Caravan Door Locks

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In this article, we will be looking at caravan door locks. If you want your caravan to be secure while you are out, you will need a good quality, effective, caravan door lock to keep your door lock. You will likely want one that does the job effectively, as I said before, and is durable and easy-to-fit. All the caravan door locks below fit these criteria. We have searched Amazon for the best options that are durable, high-quality and can be fit easily, so we hope that you find the right door lock for your caravan.

Caravan Door Locks – Some Choices

Our first caravan door lock is an easy-to-fit caravan door lock replacement that is guaranteed to keep you and your family safe. To determine what side the lock belongs on, stand outside of the caravan and look at the door. If the hinges are on the left, and the lock is on the right then it is a left-handed lock, and if the hinges are on the right it is a right-handed lock. The fitting, as we said before, is simple and easy to do, taking about ten minutes, and the dimensions are 100 x 100 x 100 millimetres.

This high-security caravan door lock from Milenco has excellent quality, is easy to fit, and is sure to give your caravan extra security, keeping everybody living there safe. The caravan door lock simply screws into the side of the door frame and requires a 5-millimetre gap between the door and frame. As well as being a secure lock, the lock is made from die-cast aluminium meaning that it will never rust, and the body section is made with an enamel finish giving it a good look and durability so you can get your money’s worth with it. This caravan security door lock from Milenco is easily fit, durable and guaranteed to add safety and security to your caravan and protect your belongings, giving you peace of mind and your money’s worth.

3. Fiamma Security 31 Door Handle

Fiamma Security 31 Door Handle

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This Fiamma caravan door lock is a high-quality door lock that will give you and your belongings additional security when you are staying in your caravan. The silicon is excellent quality and adds durability and strength to the caravan security door lock. As well as adding security by keeping the door locked and deterring any thieves, the door handle makes a good aid for getting in for the disabled. Overall, Fiamma has produced a product that will keep your caravan safe and secure with its high-quality build and materials.

This lock is designed for use on the inside only and is made from aluminium providing guaranteed protection against thieves. This caravan door lock uses the same fixing holes two pieces in each package and can be easily placed on the inside of the caravan or garage, giving your belongings extra security. To conclude this review, this Fiamma caravan security door lock is a high-quality, strong and durable product sure to add security to your caravan or motorhome, meaning you will not have to worry about safety while you are in your caravan.

This lock is perfect for keeping your Swift caravan secure. To use this lock, your caravan must be a Swift, and your lock must be already a Hart. The dimensions for this caravan door lock are 131 millimetres times 150 millimetres. Two keys are supplied with this lock, and the installation is very, simple, quick and easy. Overall, with this caravan security door lock, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe while they are in your caravan.

Caravan Door Will Not Unlock

When your lock is not working, it can lead to problems and annoyance. The first thing to do is put some oil or silicone lubricant in the keyhole, slide the key in, and wiggle the key to move the tumblers in the lock. After that, put some oil behind the handle to allow smooth movement. If this has worked, put some more lubricant on the latch part and clean off any excess substance with a clean tissue.

If this does not work, a good idea would be to follow this set of instructions:

  • Use a sharp-pointed screwdriver to remove the red and green button (for a Hartel lock, behind the Hartel name). Remove the four screws and the lock will come away from the frame.
  • Buy a pair of circlips if you do not have any and use them to remove the circlips from the door lock, as well as the two washers.
  • Remove the knob for locking and unlocking the caravan door lock completely.
  • Shave the pin a tiny bit at a time using either emery paper, a file or a Stanley knife. Keep trying this step until the pin comes loose. After that, the knob will spring back by itself.
  • Use Vaseline (plenty of it) and reassemble the door lock. After this, it should work fine.

For more help, this video might come in handy.


In this article, we have looked at the best caravan door locks on Amazon and how to fix a door lock that will not unlock. From the choices, we hope you can find a caravan door lock that fits into your budget easily and is still effective and easily installed. As well as this, we hope that you will know what to do if your caravan door lock will not unlock. We hope that this article has been informative and helpful in your choice of a lock for your caravan door.

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