12v Coffee Maker

12v coffee maker

What better way to unwind at the end of a day or set yourself up for the day ahead than a fantastically brewed decent cup of coffee in the caravan, camper or motorhome? Better still, a cup to accompany you as you sit outside and bask in the glorious sunshine? Not even one of us … Read more

Caravan Damp Meter

caravan damp meter

When there’s too much moisture building up in your caravan this can lead to damp and even more problems further down the line. In fact, it’s safe to say that damp ranks highly as a caravanners worst nightmare. If it’s not the worst, it’s certainly in the running to be the worst. However, if you … Read more

Best Caravan Gadgets 2020

caravan gadgets

Whether you’re travelling with the caravan or pitching it up for a holiday, there’s no denying that having a handy caravan gadget makes caravanning life that little bit easier. Equally, these are the ones that you thought you were perfectly fine without –until you finally purchase them; then wonder how you managed to make do … Read more

Caravan Jockey Wheel Replacement

caravan wheel jockey replacement

There’s a lot of things to learn about if you are completely new to caravanning, and we hope we have covered a lot of the most essential things here at Caravan Helper. However, one thing we haven’t covered yet that we think is right up there with the most important things related to caravanning and … Read more

Micro Camper Vans

As well as standard caravans, many people also like to try alternative methods of homes on the road. Therefore, in recent years, the micro camper van has become a subject of much discussion in the caravanning community. Known as the van which you can practically take anywhere, the best micro camper combines the most significant … Read more

Breathable Groundsheets

breathable groundsheet

Whether you are new to caravanning or recently bought a motorhome or campervan, one of the keys to getting the most out of the experience is investing in the right accessories. You obviously need to make some compromises in terms of comfort when you are on the road. However, that doesn’t mean you have to … Read more

12v Hair Dryer

12v Hair Dryer

There are so many things you can quickly take for granted when you are not on the road and within the comfortable setting of your own home. For example, the handiness of having a kettle, oven, shower and washing machine that you can use with no hassle or worries about the effect it’ll have on … Read more

Caravan Alarms

caravan alarms

Installing a wireless alarm on your touring caravan is an easy way to improve your caravan security. In fact, it might even be a requirement for your insurance policy or at the very least get you some kind of discount. This will not only protect the caravan or motorhome itself but also deter thieves from … Read more

Caravan Jack Pads

caravan jack pads

In a perfect world, all campsites and caravan parks with pitches for you to stay at would be level or at least flat. However, as we all know, it is far from a perfect world and there are many parks that are uneven or where there is soft ground. Having a level pitch is important … Read more

Best Melamine Dinner Sets for Caravans

best melamine dinner sets for caravan

When getting ready to set off in the caravan or motorhome, some people don’t give their dinner sets a second thought. However, with three main meals of the day to plan, it’s likely that at least one of these will be prepared and eaten in your van throughout your travels. Years ago, it seemed there … Read more