Caravan Chairs & Recliners

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The team here at Caravan Helper, like most caravanning enthusiasts, have an ideal image in our heads of what the perfect caravan experience should be like.

In our minds it obviously includes a nice and warm sunny day, nothing spectacular, unless we are imagining touring the south of France or along the Spanish coast. For British caravan trips, the best any of us can hope for is that the rain stays away and that the clouds clear.

In order to enjoy the decent weather, the barbecue and to have a comfortable time, we have opted for a nice recliner to relax on.

Chairs and recliners are essential pieces of caravanning furniture. Even if your caravan already has comfortable and plentiful seating, you will still need to invest in some furniture to sit by your caravan when the weather is fine and under your awning when it is less good.

In the following post, therefore, we have put together a selection of what we think are the best caravan chairs and recliners you can buy right now. We have taken storage space into consideration because you obviously have to think about where you are going to put your outdoor furniture when they are not in use, you are on the road or you need to protect them from adverse weather conditions.

Best Caravan Chairs and Recliners

The first chair on our list is this great recliner from Crusader. As anyone who has been caravanning for a while will agree or who is a newbie that’s been looking at many of the other posts we have on Caravan Helper, will know that Crusader is a very popular and reputable manufacturer of caravanning accessories.

This particular chair from Crusader has a very sturdy steel frame and is therefore able to cope with a maximum load of 100kg. For added comfort, the Lollipop chair has a pillow and headrest built into it and it benefits from an impressively high back.

The important element and thing that makes this chair such a great piece of furniture to have when you are on the road is the fact that it has a total of 6 different reclining positions. So, whatever your preference is for any particular day, you will be able to adjust this chair to suit your mood and needs.

It also benefits from being made from a textilene, a heavy-duty water and weatherproof material.

Highlander are another name that you will find mentioned a lot on Caravan Helper and various other sites. They are renowned for producing and supplying high quality accessories for camping, caravanning and other leisure pursuits and this folding chair is another fine example of that fact.

Listed as a number one best seller, this chair is made from a very strong steel frame and despite it only weighing 2.2kg, is capable of holding a maximum weight up to 16st or 100kg. It also benefits from having a weatherproof and easy to wipe down polyester material with a PVC coating. It folds into a nice and compact package when it’s time to put it away and therefore can be stored away behind units or down the side inside your caravan or even in your towing vehicle if necessary.

3. Isabella Thor Chair (2)

Isabella Thor Chair (2)check price on amazon

If you are looking for something a little sophisticated and have a slightly higher budget, you may want to consider investing in this pair of Isabella Thor chairs.

Isabella has been producing tents and other camping and caravanning equipment since 1957. They have always tried to be as innovative as possible with their products and although this chair is not going to change the landscape of relaxing outside, we think it is rather nifty to say the least.

The frame is constructed from aluminium and is covered in a black Polyweave material, that is 40% polyester and 60% PVC coating, to give it a weatherproof quality and make it easier to clean with a damp, clean cloth. Although it is a little heavier than some of the other chairs on this list, at 5.5kg, it benefits from being able to take a slightly higher maximum load of 120kg.

The exciting part about this chair and the thing most will be interested in, particularly to get the best out of those lazy days at the caravan site is the fact that it includes a headrest and a total of 8 different reclining positions.

Chairs and recliners are, as we are sure you’ll agree, an essential part of the quintessential caravanning experience. If you are in the market for one or more, then, we hope our guide to what we think are the best caravan chairs and recliners of the bunch out there was helpful.

Whatever your budget, if you decide to opt for one of the above, we just know you will have an even better time on the road.

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