Caravan Leg Winders

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The main part of owning a caravan is having the freedom to travel whenever you want, wherever you want. However, it is not just travelling and going on holidays. Owning a caravan involves caravan maintenance.

In order to carry out caravan maintenance, though, you need to have access to the right tools for the job. If you are new to caravanning though, you may not know the first thing of what you do and don’t need.

In this article we want to highlight one tool in particular that caravan owners often find useful. The tool in question is leg winders. These are used for winding steadies or even screwing in tents with a different adapter.

However, looking at the leg winders available though, you’d be forgiven for being put off as there are so many products to choose from. That is why we are glad you have clicked through to our post, because the team here at Caravan Helper have done a lot of the hard work for you.

We’ve looked through the leg winders available and highlighted the products we think are the best, below.

Caravan Leg Winders (Our Recommended Choices)

Maypole are very popular brand in the caravanning community, that we have highlighted several products from on Caravan Helper. They are known for making high quality accessories and equipment that make it great value for money. If you need to tighten the nut or change the wheel of your caravan this leg winder will come in handy. The Maypole Leg Winder has been designed to be effective in difficult positions with a 71cm long brace ideal for winding caravan steadies or standard 19mm car wheels nuts unless they are sunken in alloy wheels.

This brace is specifically designed for easy use featuring both a rotating knob that remains free during use at one end and a plastic sleeve in the middle. Maypole are a leading company in creating high-quality towing, trailer and leisure products so you can trust this leg winding brace to suit your vehicle’s needs.

This leg winder from secure fix direct which suits 19mm (¾”) with an overall length of 780mm. It has been designed mainly for caravan corner steadies, and the length of the handle means you can use it for easy use at a long distance. The handle of the brace has been specifically designed for comfortable use too, making it easy to use and effective.

This adapter is a quality product that will make your life as a caravan owner a lot easier. With the 19mm adapter it will fit most caravan sockets, and with the adapter for 13mm screw pegs you can use it for screwing in pegs if you want to set up a tent while you are camping. The adapter is compatible with most drills for easier and faster repairs. All in all, this is a great high-quality product that will help you while you need to repair and maintain your caravan.

This adapter is 230mm long with a hexagonal shaft making it easy to use and comfortable to grip. The standard 19mm socket is perfect for corner steadies while the 13mm adapter is perfect for screw pegs. Connect either one to your drill for an easy way to maintain your caravan.

So, if you are looking to invest in accessories and tools for your caravan outfit and think leg winders would be something you could make good use of, you have a better idea of what is out there. As well as caravan leg winders, though, there are a variety of other great accessories that you can invest in for your caravan that will make life on the road and maintaining your mobile home.

We have looked at Caravan Leg Locks, Caravan Winter Wheels, Awnings and various related paraphernalia. Please do have a look at the other great posts we have here at Caravan Helper, and we hope you can find a leg winder that suits your budget and needs.

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