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Portal Outdoor
Folding and Adjustable Table

Caravan Supermarket
Folding and Heavy Duty Table

Compact Bi-Folding Table
Maximim load30KgNA30Kg
Height Adjustable50cm to 69 cm33cm, 54.5cm or 76cmNA
Dimension115cms x 70cms x 69cms75cm x 49.5cm x 33cm70 x 60 x 90 cm
Weight9.45Kg3.9Kg4.54 g
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With caravans designed and built in an array of shapes and sizes, you’re not always guaranteed to purchase one that has a built-in table.

An ever-changing need for the fixtures, fittings, and furniture we prefer to see in our caravans these days, more of us are opting for space over practicality.

Caravan interior has, therefore, become second to that of its layout as we strive to make them more suited to our individual requirements.

As a result of this trend though, more caravans are losing that fixed table that was once the centrepiece for many a caravan. In its place, a more open plan solution has become popular alongside more comfortable additional seating to accommodate extra guests.

However, though you may find yourself eating out regularly or going al fresco when you holiday, there will be times when you need a caravan table to use when staying in your van.

From general dining instead of tv dinners, to playing games and hosting duties, when the weather takes a turn for the worse, as it generally tends to do so frequently in the UK, you may very well want to use a table on several occasions.

Foldable Tables for Use in the Caravan

A free standing caravan table is a fantastic idea for a table solution as not only can you set it up in both the caravan and indeed outside if you prefer, you can also fold it down and store it away, thus creating more room when it’s not needed.

Most foldable tables are aimed at caravanners, campers, and motor homes alike – due to their all-round practicality when on the move. They, therefore, make the best solution for caravans where there isn’t a fixed table already in place and for those caravanners who aren’t interested in having a permanent table in the van.

Here are three caravan foldable tables available to purchase from Amazon:

1. Folding and Adjustable Table from Portal Outdoors

Portal Outdoors sell both a large-sized and extra-large sized table which can comfortably seat up to four people.

Providing you with ample table space, this table offers the benefit of a smaller footprint; meaning it can be swiftly folded down and put away easily into storage.

Just as quick to put up, this model has adjustable legs so you can readily change the height of the table. This makes it ideal for the more uneven surfaces.

Supporting up to a maximum load of 30kg, though it may cope with such extensive weight, it’s relatively lightweight in stature.

Available in a graphite grey colour, this camping table is not only resilient to scratches but resistant to UV and other weather damage, making it perfect for outdoor use as well as in the caravan.

2. Folding and Heavy Duty Table from The Caravan Supermarket

Folding and Heavy Duty Table from The Caravan Supermarket

The Caravan Supermarket offers a sturdy and durable folding camping table which has the benefits of adjustable legs that make it easy to fold flat away within seconds.

Featuring a tough wearing HDPE top, it’s claimed to be very easy to keep clean and perfect for use both in and out of the caravan.

Finished with durable steel legs, these are powder coated, therefore making them more sustainable as a result.

A relatively lightweight model at just 3.9kg in total. There is a choice of three heights possible with this table. Here you can choose from 33 cm, 54.5 cm or 76 cm to suit.

White in colour, this measures 49.5 cm in width and 75 cm in length. This is a heavy duty nature table but one which is equally portable and compact.

3. Compact Bi-Folding Table from Regatta

Compact Bi-Folding Table from Regatta

Regatta sells a grey lead table through their Cena product, which is aimed at all types of caravanning uses, both indoor and outdoor.

This caravan folding table is a compact bi-folding model which is extremely lightweight but will also cope with a maximum load of 30kg.

With adjustable legs, you can select a high or low setting as preferred each time.

This bi-fold design ensures that it remains sturdy when in use and holds well, freeing up the room when packed away.

Claimed to be just the right size for picnic and dining use, this is ideal for the caravanner who wants an occasional table that can double up as a multipurpose item when required.

Items to Fit Your Caravan Table Top to the Wall

The design of a fixed wall table has been hugely popular for many years and continues to be so amongst many caravan owners, well into the twenty-first century.

If you aren’t keen on having to set up a table every time you want to use it and would rather have a more permanent solution, or your caravan has no table area and you want to put in your own, this method is for you.

You can easily purchase the products to do this yourself. Once you’ve measured up your allocated space, you’ll need just three caravan table fittings to complete this job.

These include….

Caravan table brackets

The first part is a bracket which will need to be fixed to the caravan wall. However, some caravans may already have this in place:

1. Table Hinge Strip for The Caravan

This is a 60 cm long strip but can be shortened if you need a smaller piece. Complete with wall strip, this is designed to fix tables to walls. 

2. Caravan Table Top

The caravan top itself. This is an excellent example of a quality build and neatly finished table top.

With a driftwood finish and neat silver trim all-round, this is an 800 mm x 400 mm table top designed for the caravan. A 15 mm lightweight board, this can be used with a variety of table leg types and rail systems.

3. Folding Caravan Table Leg from Generic

A high quality and durable product, this is a Reimo table leg which is folding. With a 1000 mm rail length, this can also be cut down to suit individual sizing. Claimed to be the ideal solution for caravans, this allows you easy storage of your table as well as providing a secure platform for it.

Finals Thoughts on Caravan Tables

Hopefully, this article has shown you how easy it is to obtain a table solution in your caravan, if you don’t already have one in place.

Regardless of the size of your van or the design and shape of its layout, we’re sure you’ll agree that these are a worthy investment and one which will last you for many years to come.

So, whether you purchase a folding table to use as and when, or whether you’d like a permanent fixture on your caravan wall, you’re bound to find a design to suit your current caravanning needs.

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