Caravan Alarms

Installing a wireless alarm on your caravan door is an easy way to improve your caravan security. In fact, it might even be a requirement for your insurance policy. We’ve put together a list of the best low-budget wireless alarms that are quick to install. Though these alarm system options are not a complete caravan security system, they will give you some piece of mind the next time your caravan is left unattended on the camp site or driveway.

Caravan Alarms (Some Great Choices)

Bositools Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Caravan Alarm

Bositools Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Caravan Alarm

The Bositools wireless PIR motion sensor alarm system is the cheapest on this list but still has similar features to the other products mentioned. Like the other alarms mentioned on this list, the Bositools product has a loud alarm triggered by its infra-red motion sensor. The package includes a mounting bracket and two remote control key rings.

The PIR motion sensor has a scanning area of 110° which is quite a large area for such an affordable and simple caravan alarm system. You can disable the alarm using the given remote controls from a distance as far as five meters from the alarm. Attach the remote control to the rest of your keys with the provided key ring. This way you will always have the remote control handy with less risk of losing it.

When the caravan alarm system is set off, it will produce a very loud sound at 105db. This is more than enough to catch the attention of anyone nearby.

Since it is a wireless system, you will only need batteries (not included) for power. However, Bositools has designed the alarm that it can be connected to a 6V adapter (not included), if you prefer.

WER 2-Pack Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Alarm

WER 2-Pack Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Alarm

If you are looking for a good deal then opt for the WER 2-pack. This alarm system has basically the same specs as the Bositools product but is even more affordable considering you get two separate alarms. Each alarm includes two key ring remote controls.

Like the Bositools product, the WER version has a 110° scanning area and produces a sound at 105db. When it detects movement within five meters, the LED light will give off a warning light at first. If the alarm has not been deactivated after 10 -15 seconds then the alarm will sound its noise for 40 – 50 seconds. This should be long enough to alert the neighbours that something is wrong.

This caravan alarm system can only be installed indoors because it is not waterproof nor weatherproof. You place it on the inside of your caravan door, instead.

You can be assured of quality because WER offers buyers a 24 month guarantee and cash back if the alarm is found to be faulty within 45 days.

Defender PIR Motion Sensor Alarm

Defender PIR Motion Sensor Alarm

A more robust option for a caravan alarm is the Defender PIR motion sensor alarm. Instead of key ring remote controls, this caravan alarm system comes with an RF key fob.

Once it is activated, this Defender alarm gives you 30 seconds to exit and enter the area.

One of the plus points of this alarm system is that it will release a warning beep when motion is detected in its scanning area. This is also a reminder for you to disarm the alarm. If the alarm is not disarmed on time then it releases a powerfully loud 130db noise. Far louder than the other motion sensor alarms on this list.

Bonus Security Product: Dummy GPS Security Alarm Warning Window Sticker

Dummy GPS Security Alarm Warning Window Sticker

Adequate security for your caravan is very important. Although this list has given you several easy to install wireless alarm system options, you should consider other effective caravan security measures, as well. Think of products such as advanced locks for doors and windows, wheel clamps or caravan hitch locks. If you do have constant access to electricity, then you might want to invest in a more dependable electrical alarm system.

When you don’t want much hassle in installing a security system, consider sticking these window stickers. These windows stickers are a dummy warning stating that the vehicle is equipped with a tracker and alarm system monitored by the police. Platinum Place makes these stickers look authentic by printing on your registration number. Each pack comes with a set of four waterproof stickers that do not fade.

A tracker is a very effective security measure for your caravan. Alarms are less deterring to experienced thieves because they can be disabled on site. A tracker on the other hand is much more difficult to disable. If there isn’t an actual tracker on your caravan, you can still use these dummy window stickers to make intruders believe that you do. Combine these stickers with one of the wireless motion sensor alarms for a hassle-free and quick to install security measure to deter thieves from entering your caravan.

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  1. Luckily I have never had my caravan broke into but the caravan next to me was broken into last winter when the site was shut. Always invest in an alarm!

  2. Hi I had my caravan broken into devastated.I was looking at a ultra secure alarm that rings three people and sends you a txt message this seems like a really good idea as long you don’t get false alarms

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