Caravan Sites in Spain Open All Year

Although there is nothing wrong with travelling to different parts of the UK in your caravan during the warmer and more agreeable times of the year. There is enough coast, beautiful green hills and much to see and do, why would you want to go elsewhere? Well, when the temperature drops and the threat of … Read more

UK Caravan Industry Report 2019

The Introduction Of Caravans To The UK Caravan holidays have been a long-standing tradition throughout the UK since 1880 when Dr William Stables asked Bristol Wagon & Carriage Works to manufacture the world’s first leisure caravan in black and gold, so he could live as what he referred to as a “Gentleman Gypsy”*. The UK … Read more

Caravan Awning Layout Ideas

An awning is one of the most important accessories you need to invest in when you’re buying a caravan. It helps to open your living space up more and can make a caravan feel a whole lot bigger. At Caravan Helper, we’ve look at the various options there are out there for awnings, including the … Read more

Touring Caravan Manufacturers

If you are on the hunt for a caravan, you may be already aware that there is a multitude of touring caravan manufacturers based both here in the UK and throughout the world. Rather than have you go googling, the team here at Caravan Helper wanted to do what we do best and help you. … Read more

2 Burner Gas Hob for Caravan

A key part of caravanning that you need to think about is the preparing and cooking of meals. Unless you have or are intending on buying a well kitted out motorhome with kitchen facilities to rival your own home’s (and some are even better), you are going to have the bare basics. This can be … Read more

Caravan Towing Electrics            

Before you think about towing your caravan, you need to have the right tow bar fitted and therefore the necessary electrics. However, over recent years, this job has no doubt become more problematic due to the complexity of many a vehicle’s electrical system. What was once perhaps considered a straightforward task which anybody with a … Read more

Perfect Couple’s Caravans

One of the best ways to spend time quality time together as a couple, we truly believe, is caravanning. Therefore, if you are currently in the market for that perfect couple’s caravan, we applaud you and the team here at Caravan Helper want to help you out as best we can. It’s a good idea … Read more

How to Get Your Washing Done When in a Caravan

When you take a caravanning holiday, depending on your budget and how kitted out your tourer is, there are obviously a lot of compromises you need to make. For instance, you can’t do laundry, wash and dry clothes with quite the same freedom and frequency you might at home. This is not really a problem … Read more

Caravan Water Heaters

We all want hot water while we are on our caravan trip. We need it for washing and bathing, doing the dishes and a multitude of other things. One way to keep water warm is by using a caravan water heater. Multiple choices are available, including caravan water heaters with gas and caravan water heaters … Read more

Caravan Waste Water Pipe

There is something magical about riding off here, there and just about anywhere, in a caravan. It’s an adventure and can give you a sense of freedom a lot of other holiday and travel options just can’t. There are parts of the adventurous and magical nature of caravanning, you’d probably rather not think about. Things … Read more