Caravan Vs Trailer Tent

Are you interested in hitting the road with your family, for an alternative to staying in traditional accommodation and having a fixed holiday location? If you still want to have your creature comforts from home with you, then a caravan may seem like the obvious choice. It may be obvious, for sure, but it is … Read more

What is a Fully Serviced Motorhome/Caravan Pitch?

When you visit a caravan or motorhome site or if you have looked at the details online for one, you will have come across a range of different pitches. These vary in terms of what they offer you and the best of the best is the fully serviced pitch. The name makes it sound very … Read more

Why Are Caravans White?

Now, we’ve covered a lot of different subjects here at Caravan Helper, regarding the hobby we all love so much. We’ve looked at awnings, the cost of buying a caravan, and a multitude of other accessories, equipment, tools, and tutorials, in addition to the many guides and overviews of caravan sites up and down the … Read more

Caravan T-Shirts

There are lots of great gifts you can treat yourself or someone you love if caravans are your thing. There are caravan mugs and caravan stickers, which we’ve discussed in previous posts. In this post, therefore, we want to discuss another gift that shows a deep love for caravanning but is also extremely practical as well. As all the products … Read more

Mazda Bongo Pros and Cons

  What is a Mazda Bongo? Are they popular in the UK? Should I hire one first? A Mazda Bongo Friendee is (apart from the badge) the same as a Ford Freda. In the rest of this article, for convenience, we will just call them Bongos. Bongos were made for the Japanese domestic market between … Read more

12v Extension Leads

12v extension leads

When you first started to get interested in caravanning, you might not have known that caravans have a 12v socket in them. Why would you need a cigarette lighter in a caravan anyway?  The answer isn’t about smoking or not smoking at all. Lots of really very nifty appliances work with a 12v socket, and … Read more

Best Caravans for Winter Use

As caravans have become more sophisticated, not surprisingly, the prices have been rising. So, when you buy a caravan you are making a significant investment. In Britain we have very variable weather and so to get the best out of your investment, it might be an idea to do some winter caravanning. Many people want … Read more

Isabella Awning Spares

If you have invested in an Isabella awning, then it shows you are serious about your camping. Probably you love your holidays and you like to keep things to a high standard if you are away. Isabella awnings have the joints of each piece of kit made of CarbonX, their reinforced plastic with added carbon … Read more

Caravans with grade 3 insulation

caravans with grade 3 insulation

Many modern caravans are built with grade three insulation. Previously there were only grades one and two. Grade one caravans are likely to be over the rainbow bridge by now, since they were probably built in the 1970’s and 1980’s. In 2010, Swift achieved grade three thermal insulation across most of the range, and this … Read more

Bailey Caravan Tyre Pressures

bailey caravan tyre pressure

When you buy a caravan, you may be shocked at the amount of tyre pressure needed. Most cars are around 26psi, and if you go to the garage to add air to your tyres, 26 seems to be the default. However, caravan tyres require a much higher pressure, some as high as 65 psi. Why … Read more