Caravan Towing Covers

So, you’ve bought your new caravan or taken your existing model out of storage and have followed our caravan cleaners tips and advice and it’s looking pretty amazing. The last thing you want is to hit the road and get to your destination and pitch up with your motor mover only to discover your sparkly … Read more

Caravan Aerials

caravan aerials

Watching TV in a caravan can be harder than you think. Caravan sites are usually surrounded by trees or might be down in a valley. This makes getting a signal harder than you think. I remember being in a caravan for the champions league final a few years back. The TV kept losing signal and … Read more

Best Caravan WiFi Boosters        

best caravan wifi booster

Updated: February 4th 2020 Using a wifi network when on a campsite has now become a normal thing but the free wifi connections on many campsites can be very slow as there can be a lot of people sharing the connection. This can be particularly bad at peak times. Your connection will also depend on … Read more

Caravan Plate Racks

caravan plate racks

Ok, so it might not be classed as an essential item, let’s face it, a caravan plate rack isn’t up there with awning lights or caravan wheel locks but nobody wants to arrive at their destination with smashed plates. It is still a very useful caravan accessory to have. We like organised, we like the … Read more

Best Caravan Solar Panels              

Solar panels are becoming more popular and they are the perfect option to give you more flexibility when you are caravanning or using your motorhome off-grid. Solar Power is also a great eco-friendly way of powering your electronics. We want to make sure you get the right portable solar panel for your needs and one that … Read more

Best Silent Generator For Caravan

best silent generator for caravan

A portable generator can offer all caravan owners power to those most essential of items when staying somewhere off-grid, or perhaps when at a site which doesn’t provide much in the way of a power supply. However, many people simply like to travel with a generator as their back up option, should they, for example, have … Read more

Caravan Windbreaks

caravan windbreaks

When caravanning, even though it is a very inclusive and sociable passion, there are still times when you want peace and quiet. If you want privacy and protection against the weather but do not want to purchase an awning, a windbreak is a perfect choice to help you relax without anyone or anything bothering you. … Read more

Caravan Sat Navs

caravan sat navs

We all look forward to relaxing on our holidays, but the journey could easily get ugly if you get lost on your way there. Possible stressful obstacles include narrow lanes, town centres full of busy people and low-hanging bridges. To avoid getting lost or encountering these issues, it may be a sensible idea to invest … Read more

Caravan Vs Motorhome: The Ultimate Guide

caravan vs motorhome

Whether you are a free spirit wanting to roam this fair country or you just want reasonably priced holidays for you and the kids, deciding on a caravan vs motorhome is something to really think about. Here we take a look at some of the pros and cons of both and see if we can … Read more

Best Caravan Cleaner

With summer just around the corner, if you haven’t already started using your caravan already and it’s still under a cover, it will definitely be time to get the most out of your tourer as the glorious weather continues to make its presence felt. That means of course if you have left it somewhere, unattended for … Read more