Awning Waterproofing

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The best type of awning should be one that lasts you for a good number of years. But, as with most things over time through prolonged use, they may well start to show signs of wear and tear. This then means visible leaks as your awning loses its waterproofing properties. Unfortunately, this renders them less effective at keeping you and your contents inside them dry.

You may have grown accustomed to your awning and don’t want to start the rigmarole of searching the market for a replacement. Or, you may not want to part with the cash right now and purchase a brand new one, especially if you’ve just paid out for other bits of caravanning kit. Yet, the great news is that with a low-cost reproofing agent, you simply don’t have to.

All you need to do is pitch up your awning and either leave it out in the rain or spray it using a hosepipe. Then you can see where the awning is showing signs of leaking and make these your priority reproofing areas.

Awning Reproofers (Some Choices)

Both an awning and tent reproofer, the Fenwicks awning reproofer is an easy to use product which can be applied to all cotton and synthetic materials

An advanced caravan care product, this is solvent-free and water-based. One of the more effective methods at waterproofing awnings it comes in a practical one-litre trigger spray bottle.

An Amazon Choice product, the company Fenwick has been offering caravanners the more environmentally friendly of cleaning and care products for over two decades now.

Available in a range of sizes from 0.5 litres to as much as 5 litres, the Nikwax tent and gear solarproof is a spray-on waterproofer.

This works to maintain the water repellent element of your awning, strengthening the fabric and protecting against UV degradation as it does so.

A simple one application spray, it is said to double the effectiveness of the life of your awning when applied.

A quick-drying product, it’s suitable for use on all synthetic waterproof materials.

3. Water Repellent Proofer from IOSSO

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A non-solvent, non-silicone formula, the water repellent proofer protector from IOSSO is effective for use on all fabric types.

Working to protect your awning from a range of problematic issues this covers against such things as water, environmental pollutants, bird droppings, soil, and oil.

Available in sizes of one or two gallons, it is also for sale as a ready to use product or as a concentrated product which you can make up at a later date.

One of two Granger products on our list, this one is the Fabsil waterproofer.

A five-litre product, this aims to provide a highly effective water repellent treatment for all types of awnings and other types of outdoor kit.

Silicone-based, this is ideal for use in a small reusable spray bottle, filling it up from the tin using a funnel. Then you can simply store the larger five-litre metal tin away until you need to use it again.

The second product from Grangers here is the Fabsil universal protector spray-on proofer.

Available in a handy can of either 400ml or 600ml, this is perfect for taking with you and can be easily stored away in your caravan cupboards.

An extremely water-resistant item, this provides a hard-wearing finish and is ideal for finishing those smaller of tears just starting to show visible signs of leaking.

A silicone-based treatment, it works hard on all outdoor fabric types and even includes UV inhibitors to protect against prolonged sun damage.

06. Waterproof Protector Nano Protection for Leather

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Another fantastic item, this is the reproofer which comes in a handy 200ml. Therefore, this is another product you can easily transport with you on your caravanning travels, storing it without hassle in your caravan cupboards.

A high performing product, this is a super hydrophobic waterproofing spray, which works hard to repel water as well as oil and stains.

Suitable for all types of breathable fabrics, it will not alter the colour, texture, or breathability of any awning it treats.

A natural spray-on application throughout, this also has the benefit of a UV sunscreen, therefore reduces fading and degradation.

What Is a Reproofing Agent?

A reproofing agent is simply a product that you can apply to your awning, which makes them waterproof again. They are used by many awning owners when the first signs of leaks appear inside of the awning.

Reproofing agents, often referred to as DWR’s, that is durable water repellents, are a coating which seals any areas of your awning that have begun to allow water through the fabric.

Though they are active and work immediately, you may find in some instances that you will need to reapply them occasionally. This is especially so where the sunlight or rough surfaces have damaged the awning over time. However, most caravanners find they only need to use a reproofing agent perhaps once or twice in a year.

These products are undeniably a great way to ensure the areas inside your awning remain comfortable. They are also the perfect solution for ensuring that you get as much use out of your awning as is possible before needing to think about purchasing a brand new one.

Better still they are an inexpensive, quick fix which you can carry with you in your caravan and use whenever the need arises.

Final Thoughts on Awning Reproofers

Ultimately, there’s no doubt that should you experience a small leak or two in your awning, it’s much more cost-effective to repair it rather than replace it entirely.

Yet, as well as the cost aspect here, it’s undeniably a more environmentally friendly process to patch it up – rather than discard it and buy a brand new one each time you notice a little bit of water seeping through.

Better still, select the best awning reproofer, such as those discussed above,  to deal with this here, and you’ll have a good as new awning in an instant. Thus, you’ll be able to get on enjoying the rest of your caravanning experience; albeit a dryer one than before!

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