Gas Bottle Level Indicator

If you’ve owned a caravan for some time now and been on numerous adventures, you’ve probably experienced the nightmare scenario of running out of gas. It always seems to be right at the very moment you really need gas for a nice hot shower or something as equally pertinent. Although most people will agree that … Read more

Caravan Breakaway Cable

It’s fair to say that the caravan breakaway cable is not the biggest item found on your tourer, but it plays an important role. Especially as there is a serious number of instances where caravans have become unattached from the vehicles towing them. Detachment is a serious problem that goes hand in hand with bad … Read more

Caravan Servicing

Welcome to Caravan Helper’s guide to specialist caravan servicing workshops that can be found up and down the country. Although you may want to try your hand at some DIY repairing of various issues you come across with owning a tourer, there are some that are better left to the professionals. That’s when you turn … Read more

Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Caravans

If you are having difficulty sleeping in your caravan, it can severely reduce the enjoyment of your holiday. You might have to deal with pain the next day, or tiredness and fatigue. Fortunately, we do have a solution to this problem. This solution is memory foam toppers. Mattress toppers that are made of memory foam … Read more

Small Caravans with Shower and Toilet UK

Most caravanners view the act of caravanning as a break from the norm and a chance to try new things. But, when it comes to doing so without a shower and toilet – more of us prefer our home comforts here! Though this is one area of caravanning whereby some believe that pitching up and … Read more

Are Lunar Caravans Any Good?

If you’ve been looking for a caravan, whether it’s your first or a replacement for an existing one, and are considering one of Lunar Caravans tourers, we’re not surprised. Lunar Caravan shave been in the business since their inception back in 1969. That’s right, the same year the first ever manned moon landing. However, as … Read more

Esterel Folding Caravan Models

If you’re a fan of retro folding caravans you’ll probably already know about the famed French manufacturer of one of the first of these practical and storage space-saving creations. Although they’ve been since bought up and their folding caravan legacy has been continued to a lesser degree by the other French company Rapido, Esterel Caravans … Read more

The Freedom Caravan Club

The Freedom Caravan Club has recently caught our attention. Here at Caravan Helper, we regularly search the caravanning word both online and off to bring you relevant news, reviews, and information. With a mission to make caravanning accessible and fun for everyone, the Freedom Caravan Club may be of interest to those caravanners looking to … Read more

Inflatable Caravan Leveller

Caravans are not always the easiest thing to make level. However, over time people have come up with their own solutions. For example, using a concrete paving slab or precariously lodged pieces of wood have also acted as a solution. You can purchase ramps for your caravan but they tend to be expensive and they’re … Read more

 Dometic Caravan Fridge Not Working on 240v

Many people have had a problem with their Dometic caravan fridge. It doesn’t seem to want to work on 240v so what could be the issue? This article aims to help you solve the problem or at least help you understand what might be causing it: Check that the fridge is turned on This may … Read more