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There’s one piece of equipment that whether you’re new to caravanning or not will come up time and time again when you’re reading various blogs and other posts and that’s the caravan stabiliser. While there are many things that you could get away with not knowing about, understanding and investing in, the caravan stabiliser isn’t one of them.

We think this is one accessory that is extremely important. It helps to stabilise your caravan outfit when there’s problems like gusts of wind causing a dangerous amount of snaking. We’ve discussed it on Caravan Helper already, looking at why looking at why you would fit a caravan towing stabiliser. Rather than re-tread over the same material there, we won’t go into too much more detail about what they are and what they do as you’ll find out all that via that link. For any further information, you can check out this great video that answers the question ‘what is a stabiliser on a caravan?’ 

Instead in the following post we’re going to look at some of the different models of caravan stabiliser bar there are available right now. This will give you a nudge in the right direction towards the best that you should consider when investing in a caravan stabiliser.

Caravan Stabilisers (Our Recommendations)

First up we have this high-quality stabiliser that’s suitable for flange-type tow balls. It’s worth noting that it’s designed and made by Maypole, who is one of the caravanning and camping industry’s leading manufacturers. Maypole have a sterling reputation and are known for the ingenuity and intuitive nature of their products. The Stronghold Stabiliser doesn’t appear to be much different. It provides effective pitch and anti-sway control and will work not just with caravans, but horseboxes and trailers too.

The stabiliser itself comes equipped with an L-bracket that makes it incredibly easy and quick to install. The addition of the quick-release mechanism makes it easy to remove quickly, when necessary.

Another brand that is highly regarded within the caravanning industry and community is Towsure. That’s who’s responsible for the next stabiliser we want to mention – the Snakemaster Quick-Release model. This stabiliser has been made with swan-neck-style tow balls in mind. As the name suggests, it not only helps to reduce any pitching you might experience while towing your tourer, but also any snaking, Dual-friction discs have been utilised to provide exceptionally effective protection against snaking. The leaf spring mechanism can be reversible and adjustable to help deal with pitching.

As a word of warning though, this stabiliser should not be used with any detachable tow ball if the bracket can damage the locking handle.

3. Bulldog Caravan Stabiliser 200Q

Bulldog Caravan Stabiliser 200Q

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Last but certainly not least, we have the Bulldog caravan stabiliser. Considered to be the best-selling caravan stabiliser in the country, the Bulldog 200Q is very easy to install and can help reduce the effects of snaking, driving over uneven surfaces and pot holes as well as pitching and snaking. The pitching is handled with the silicon-chrome leaf spring and offers an effective friction area that’s around 10 times bigger than most stabiliser hitch heads. Designed to fit most popular models and makes of car, with an option for 2-bolt tow bars and swan-neck tow bars, this is worth more than a passing glance at.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, some of the best available. If you’re looking for a stabiliser for caravan, it’s important that you think about your available budget, that should always be in the mix at least. However, even more crucial, given the wide range of different models, sizes and designs, is finding one that is compatible with the tow bar and ball you are using.

Any of the three we highlighted above will certainly perform well for you and are made from high quality materials. The choice really is up to you. If you need help on towing, it could be worth checking out caravan touring lessons.

Another towing essential you need is some towing electrics.

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