Touring Caravan Towing Service

The main reason people get involved in caravanning in the first place is the freedom and flexibility it offers. There is something a little special, magical even about loading up your tourer and heading out on the open road to here, there…anywhere. At Caravan Helper, that’s what drives us in our passion for this lifestyle and holiday choice. That’s why we’ve put this site together in the first place, to help everyone who shares that passion.

Now here At Caravan Helper, we’ve discussed and highlighted the existence of touring caravan lessons to help you if you are a complete newcomer to caravanning or just need to sharpen those caravan towing skills. What if, for whatever reason, you can’t or don’t want to tow a caravan? Can you still enjoy the freedom of a good old-fashioned British summertime caravan holiday?

Well, yes there is, and we don’t even just mean staying at a static caravan site. Although, that is a very viable option.

What we are referring to here is using a caravan towing service.

Whether you are new to the concept of a caravan towing service or not, in the following post we are going to look at everything you need to know about using one.

Caravan Towing Service, What’s That?

It must be said that we didn’t even know this existed until very recently when we were researching the alternatives people had to towing caravans themselves. So, what is it anyway, we’re sure you are wondering?

It is exactly how it sounds – a service where someone will come along and tow a caravan from a to b for you. Whether that’s from your home to a caravan site, back from a caravan site to your home or from one caravan site to another caravan site.

They will take care of everything, well, apart from the loading and unloading (that will almost always be left to you). So, if you have your own caravan and are just not confident enough or are otherwise unable to tow it, they will come along, hitch it up (hitch locks available here) and take it to the destination of your choice.

Who Are Caravan Towing Services Aimed At?

Touring Caravan Towing Service

This kind of service may seem counter-intuitive to the flexibility and freedom offered by traditional caravan holidays when you tow the vehicle yourself. However, there are situations, as we’ve touched on already, that could call for the use of a towing service for caravans.

For instance:

  • If you are unable to tow your own caravan, and do everything that entails, due to illness or injury
  • If you are just not confident about towing your own caravan
  • If you have booked a holiday and have car troubles or just don’t have a car
  • If you have driving licence issues

Caravan Towing Services (Some Companies)
0800 342 3172 Mob: 07969 047083

the first company we want to highlight is the rather aptly named Caravan Towing Service, who has been in the business of towing caravans for more than 25 years now. A family-run business established by Geoff Brayshaw. Why trust him over others? Along with the professional experience, he has also been a keen caravanner since 19 so is personally invested in the caravanning and touring vehicle community.

What do they offer? They will collect and deliver your caravan or another touring vehicle to any address in the UK. Whether you are looking for a site to site, seller to the site, to and from service agent, seller to storage service or something completely different.

You can use a special tracker to keep up to date where your caravan and the delivery driver are at all times.

Get in contact with one of their team today for a completely free and no-obligation quote.

Towing Services
Address: Unit 5, Mill view Barn, Off Grange Road, Netley Abbey, SO31 8GD 
Mob: 07973 445767

Towing Services is another long-established company. They have experience in the caravan towing, servicing and repairing industry that stretches over 30 years. Run by Brian Rowlands, the company offers the bold claim of towing your tourer from anywhere to anywhere. They offer to tow throughout the UK and Europe and can cover site to site, site to home and home to site deliveries.

To find out the cost of what you require, please get in contact with them using the mobile number listed above.

Cotswold Caravans, Caravan & Motorhome Repairs, Caravan Towing Services
Address – Gloucester: Unit 6a Tuffley Park, Lower Tuffley Lane, GL2 5DE 
Address – Wolverhampton: Unit23A, Wolverhampton Airport, Crab Lane, Bobbington, Stourbridge, DY7 5DY 
Tel: 0808 164 0907 (Available 24-hours) 

Cotswold Caravans is a specialist leisure and caravan repair company that has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. In addition to their highly professional and efficient caravan repair services, they also offer towing services too.

You can be guaranteed you will receive a high quality of service and safe caravan towing, as they are fully insured. Their drivers all wear uniforms to give them a nice professional look and they will do their utmost to treat your pride and joy like their own.

As is the case with the other two companies listed in this post, they offer to tow of any road-legal caravans from the UK to mainland Europe and back again.

To find out more about the specific prices of the towing you need to be completed, please get in contact with the company directly on the telephone number highlighted above.

Important Things to Look for When Choosing Caravan Towing Services

Over the last few years, there have been a growing number of companies offering caravan towing services cropping up all over the country. If this is a service you would be interested in availing yourself of, you might find it difficult to choose from such a wide variety of different firms. To help you, we’ve put together a brief guide to the kind of considerations you need to make and things you need to look for when choosing a caravan towing service.


With anything like this kind of service, the first and most important thing you should be interested in is whether they are suitably qualified.

Now, although there is no caravan towing driver’s license or an official caravan towing organisation you can check with, you should obviously make sure the drivers offering the service:

Full Clean Driver’s Licence

You should never use a caravan towing service, unless their drivers have a full, clean driver’s licence. If you have a larger than average caravan, you should also check that the driver’s licence they have covers them for towing larger vehicles.

Experience Towing Caravans

This is a hard thing to qualify, as a lot of it will be based on their word. However, if they have been conducting business for some time, they should have references and testimonials from past customers who can vouch for their service being as good, safe and reputable as it is. You may even be able to ask for contact details for previous customers too.

Public Liability Insurance

So that you know they have the adequate protection in place to cover any damages that occur to your vehicle or injuries to you and your fellow caravanners while using their services.

Business Insurance

This should be self-explanatory really. But they should have insurance to cover their towing vehicle because they are using it as part of a business and that also because the business involves hire and reward.


You want to know that they will be able to tow you to the caravan site when you need to, within the required timeframe. Similarly, you will also want to know that they will be able to collect and bring your caravan back home or to its storage unit, when your holiday has finished.


This is always something worth looking out for. Although you want to use the services of someone friendly and warm, it’s important to know that they will conduct themselves in a professional manner. As caravans constitute an expensive investment, you want to know that they are going to be safe and not do anything to risk your tourer or belongings.


Although we’ve placed price last, it could easily be the most important consideration for a lot of people. Not only should you check their prices against others offering similar services in your area, but also what you get for the price.

Although it is a little on the uncommon side, if it gets even more people involved in caravanning, who are we to judge. We just hope that if you need to use a company offering caravan towing services, that our guide above helps you to find the right company for you.

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