leisure Caravan Storage Park

Barnstone Leisure is another purpose-built caravan and motorhome storage facility in Nottinghamshire. It is based in the Vale of Belvoir. Their new caravan storage site has achieved the Gold Award from CaSSOA as security is always their highest priority. They have a 2.4m fence around the whole property and HD CCTV cameras too. They also have a key-fob activated security gate. Barnstone is like a fort for caravans!

Lambley Caravan Storage

Lambley is yet another fantastic caravan storage facility in Nottinghamshire that has secured a gold award from CaSSOA. They provide hard standing pitches on a floodlit site that has CCTV in operation 24/7. They also have a full perimeter fence and a fully automated gate, making it impossible to enter unless you are a customer. If your caravan is stored at Lambley, you can collect and drop it off easily, it’s the best of both world!

Shirebrook Secure Storage

Shirebrook Storage has a few sites around Nottinghamshire that are very reasonably priced when compared to the amazing security they provide. All of their caravan storage sites are staffed 24/7. They also all have floodlighting and CCTV as well as state of the art security systems. Plus, you can access your caravan 24 hours a day every day of the year, making it easy to go on holiday. They also have short term and long-term caravan storage solutions and plenty more to make any caravan safe and ready for its next adventure.

Criftin Caravan Storage

Criftin Caravan Storage has been providing excellent, CaSSOA credited caravan storage for over 20 years. Their site has an alarmed access gate, CCTV monitoring, daily access and recorded entry whenever anyone enters the site. What’s more, their caravan storage is nice and spread out too so you can have quick access to your caravan and then get on the road straight away. Criftin, then, provides a highly secure caravan storage solution for caravans in the Nottinghamshire area. Oh, and their prices are very reasonable too, perfect!


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