Caravan Fridge Vents

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If you have a fridge in your caravan – and most of us do – then you will know that there are two fridge vents to keep the back of the fridge cool. The theory is that cool air is sucked in the bottom vent and hot air goes out of the top vent. These vents can get old and tired looking, they can get hit with tree branches as you go past, there are lots of different reasons you might want to put new fridge vents on your caravan.

Caravan Fridge Vents With Fan

Some people like a fridge vent with a fan, to assist the air flow, which is a good idea. If you find yourself in very hot weather (lucky you!) then you might need to give your fridge a helping hand to keep things cool. Obviously the hotter the weather, the harder your fridge has to work. So, if you are going abroad with your caravan then it might be an idea to check the vents and install a vent with a fan.

These are very effective and keep caravan fridges at the correct temperature even in very hot weather. Now we are getting the extremes of temperature in the UK it is a good idea to help your refrigerator along. It’s cheaper than having to buy a new refrigerator, which is especially annoying when it breaks down in hot weather, then you don’t even have time to find the best value refrigerator!

Caravan Fridge Vents with a Flue

Some caravanners prefer to have a flue to redirect the hot air, and these are available too. These are suitable for gas refrigerators.

This is a plain fridge vent. Since they often get dirty and bashed about by low hanging branches, you might want to replace them from time to time. Customers seem to be happy with this one, it is easy to fit, and does the job. It’s a way to keep the outside of your caravan looking smart.


This is a fridge vent for the Thetford fridges. It’s pretty expensive but if you have to have one, then this is the one. People found it easy to replace – it’s just a matter of unscrewing the old one and putting in the new one, it isn’t difficult. One customer found theirs cracked easily but most people had positive experiences with this product.


This side air ventilation fridge vent works with a 12v power source. It extracts air fabulously as it has a 3000 rev per minute output. It is made from eco-friendly material, it’s non-toxic, odour-free and robust.

It comes with a high efficiency motor and it’s a practical side air vent. You can use it where your fridge vents are to help your fridge to extract the air and keep things cool. The size of this one is 205mm x 185mm x 70mm.


This is a vent with a fan for side air ventilation ideal for fridges. The fan uses a 12v power source. It’s white and plastic. It is said to be weatherproof, but it doesn’t have an IP number. IP numbers detail how weatherproof things actually are, it might be concerning that it doesn’t actually have one.  But the manufacturer states it is suitable for RV’s, Caravans and Motorhomes.

These fans are easy to fit with the positive and negative wires matching up correctly, that is the extent of the wiring.


This gizmo will definitely keep your fridge cool – we can’t imagine how hot it would have to be to make this thing blow out!

It is a double fan mounted on a rack that you can put between your fridge and the vent. Please note the vent isn’t included in this pack, this is just the fan unit.

You can turn the cooling controller whichever way you prefer, one-way sucks the air out of the caravan and one way drags cool air back towards the fridge.

It has speed control and temperature control with six levels, so you can adjust to your particular needs depending on your preference or the weather. It is all-weather acceptable and it has the IP55 grade. The fans have nine blades and manufacturers claim it is silent. It is easy to install, and it comes with brackets and screws so you can fit it in the gap between the vent cover and the fridge.


Some people prefer a gas fridge, and they are known to be hard-wearing and robust. If you need to direct air away from a gas refrigerator you can do it with a flue vent.

The vent size for this particular model is 120mm x 90mm. The flue is 30mm diameter. You can use the parts to replace any that are not working, or if you are fitting the fridge for the first time, this is the set to use. It fits on top of the fridge flue and then the heat is directed to the side of the caravan or motorhome.

Customers are happy with this kit and found it easy to set up.


This iceQ flue vent kit fits Dometic/Electrolux leisure fridges. It is made to the same specification as 2935551008 which is a Dometic part. It also fits iceQcf40 three-way camping fridge. It includes the four screws needed and it is easy to install.

As you can see there are a variety of vents for different fridges, as well as your personal preferences. Vents with fans will definitely help the longevity of your fridge in hot weather. The fans can easily be turned off in the winter months and the vent can be covered too.

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