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Updated: February 4th 2020

Using a wifi network when on a campsite has now become a normal thing but the free wifi connections on many campsites can be very slow as there can be a lot of people sharing the connection. This can be particularly bad at peak times.

Your connection will also depend on where you are located. If you are at the far end of the site and have a lot of trees around then this could also affect your connection.

We are now going to talk about 3 possible options to help you get a better wifi signal and improve your caravan internet connection.

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Caravan WiFi Boosters

These are five of the best wifi booster kits for caravan sites, which may provide a good alternative for those times when you struggle to get a decent connection from your campsites internet alone.

Top of the price range, Kuma offers an extensive WIFIKIT which they call the Internet Hotspot Package.

With the idea of boosting and sharing the connection with all your devices at your caravan site, this is the perfect companion for caravan intended connections to help you get a good signal.

Claiming to be compatible with every device which is wifi enabled, the Kuma WIFIKIT allows you to connect items such as laptops, tablets and smartphones and all at the same time as one another.

This all-inclusive kit comes complete with:

  • 3Gg WiFi USB Router
  • Mains Plug
  • 12v Cigarette Lighter Plug
  • High-Power Long-Range USB Antenna
  • 5m Weatherproof USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Set up is considered straightforward and just requires you to place the antenna outside your caravan, aiming it at the campsite’s wifi signal. Then, just connect the repeater to the antenna using the USB cable, and you can have all your devices instantly connected to the site’s wireless internet connection.

Customers purchasing the Kuma WIFIKIT claim it’s a great kit and well worth the additional cost to get a high-quality signal, even in those most remote of places.

Priced similarly to the Kuma is the Motorhome WiFi’s and Caravan Booster, which they call an iboost Directional System.

This extensive and complete all in one package is an external active wifi antenna which is suction mounted for practicality.

With its internal router powered by a 12v cigarette socket, this product allows you to connect to all remote hotspots, such as the campsite and BT Fon for example.

Simplistic to use, you don’t have to download or install anything to get started, and the package works with all tablets, laptops, iPads, and iPhones. You can, therefore, share just the one connection between all your devices.

The router included here also allows you to connect up to two wired devices as well, using the two network connections available on the back of it.

Customers find the Motorhome WiFi product the most simplistic of items to install in the caravan alongside the best at getting almost perfect signal results each time. Though high in cost, it’s claimed the results more than make up for this.

A kit that is intended to provide all caravanners the ability to get a much-deserved signal when travelling away from home.

Designed predominantly with iPads, tablets, kindle and smartphones at the fore, Solwise understands that more and more of us travel with these items than we do with laptops. Therefore, such smart devices like this don’t always have a USB port, and this is what their product aims to resolve by recreating a mini-spot in your van.

Everything you need to get you started is included in this kit:

  • A WL-PATRIOT-USB, which includes a 5dB antenna
  • Two Cable Ties
  • A 5m USB Lead
  • Some Waterproof tape
  • A WL-USBWIFIRPT with a 5dB antenna,
  • A Power supply with both UK and EU adapters,
  • A 50cm Flat Ethernet Cable
  • A Car Lighter Adapter

Customers claim the Solwise Router Kit really does work well when used in the caravan and can accommodate a selection of devices at the one time, often meaning there’s no need to pay double in campsite charges if there’s more than one of you using a device.

Reduced price, their Outdoor USB with Antenna is a simplistic solution when pulling up to a site and attaching your wifi connection with ease to the top or side of your van.

The idea of this model is to provide a convenient scan facility which searches through all the available networks for you to get the best connection, saving those preferred ones in the process.

This high-powered antenna has a 5m USB connection cable and supports WPS using software and auto-installation, and is complete with diagnostic utilities.

Customers purchasing this basic of antennas find that it does the job of picking up a good enough signal from the nearby wireless sources and is perhaps one of the easier of all products to get up and running, working straight out of the box.

If the Kuma WIFIKIT is slightly out of your intended price range, or you just don’t want to spend more than thirty pounds on such a product, Kuma offers a much cheaper antenna and booster which is aimed at improving the wifi connection on your laptop and PC.

Working at allowing you wi-fi connection up to 1.5km away, this simple USB wi-fi antenna and booster is a powerful addition to your travels.

Compatible with Windows versions 7, 8 and 10, it comes complete with a 5m USB cable, a Jubilee clip and quick and easy instructions.

The easy setup guide offers a fast seven-step process to getting you up and running in next to no time.

Customers who purchase this model report an increased signal strength which in some cases has taken customers from no signal at all to full signal, as soon as it’s installed. Installation is also considered easy and perfect for a less hassle set-up in a caravan.


Mi-Fi Internet

This is a cross between proper internet and a phone connection.

These allow you to use your own little wifi hotspot that no one else on the site can share with you.

You can then connect your mobile phone, ipads and other devices into this connection. Pretty cool, right?

Mifi internet does need you to put a Simcard into the device so you might want to do some research and find out which network has the best coverage on your caravan site.


Smart Phone Wifi

We like to think of this as a good back up option. It is good for checking Twitter, Facebook etc but we would not recommend streaming a lot of videos on this as it could lag and you could end up with big bills if you have not set a spending cap on your account.



What do you think is the best caravan wifi booster?

If we had to pick just one, it would be the Kuma Wifi kit. When doing our research we found a lot of people praising it.

What about internet access in Europe?

For now, you will be able to use your normal data plan on your phone to access the internet. This will be changing when we officially leave the EU but you should be fine for most of 2020.

You could always look at purchasing a local sim card for that country on a pay as you go deal. You are probably looking at about £30 a month for a 50gb plan in a lot of EU countries.

How many devices can I connect to a MiFi device?

Most will allow you to connect up to 10 devices to your wifi hotspot which should be enough for everyone.

Even with the booster, my caravan internet connection is still really slow, what can I do?

The speed might just be limited to whatever speed the campsite gets. If their speed is slow in general then even using a booster will not make it much faster.


Final Thoughts on WiFi Connections

With so many more caravanners looking for the addition of wi-fi at each site they travel to, hopefully, in the years to come, more and more camping sites will begin to see the value of providing adequate provisions regarding wi-fi connections.

Until then, a wi-fi booster for the caravan is an excellent item to take with you on your travels and therefore worth that additional expense, ensuring that your connection isn’t continuously interrupted just because the site’s signal is not at its best.

Furthermore, with the ability to use these discussed models above at every site you stop at, they really are an accessory worth investing in for further peace of mind.

We hope we have helped you pick the best wifi booster for your caravan so that you can get the internet for your caravan where ever you are.

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