Pop Top Caravan – Read All About Them Here

For a lot of people who love camping, the notion of owning a caravan one day may always be at the back of their mind. However, for some, the step up from camping in a tent to taking ownership of a caravan can initially seem very daunting indeed! However, if you’re considering purchasing a caravan, … Read more

Awning Rail Lubricant

As you know, awnings are a vital part of any good caravan setup. They help to provide extra covered and usable floor space so that even the smallest caravan can still feel comfortable and spacious. One of the biggest problems with awnings, particularly with the larger models, is sliding it on and off the railing. … Read more

Awning Pole Tensioner

You want to get your caravan awning fabric taut, so no pools form in the roof and the roof fabric does not flap. What you do not want to do is ruin your muscles. That is where an awning pole tensioner comes in handy. Awning pole tensioners tighten up your awning roof, make sure that … Read more

Caravan Storage in France

Caravan storage is something all caravanners need to consider. A touring caravan is a huge investment after all, so it makes sense to protect that investment. We’ve discussed the subject of caravan storage on Caravan Helper before, covering areas such caravan storage costs and caravan storage in both Essex and Kent. While domestic caravan storage … Read more

Caravan Storage in Spain

At Caravan Helper, most of our posts, since the site was established, have revolved around caravanning in and around the UK. However, we recently published a post about caravan sites in Spain open all year and that pushed us to start not only focus on domestic caravan holidays and related subjects. As well as general … Read more

Caravan Stickers

If you’ve ever been to a touring caravan park or just drove behind or beside one on the road, even if you’re completely new to caravanning, you will have noticed that many are adorned in a variety of different stickers. Caravan stickers, like the caravans and their owners themselves, come in all shapes and sizes. … Read more

Caravan Door Retainers

When you are relaxing in your caravan with the warm weather and the cool breeze blowing in, the last thing you need is the door to keep closing and stopping the wind getting through, leaving you to boil. To avoid this frustration, a caravan door retainer is what you need if you want to enjoy … Read more

Caravan Grab Handles

A dual use product, many caravan grab handles placed in your caravan will ensure that you can not only exit and enter the caravan safely and with ease, but also add some additional security measures to your van in the process. Readily available and with most equipped to install immediately upon purchase, they can be … Read more

Caravan Shower Tray Mat

If you want to avoid slipping and leaving water anywhere while you are on your holiday, a caravan shower mat is perfect for you. As with a lot of caravan household items, you get a good variety in the selection of caravan shower tray mats available. Duckboard mats are popular due to their sturdiness and … Read more

Adults Only Caravan Sites in Norfolk

For many of us caravanners, the idea of getting away from it all is what we first got into caravanning for! This means being able to pitch up to those sites that can offer the ultimate in peace and relaxation. A break from the toil and grind of everyday living, the concept of an adults … Read more