Caravan Compartment Locks

A caravan requires careful attention where security is concerned, and this applies when it is in use, and when it is standing at home or where you keep yours. Many caravans utilise their space in clever ways, including the provision of a front locker. The lock on this may be rudimentary, so it is essential … Read more

Electric Hook-Up Two-way Splitter

electric hook up 2 way splitter

One of the benefits of modern caravans and camp sites is the availability of electric power. Most well-equipped caravan sites will have electric hook-up available, and all caravans these days – as well as motorhomes – have powered items that need an electrical supply. So, if you want to cook, have heat and light – … Read more

Caravan Toilet Fluid

Now that we’ve discussed the main types of toilets found in caravans, we are going to discuss the chemicals that are used to keep them clean. There are two main kinds of chemicals, blue/green and pink. Blue/green chemicals are used for breaking down waste matter in the bowl and keeping the waste tank clean. Pink … Read more

Motorhome Seat Covers

If you have a motorhome then you know it’s as well to have seat covers. You might drive for hours and stop for food – crumbs everywhere. If you tip your drink then your seats will get stained, fast. That yucky sticky mess that happens when coke spills. Horrible.  If you have seat covers you … Read more

Caravan Toilet Spares

caravan toilet spares

No-one talks about going to the toilet and yet we all have to do it multiple times a day. Well, actually, people always ask about the toilet if you go camping or if you car camp. In most motorhomes and caravans there is always a toilet, be it a flushable one or a composting toilet … Read more

Caravan Extractor Fan

The caravan extractor fan in the bathroom is useful to both extract nasty smells and to get rid of the steam from hot showers. Steam is bad for caravans because it causes condensation, which puts damp on the walls. The walls have wooden battens behind them and if they get damp they rot. 12V extractor … Read more

Caravan Fridge Vents

caravan fridge vents

If you have a fridge in your caravan – and most of us do – then you will know that there are two fridge vents to keep the back of the fridge cool. The theory is that cool air is sucked in the bottom vent and hot air goes out of the top vent. These … Read more

Motorhome Covers

Why would your motorhome need a cover? Well if you don’t use it for part of the year, then it’s a good idea to keep the elements off your motorhome. You want your motorhome to look good and be secure for as long as possible and having a cover will help with both. A cover … Read more

Mazda Bongo Pros and Cons

  What is a Mazda Bongo? Are they popular in the UK? Should I hire one first? A Mazda Bongo Friendee is (apart from the badge) the same as a Ford Freda. In the rest of this article, for convenience, we will just call them Bongos. Bongos were made for the Japanese domestic market between … Read more

Campervan Pitch Marker

Have you ever parked up your motorhome and slept the night at a campsite, then decided to go out for the day? When you return, tired and hungry, you find that someone else has taken the pitch you were on? Even if you can find somewhere else to park it’s still annoying. And if you … Read more