Dometic Caravan Fridge Not Working on 240v

Many people have had a problem with their Dometic caravan fridge. It doesn’t seem to want to work on 240v so what could be the issue? This article aims to help you solve the problem or at least help you understand what might be causing it:

Dometic Caravan Fridge

Here is a list of things to check

Check that the fridge is turned on

This may seem like a simple thing but the switch can be caught by something and thereby be turned off. If this is the cause of the problem make sure you move whatever has nudged the switch. If you don’t move it, chances are your fridge will turn off again.

You may also want to make sure that the switch works properly and it hasn’t come loose.

Make sure that fridge works ok on just 12v’s when it’s being towed

In some cases, it may only work on 12v’s when it’s coupled to a car using a grey plug. You will also need to make sure that the car’s engine is running.

Check the pipework behind the fridge.

Are the pipes hot? If they aren’t you should check that there’s power to the fridge. Is it set to the mains? Are the fuses ok? If all seems ok you might wish to check to see if the element has burned out.

Please note, some fridges are screwed into a panel at the back. You will need to undo the screws before you can lift the fridge out.

Ensure that other 240v items in your caravan are also working

This can help you to understand whether there is an issue with the breakers. If there is an issue you will need to hire someone to work on it for you.

Ensure the fridge has enough coolant gas

Your fridge needs enough coolant so it can operate properly. If it is low on coolant or you cannot see any you will need to get it replaced.

Check it if the Fridge is Plugged into a 13A socket

If it is, you should check the fuse to make sure all is ok there. If the fuse has blown your fridge may start working again once it’s been replaced.

Check the fridge’s input

If the input to the fridge is directly connected restore the power and check the fridge’s input terminals. If all is well here then the issue may lie with the fridge’s internal wiring or the thermostat. These will need checking, but please make sure you hire someone experienced to check these for you.

Check the element

If the element has failed, and the elements in these fridges are well-known for failing, you can always pick one up in an accessory shop.

All of the above suggestions can help you to work out why your Dometic fridge is not working. Go through each of the above suggestions and try to solve the issue. If you are not sure how to check circuit breakers, or if there’s enough coolant please speak to someone who does.

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