Does Towing A Caravan Damage Your Car?

Even if you are not the most clued up car owner, you undoubtedly understand that the more you load into your car, the greater pressure there is on your car. Not just the chassis, but the engine, transmission and tyres need to be taken into consideration. You may reason that if you frequently tow a caravan, it will eventually have an impact on important components and the roadworthiness of your vehicle.

While you are not wrong for thinking it can and will often have an impact, there is no reason why you can’t tow your caravan as often as you want. To help you understand why you don’t need to worry too much and the times when you should start to worry, we are going to discuss this subject further in the following post.

Why You Don’t Need to Worry

Remember, car manufacturers, provide detailed information about the size and weight of caravans that vehicles can tow. That is not just a best-case scenario – it is something your car will be able to do all the time.

If you are a contentious car owner and do not try to tow a caravan that exceeds the recommended weight and size for your towing car, and you regularly maintain your car, it should be fine. That means changing the oil and keeping it topped up, keeping the water topped up, having your car serviced and components like the transmission, gearbox and suspension regularly checked.

When You Need to Worry

The only time you need to worry about whether your car is going to be able to be okay with repeatedly towing a caravan is if you do anything contrary to the above.

If you exceed the recommended caravan weight and size that your car should tow you will put unnecessary pressure on the engine, suspension, and tyres and it can also be incredibly dangerous.

If you don’t have the oil changed and topped up regularly, the engine will not function properly as it will not have the correct amount of lubricant to make sure all the moving parts move smoothly and effortlessly. This creates friction and eventually, the parts of the engine will wear out.

This is something you need to think of when you own and use a car, regardless of whether you use it to tow a caravan regularly or not. As the issues above can occur even without the involvement of a caravan.


So, if you are concerned about whether or not you can tow your caravan regularly, as long as you are maintaining the vehicle and only attempting to tow a caravan that is of the recommended size and weight, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

We would not suggest that you completely forget about it, though. It’s just not something that should stop you from making the most of your caravan. There are many hundreds and thousands of people out there who either spend most of their life on the road or frequently take holidays and short breaks with their caravan and don’t need to repair or replace their car regularly.

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