Caravan Awning Storage

Tobos Screen Protector Tempered...
Andes Camping Field Kitchen Worktop Table Stand With Cupboard
Kampa Rally Awning Organiser
Tobos Screen Protector Tempered...
Andes Camping Field Kitchen Worktop Table Stand With Cupboard
Kampa Rally Awning Organiser
Tobos Screen Protector Tempered...
Tobos Screen Protector Tempered...
Andes Camping Field Kitchen Worktop Table Stand With Cupboard
Andes Camping Field Kitchen Worktop Table Stand With Cupboard
Kampa Rally Awning Organiser
Kampa Rally Awning Organiser

Awnings are obviously a great way to open your caravan up and extend the available floorspace you need to use under cover. They can be used as sitting areas, places to dry clothes and wet children and animals off. In fact, they even make for great sleeping areas, if you have guests visiting your tourer or just want to make room for more people to go on holiday with you.

With all that additional space though, you could be faced with the inevitable issue of just having another area that is taken up by lots of clutter. Now, you could reduce the clutter you have by cutting back on what you take on your caravanning holiday with you. However, if you are already very restrictive when it comes to how much you take on holiday with you and you need all the stuff you have in your awning, you need to come up with a different solution.

Fortunately, there are various types of caravan awning storage out there. At Caravan Helper, we understand how busy life can be and that you don’t necessarily have time to spend browsing through hundreds of caravan awning storage ideas, whether they are caravan awning storage bags or caravan awning storage units. We get it, your time is precious, just as it is for us.

That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of putting together this post that highlights eight great caravan awning storage options.

Caravan Awning Storage (Some options)

1. Kampa Rosie Camping Storage/Larder

The first of the caravan awning storage cupboards we want to highlight is this practical and well laid-out option from Kampa. Kampa are known for their expertise in producing high-quality caravanning and camping accessories as the Rosie camping storage cupboard is no different.

Made from sturdy steel, it has three aluminium shelves on the interior and a table-style insert for the top. It has a soft material covering around the structure and can be closed to provide protection for the things you stored inside it. There’s also a rear mesh section to provide ventilation to stop the goods and items suffering from a build up of excessive moisture.

We especially love the fact that this comes in a reliable and robust carry bag and packs down small, so it doesn’t take up too much space. The one downside we could find with it is that it does take a little fiddling to set it up correctly, and it takes a few times to master it. Other than that, it is a practical and very effective form of storage for your awning.

2. Andes Camping Field Kitchen Worktop Table Stand with Cupboard

Andes Camping Field Kitchen Worktop Table Stand with Cupboard

Next, we have a great kitchen-style storage for caravan awning from the highly respected Andes brand. This could be seen as being a two-for-one type solution as you get a camping-style kitchen table and worktop in the same package. It’s easy to setup in just a few minutes thanks to its foldout design and provides space to work on, if you’re preparing food outdoors, with cupboard space to store your food and other important kitchen items.

On the table side, you get a wire rack below the main worktop on top and the cupboard section has a waterproof fabric coating around it and door, to protect all your items and food from bugs and adverse weather conditions.

Given that it’s a little lower in price than the above, we are impressed with just how sturdy this appears to be. The fact that it comes with a mesh rubber bag and storage bag to keep it in when you’re not using it, makes this an even more appealing investment.

3. Kampa Rally Awning Organiser

Kampa Rally Awning Organiser

Another great storage option from Kampa for your organiser, that’s specifically designed to fit the Kampa lightweight awnings, including those that are part of the Air, Ace and Pro ranges, featuring the new AcessoryTrack. However, it has a universal design that could be incorporated to just about any other awning. It adds a nicely slimline storage solution to your awning with 12 handy pockets to keep small items neat, tidy and well organised.

It attaches easily to the bracket clamp railing on the awning and does not take a lot of effort or time to have it erected and ready to use. Given its relatively low price and the fact it’s been designed and manufactured by such an esteemed company as Kampa, we think this is a nice addition to any caravan outfit.

4. Royal Easy Up Storage Unit

Royal Easy Up Storage Unit

Royal are another great manufacturer of camping and caravanning accessories who have this easy-up storage unit. A versatile storage solution, it is quick and easy to assemble and have 3 shelves finished with aluminium divided into 2 compartments. It can hold a total of 30kg, and addition has practical storage pockets at either side.

So, there is a lot of space and thanks to the zipper closure on the flaps that act as doors for the unit, you can keep everything you store safe from the weather and things like bugs, flies and critters.  It’s a bit more expensive than the other models we’ve featured so far, but we think it’s worth it if you can afford it in your budget. For extra convenience it comes with its own carry bag.

5. Kampa Pro Organiser (Fits Kampa Accessory Track)

Kampa Pro Organiser (Fits Kampa Accessory Track)


Another great product from Kampa that’s been designed to fit the AccessoryTrack awnings is this Pro Organiser. This is also quite expensive but manufactured to such a high standard that we think the investment is more than worth it. You get 8 mesh pockets to keep items in a neat and orderly fashion. There are two especially big polyester pockets that are particularly heavy duty.

As well as being great for small items, those hard to find ones, this is a great choice if you need an awning shoe storage solution because the 8 pockets are ideally sized for shoes. All in all, another fine example of Kampa’s dedication to creating products that their customers really need and want.

6. Campart Travel KI-0734 Camping Kitchen Madrid

Campart Travel KI-0734 Camping Kitchen Madrid

Look at this beauty. From Campart, comes the Camping Kitchen named Madrid which is perfect for those of you reading this who like to cook and dine alfresco. As well as a tough worktop to serve and even prepare food if you have a portable gas stove or another cooking appliance, there’s also six generously sized compartment to keep things nice and tidy inside your awning. Made with aluminium, the sturdy and durable frame has been covered in 600D polyester to extend its lifespan.

The polyester is also used on the door/flaps that roll out and are secured shut when you want to put things away and protect them from pesky insects and flying bugs.

7. Kampa Caravan Awning Organiser Draught Skirt

Kampa Caravan Awning Organiser Draught Skirt

A slightly different type of awning storage from the last product in this guide by Kampa is this organiser draft skirt. Where is the storage? You may rightly wonder. There are multiple pockets and bins incorporated into the draught skirt.

So, as well as keeping draughts out of your awning and helping you stay warm, even during summertime when the temperature drops, it can also play a part in keeping your awning well-organised and tidy.

8. The Caravan Supermarket Awning Shoe Storage Organiser

The Caravan Supermarket Awning Shoe Storage Organiser

The last clever product we want to highlight in our guide is this great awning shoe organiser from The Caravan Supermarket. Designed for use inside or outside, it is made from a durable polyester resin and features a UV-resistant coating.

What does it offer in the way of storage? Well, there are a total of 10 storage pockets, ideally sized for shoes of all…well sizes. When it’s not in use it can fold down flat so that it does not take up too much space when put away.

As this is from The Caravan Supermarket, a company who have more than 35 years of experience in the camping and caravan industry, you have the confidence that this is going to last a very long time.

As your awning is a key part of your caravan outfit, it makes sense to fully equip it with handy and effective storage solutions. If you are in the market for one, hopefully the selection of products we’ve highlighted help you to choose the best one for you.

We’re confident if you invest in one or more of these great products you will have all the storage space you need for a more comfortable caravanning experience.

For some ideas on campervan storage check out this article or check out caravan fly screens which will stop flies going between your awning and the inside of your caravan.


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