How to Insulate a Caravan for Winter

Many people are happy to camp out all through the year and caravan sites all over the country are staying open for longer. However, if you want to stay in your caravan over the winter months you’ll need to ensure it’s properly insulated.

A caravan that isn’t properly insulated is prone to cracked taps and pipes along with water damage. The best way for you to prevent these things from happening is to ensure your caravan is completely insulated and warm.

How to Insulate a Caravan for Winter

Tips that will help you keep your caravan insulated during the colder months

Using the ‘Right’ Gas

Gas such as butane can be ineffective in the colder months. This is why you should consider switching to propane. Many modern appliances happily take butane or propane, all you need to do is change the regulator. Propane can also be used all through the year which means you shouldn’t need to switch back to butane unless you really want to.

Preventing the Waste Water From Freezing

You can prevent the waste water from freezing by using insulation or adding salt to your container. You may also want to consider using a glycol-free caravan anti-freeze. This should help to prevent your toilet from freezing.

Please note, you should not use anti-freeze that contains glycol as you cannot dispose of it into the drains.

Heating your Caravan

It is rare that you will need to heat your caravan even on the coldest of nights. This is because a well-insulated caravan and a thick duvet or sleeping bag should do the job. If you do need extra heat you may want to consider using a 1 kW fan heater that’s thermostatically-controlled. Make sure that the fan heater is on a mains hook-up.

If you want to use an oil-filled radiator they can be good at providing a bit of background heat. However, they can use up a lot of energy so you may want to look for a cheaper alternative.

When it comes to your gas appliances you will need to make sure that they are not likely to become blocked by snow or any debris that has been blown about by the wind.

Leave the Heating on Low

If you plan to stay outdoors for most of the day consider leaving your heating on low. This will help to ensure the caravan’s interior is above freezing.

Protect your External Water Carriers

Every external water carrier out there is prone to becoming frozen in the winter months. The good news is an insulation bag can make a world of difference. If you do not have or don’t want to purchase an insulation bag simply wrap it in old coats or duvets or even bubble wrap.

As you can see, there are some relatively easy ways for you to insulate your caravan for the winter. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your caravan will get through those long cold months unscathed. Do what you can to protect it so you can keep spending those cold winter months somewhere special.

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