Caravan Satellite Dish

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If you have recently invested in a caravan, you will be undoubtedly trying to kit out your new accommodation on wheels with as many creature comforts as back home. Along with a washing machine, microwave, nice bedding, and many other key things, television ranks quite highly on the list of what most people want while they are caravanning. Though you may have some kind of dream-like vision of spending a lot of time roaming outside and participating in sightseeing and various outdoor activities, what are you going to do when that good old reliable Great British weather rears its dreary head?

A day at the local park or beach will be less appealing if there’s a wind a ‘blowing or torrential raining pouring down. That’s why, in addition to computers, smartphones, tablets and things like jigsaw puzzles and board games, you should always have a television in your caravan.

If you’ve already got a television in your caravan, you may wonder why you should bother investing in a portable satellite dish kit for caravan and camping. Surely an aerial is enough? Well, anyone that has experienced touring with just an aerial for the television will be able to tell you that it is not always the most reliable way to get a strong signal and therefore the best quality viewing experience for your television.

With a mobile satellite dish for your caravan, you have the chance to pick up a high-quality signal, in theory, wherever you are. What’s more, you will even be able to pick up the regional BBC channels for your area. If you have plans to travel to Europe, with a can even receive many British TV and radio stations while you are abroad in Europe.

Even when you are travelling around the UK, the choice of television and radio stations available to you with a satellite is huge compared to what you can get from a conventional television aerial. You even have the option to take your Sky receiver, if you are already a customer with the company, to watch all those channels and shows you’ve subscribed to at home.

So, now that we’ve highlighted why you might want to invest in a satellite dish for your caravan, you’ll likely be interested in finding out what some of the best options are out there for you. To save you the trouble of having to sift through numerous listings to find a good quality dish, we’ve put together some best caravan satellite dishes we feel are the best.

Satellite Dish For Caravans (Our Top Picks)

The first product on our list is this great kit from Digitalis Direct. For just over fifty quid, you get everything you need to install either regular Sky, Sky HD, Sky Plus or even any Freesat Receiver. So, what is actually included? You get a Top-notch Raven Mk4 4cm Sky satellite dish that is used with all standard installations of Sky television and there is also a Quad LNB Universal Pole bracket, as well as the stable and lightweight tripod.

Another great option for caravan satellite is this satellite dish kit that includes just about all you need for Sky, Hotbird, Polesat Freesat, though it is not compatible with Sky Q. The Zone 2 dish is bigger than Zone 1 dishes you can get and commands a much better signal. It also features a sturdy aluminum tripod that can fit dishes of up to 100cm in diameter and a signal finder with a sound indicator and pointer display. The only thing you really need to do is set everything up and make sure that the dish and the tripod are set up correctly and then connect up your preferred receiver and you are good to go.

Next on our list is this cool satellite dish that is perfect for your caravan. It does not take up too much space and can still enable you to receive more the 20 different television channels and more 100 radio stations. Obviously, that depends where you are, but when you are travelling abroad throughout Europe, you are able to receive many hundreds more and with space to store a maximum of 2,000, you have all the entertainment you could ever need and want while on the road.

The last item we want to discuss is not a satellite dish, but it could come in handy when you are trying to get the best signal and reception possible for your caravan. This one comes with a big sucker on the bottom meaning its a perfect satellite dish for the caravan roof.

Although you do get mounting brackets and tripods with most satellite dishes for caravan kits, including the three we’ve spoken about, it may be a great solution to invest in this mounting mast pole. It comes with a jockey wheel bracket and can be used for small satellite dishes and multi-directional TV aerial. You may want to invest in it if you are having difficulty getting the quality you want from your satellite signal. Very easy to use, it includes everything you need to get it setup.

There may not be many options out there in the way of satellite dishes that are suitable for caravans, but we feel we have chosen the best of the bunch. Rather than trying to wrestle with a TV aerial for the best part of a day, you could be sat there in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the big match or your favourite boxsets in no time really at all.

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to entertain you, your family and anyone else that’s come along from the ride when you are touring, particularly on those wet and dreary days when the last thing you want to do is visit that nature reserve or head out on a 5-mile trek over steep hills or row a boat gently down the stream.

With an automatic caravan satellite dish, you are one step closer to making your caravan truly a home away from home.

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