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Caravanning and barbecues go together perfectly. Although modern caravans are designed with reasonably kitted-out kitchens, is there any better way to enjoy the warm sunny days of summer than cooking on an open fire, or smoking hot coals? We certainly don’t think so.

Burgers, steak, sticky chicken thighs and wings, sausages and the obligatory jacket potatoes are all things we long for when on the road travelling the countryside.

If that is how you envision your caravan experience and you are on the lookout for the best caravan BBQ, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will look at what we feel are 5 of the best caravan BBQs suitable for taking on the road with you.

We will also at the different types of BBQs available, the pros and cons of each and offer some tips to help you get the best caravan barbecuing experience possible.

5 Best Caravan BBQs (Gas and Charcoal)

Crusader Products is a family-run operation that aims to provide their customers with the highest standard of quality and service. They have more than 25 years experience in the outdoor leisure sector and for the duration of that time have been supplying superior quality caravan and motor-home accessories, just like this folding caravan gas barbecue trolley.

This is a 3-in-1 combo unit and runs on either butane or propane gas. It is incredibly quick and simple to assemble and can be used on the included trolley with wheels or as a tabletop barbecue cooker. There are two foldable sides and offers adjustable control of the heat and one large burner made from stainless steel. Food can be cooked on the sturdy chrome grill.

Kampa are a popular and very reputable brand within the world of outdoor accessories for camping and caravanning. In fact, we have featured many of their other products on this site. If you are looking for an affordable and compact tabletop barbecue to liven up cooking on the road, the Kampa Bruce Tabletop caravan Barbecue is one you should definitely consider. It is great to use as a tabletop gas BBQ.

It includes foldable legs and a lid and is very easy to store. The burner produces 2.5 Kw of power and is made from galvanised steel for enhanced durability and improved toughness. It is also nice and easy on the eye and will be a welcome addition to your caravan set-up. This is a great choice for a portable gas BBQ for the caravan.

The nice miniature barbecue unit on our list is from Pro-Iroda, who are a global leader in the production of butane power technology and butane powered products. A clamshell-style barbecue unit with foldable legs and a 165 sq inch large non-stick cooking area made from cast iron.

Are known for producing easy to use butane products and this is no different with its stainless steel burner that offers a output which provides the equivalent of 2.63 Kw. It even comes with the Piezo ignition and 8 mm connection nozzle. Easy to use, easy to look after and reasonably priced for the standard. This would be our choice for a small gas BBQ for your caravan.

Yellowstone is a popular brand of outdoor products and accessories, including everything you could need for camping, hiking and caravanning among other pursuits. This barbecue is ideal if you after a very traditional smelling and tasting BBQ, because unlike the above, this is not gas-powered by is designed to be used with charcoal.

It is easy to assemble, includes a reasonably large cooking space and plenty of room for charcoals and even comes with a carry bag that you collapse the unit and store away in when you aren’t using it.

If you are looking for the authentic barbecue scents and flavours, much like the one above, this is a charcoal product you will want to consider. Especially if you are looking for an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly design.

It comes with a handy non-stick surface that not only means you need only a little amount of oil to cook, but the clean-up is much easier. For the price, it is one of the easiest barbecues to use and it is easy to store away and carry when not in use.

Now that you know what our top 5 picks are for the best caravan barbecues, we are going to discuss a little about the different types available, look at their pros and cons as well as offering lots of helpful tips for using them.

Types Of Caravan BBQs

Essentially, there are 2 main types of caravan BBQs available, both of which are featured in our list above and these are:

  • Charcoal
  • Gas

Caravan Charcoal BBQs

Charcoal BBQs are what springs to most people’s minds when they think of this form of cooking and even though they are the most traditional form, they are also generally less expensive than gas models. Charcoal is great as a source of fuel, particularly if you can find a good sustainable source locally. Charcoal can also be moved around when it is in the BBQ to create what are known as heat zones for warming and cooking food.

You need to remember though when using charcoal that is can spit sparks out so always cook in a clear space away from anything flammable.


  • Easy on the budget
  • Best way to achieve that traditional smoky and earthy BBQ scent and flavour
  • You can move charcoals around to regulate the heat


  • Charcoal has a tendency to spit sparks out, so is a fire risk, unless you take care

Caravan Gas BBQs

Many people prefer gas-powered barbecues if they don’t mind compromising on the BBQ smoky flavour in favour of convenience because it produces heat instantly. You also are not left with ash to get rid of at the end of a cooking session. Evaporation of the cooking juices is avoided in gas barbecuing by using hot plates and lava rocks, which helps to create that smoky flavour.

There are obvious safety checks you should always carry out before you use a gas barbecue, such as checking the integrity of the gas supply hose and the connections.


  • Consistent, convenient and fast
  • Does not leave ashes at end to get rid of


  • Harder to achieve that authentic BBQ flavour

Caravan BBQ Tips

Lava rocks are ideal to use to increase the intensity of the BBQ flavour you achieve. These will absorb fat and eventually become unstable though, so you need to replace them roughly after every 10 barbecues.

Slow cooking meat is possible even with a barbecue. Pile charcoals in a border around an aluminium food container that has a little bit of water inside it and place the joint of meat on the grill over the top. Now close the lid on your BBQ unit and the indirect and moist heat will cook the joint very slowly and very thoroughly until it tears away like butter.

Tools and Accessories to Invest in

  • Spatulas or Tongs  to turn your meat and ingredients. Avoid spearing meat with a fork or a knife as all the juices will run out, ruining the moistness and flavour of your food.
  • Water Spray – Just like the ones you may have used to water plants at home, these are useful to control your barbecue’s heat and calm any flare-ups that occur when using charcoal.
  • Brush – For applying any oils, sauces or marinades to ingredients.
  • Heat-proof mitts and apron/pinny – Ideal for protecting both your clothes and skin from the heat and any oils or juices that are spat out.
  • Gas Matches – These are longer than normal matches, making them safer to use when you are lighting your barbecue.
  • Chimney Starter – An even more convenient, safer and quicker way to light charcoal.
  • Crumpled Aluminium Foil or Metal Brush – For cleaning your grill between uses.
  • First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Blanket and Bucket of Water – All of these are ideal items to invest in to ensure that each and every barbecue is a safe one.
  • Caravan Chairs and recliners – You will want something comfy to sit back and enjoy the food in

So, if you are investing in a barbecue to take along on your caravan treks around the country, we hope we have helped you on your search for the best caravan BBQ. We are always interested to hear from our readers, so why not drop us a line and tell us about your favourite caravan and BBQ stories. We hope we helped you find the best gas BBQ for your caravan or the best charcoal BBQ for your caravan.

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