Caravan Window Locks

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Here at Caravan Helper, we take caravan security extremely seriously. No one wants to work towards achieving their dream caravan – only to have it broken into, due to a lack of adequate security measures.

Once you take the decision to buy a caravan, you immediately need to think ahead about how best to protect it. This includes when it’s in storage, when it’s on site, when you’re travelling with it and even when you’re staying inside it.

Unfortunately, caravans can be easy targets for thieves. However, though nothing will ever stop the most determined of individuals, it helps to know that the majority of caravan thefts are committed by opportunists.

This means that if they see your caravan is an easy target, with almost no security measures in place, they’re more likely to target your van – as opposed to one that has proper visible security measures.

We want to do everything we can to ensure that you not only protect your caravan but feel safe when inside it and when leaving it. For this reason, we’ve been working hard on looking at a range of security solutions throughout the Caravan Helper website.

Caravan Window Locks (Our Top Picks)

Here are just a couple of caravan window locks we’ve found retailing on Amazon. These have caught our eye for reasons such as simplicity when operating, ease of fitting and, of course, a great low price:

Pennine Leisure Supplies sell a replacement window stay lock which is perhaps one of the most simplistic items. However, with just one small product, you can actively secure a window stay lock in place within minutes.

This is designed for use on all those polyplastic window stays. A lightweight black item, one of each part is included in a pack and full instructions added as well.

These two parts of your purchase are the items that are well known as commonly failing in most of the window stay locks and hinges. Therefore, having these to hand means that should you ever need to replace them, you don’t have to comprise your security in the meantime.

Considered extremely easy to fit, they are also mentioned by customers as being an excellent heavy duty and more robust product. At a fraction of the cost of other window stays, they’re claimed to do the job very well indeed.

Polyplastic screw window stays are a pack of two 300 mm tube stays. With a lever lock and screw fix, these are once again a lightweight product.

Designed for those polyplastic windows, they simply screw through the window.

When they are fully retracted, the length from hinge pin to hinge pin is then 300 mm.

The window screw hole centres here at 20 mm, while the window frame hold centres here at 24 mm.

Once again, these are incredibly straightforward to fit and use and can be attached to your caravan window in no time at all. They offer a useful security feature which you can implement in just a matter of minutes.

3. Pennine Window Lever Lock Catch

Pennine Window Lever Lock Catch

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Pennine offers a lever lock catch which is designed for the caravan and motorhome.

This black polyplastic model is perhaps a familiar one with many caravanners and does provide a more natural looking and less conspicuous solution in the van!

This model, the PP4001, comes complete with a pre-drilled hole and backing plate. Therefore, it can be fitted and working within a matter of minutes.

What’s more, it provides you with a more visual method of window security and added peace of mind.

Caravan Window Alarms

Though this man not be a window lock as such, this is definitely a product also worth considering:

Shop Story sell a mini alarm which comes in a pack of two and works as a fantastic intruder protection piece.

This is a wireless system which means no fussing about with wiring beforehand!

Designed initially to protect shops, offices, and entrances, the company have realised the many benefits of utilising this model in the car, truck, motorhome, and caravan as well.

This is so simple to install and use. It works by emitting a powerful alarm to scare the intruder and this alerts those in or around your caravan.

Featuring an on and off switch, this is a smart and practical solution, which means no-one will be able to open your caravan windows without setting off the alarm as they do so.

With the ability to fix it into place with a double-sided auto-collant fourni, this simply works on three LR44 batteries. For added convenience, these batteries are included in your purchase.

Better still, this is a compact and small unit which moulds effortlessly into the background, ensuring it doesn’t look unsightly in your caravan when installed.

Whether you’re looking to purchase this on its own or alongside the window locks mentioned above, this is certainly worth taking a closer look at.

Other Ways of Keeping Your Caravan Secure

As we said previously, we’ve always been a prominent campaigner of ensuring you always secure your van. We appreciate the hard work and dedication people put into looking after their caravan. Therefore, it makes sense that your prized possession and the valuables inside it, including yourself, are protected.

While window locks are certainly an important feature, they will not work alone. For this reason, we strongly recommend you search around for other ways to increase the security of your van. Window locks can be used effectively alongside a wide range of other security devices in a caravan.

If you’re interested in exploring further details on improving your caravan security, why not look at the other articles on our site?

We have a whole section on the website dedicated exclusively to the subject of caravan security. This covers a range of products from wheel clamps and locks, storage solutions, alarms, leg locks, winter wheels, door locks and other additional types of security features.  Why not access this link to keep yourself updated with the latest gadgets and ideas we post regularly?

Final Thoughts on Caravan Window Locks

Window locks for your caravan are perhaps some of the most essential pieces of kit. Though they don’t claim to stop those most determined of unscrupulous individuals or intruders, what they do well is work in helping you secure your van as best as you can – while offering you peace of mind.

Whether you caravan regularly or just on the odd occasion, these are the most essential types of gadgets that we think you should never be without. And, as you can clearly see from the above products, they require a very minimal initial outlay – meaning they won’t break the bank in the process!

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