Caravan Storage Wakefield

If you love a holiday in or near Wakefield and would like to store your caravan there to make it easier to travel. Or if you live in Wakefield and don’t want to or can’t storage your caravan at home, finding the best caravan storage in the area is really important. So, here are all of the best caravan storage sites in Wakefield that will keep your caravan secure whenever you aren’t taking it on adventures.

Caravan Storage Options In Wakefield

Wakefield Caravan Storage

Wakefield Caravan Storage has round the clock CCTV. It also has floodlighting, state of the art alarm systems and more to keep your caravan safe. What’s more, this caravan storage site also allows access 24 hours a day. Plus, all of the caravans are stored on hardstanding pitches, and you have plenty of space to pick up and park your caravan. Combine all of that with Wakefield Caravan Storage being close to all major roads in the area, and you have one of the best caravan storage sites in Wakefield right here.

West Yorkshire Caravan Storage

West Yorkshire Caravan Storage is a small, family-run caravan storage site just outside of Wakefield. Their site makes it very convenient to get on the M1 or M62. The owners live on-site and are very flexible with their opening times. If you need access to your caravan during the night, give the owners a few days notice, and you can access your caravan. The family feeling and the high security at West Yorkshire Caravan Storage really makes it a fantastic caravan storage facility.

Birkwood Fisheries

Birkwood is one of the best places to store your caravan if you love a spot of fishing too. They have some excellent fishing in Wakefield, and their caravan storage facility is top-notch too. They have provided caravan storage for the last 30 years at this site. They have created a very secure caravan storage site with staff on-site every day. They also have electric gates at the entrance to make it impossible for anyone to enter the site without permission. Also, Birkwood Fisheries caravan storage prices are very reasonable too.

Swillington Storage

Swillington Storage provides hardstanding pitches in a secure compound controlled by CCTV. They have excellent security alarms, and the owner lives on site. The owner is always happy to let you access your caravan whenever you like too. Just give them a call, and you can pick up your caravan. Swillington is very secure, but it also has a great location near the M1 and M62. So, if you want to access your caravan quickly and easily and get on the road quickly, you can at this caravan storage site.

We hope you found the perfect caravan storage site in Wakefield for your needs. To find out about other fantastic caravan storage sites all around the UK, please explore our website further. We also have articles about the best caravan equipment that no caravan owner should be without. So, please explore our caravan articles for all things caravanning!


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