Awning Pole Tensioner

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You want to get your caravan awning fabric taut, so no pools form in the roof and the roof fabric does not flap. What you do not want to do is ruin your muscles. That is where an awning pole tensioner comes in handy. Awning pole tensioners tighten up your awning roof, make sure that wind noise does not bother you and ensure that your awning is stable. As well as this, when you tense up your awning you ensure that your awning can last as long as it possibly can. Below is a video talking about the Isabella Hercules, a popular item in this article.

A good awning pole tensioner is robust, lightweight and has ease of use. All options in this list contain these qualities, and they have been carefully selected by Caravan Helper to represent the best awning pole tensioners we could find on the Internet. Each product has been looked at to help you find the right caravan awning pole tensioner that will best suit you. We hope that this article does just what it was written for, so you can get to know each of these products and make an informed choice as to which option you will buy.

Awning Pole Tensioners (Some Choices)

If you want a robustly designed device that can tension up your caravan awning without you having to straining yourself, the Frame Mate is a product that is perfect for you. Place the stop back against the shoulder of the clamp, and then you just pull the trigger. Although strong and sturdy, the frame mate is lightweight and easy to hold, so no pain is involved in using the device.

It might, however, take some time to get used to using this product, but it works amazingly once you get the hang of it. For making your awning fabric nice and tight, preventing rain from pooling on your awning and stopping wear in the fabric, you can’t go wrong with the Streetwize Frame Mate.

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Amazon has made this option their choice for awning pole tensioners, and it is not hard to see why. All poles between 19 and 26 millimetres can be used along with the Hercules Twin. Just connect the top of the tensioner to the end of the pole and attach the smaller component to the main part of the pole. The instructions are on the front of the package with a visual display so you can easily assemble and use the awning pole tensioner.

Take away all the strain of tensioning up your awning and make sure it is extra secure with the Hercules Twin, an excellent product with excellent value that is quick and easy to use, making your life as a caravan owner easier.

Leisurewize has produced a quality pole tensioner that works exceptionally well and is incredibly easy to use. With the fantastic design, you can be confident in its robustness and its lightweight nature. It attaches in mere seconds. Make sure the top block is at the back of the shoulder clamp, then you pull the trigger and you can easily make your awning fabric taut.

As well as that, you can prevent the fabric from flapping and pools forming in the roof of your awning when it rains. If your awning pole is between 22mm and 25mm, then the Leisurewize Awning Pole Tensioner is guaranteed to keep your awning fabric nice and tight in a simple and easy manner. Please note that when using an awning pole tensioner, you must make sure to never over tension your awning fabric.

Our final option is a unique product that will successfully do just what you want it to do. Clamping jaws on the tensioner mean that you will get a stronger hold on the rod. Simply twist the Isabella and then the tensioner will be adjusted to your choice of pole thicknesses between 22 and 32 mm, making this a versatile product. Integrated to the pole tensioner is a clamping system that makes sure that the tool catches the rod immediately.

Overall, with this rod tensioner, you can easily tighten your tent or awning to prevent rain bags, improve stability and make sure that the awning lasts for a long time.

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