Caravan Stickers

If you’ve ever been to a touring caravan park or just drove behind or beside one on the road, even if you’re completely new to caravanning, you will have noticed that many are adorned in a variety of different stickers.

Caravan stickers, like the caravans and their owners themselves, come in all shapes and sizes. While many are there purely as a novelty or because they are ‘funny’, others have more serious messages. Before we look at some examples, it may be worth discussing in greater detail why some caravan stickers exist and whether you are legally obliged to use them.

Stickers Indicating the Speed Limit for a Touring Caravan

In the past, there were restrictions on the speed limit for caravans, and it was advised owners displayed stickers outlining it, so other drivers would know and would not get grumpy or think you were driving irresponsibly. However, as the speed limit increased, to 60mph on a motorway, for caravans, the need for stickers was no longer a legal stipulation.

You will often find older caravans with these stickers still on.

Although many people like to buy them and display them, they are not necessarily legally. Unless you are travelling abroad. In France and other European countries, you are still expected to use caravan stickers related to speed. So, it’s always a good idea to check the rules of the road for where you are travelling, if you are leaving British soil on your next caravan adventure.

Stickers Displaying LPG or other Gas Onboard

There is a myth surrounding the use of stickers displaying that there’s LPG or other gas containers on caravans. Without going deep into the law on the matter, the basic gist is unless you are using your caravan for business, you don’t need to display that you have LPG or other gas containers onboard.

However, many consider it to be good practice to still use them. The thought is it will alert the Emergency Services to gas being on board if they are responding to an accident involving your tourer. It’s worth pointing out, though, that the Fire Service and other first responders are aware of the possibility there’s going to be LPG or some gas on a caravan and will act accordingly.

So, again, it’s not exactly necessary.

According to some Firefighters, though, it can help with their risk assessment if there are caravan stickers indicating gas containers onboard. So, really, it’s up to you. If you want to, go for it. If you don’t, don’t bother.

As for travelling abroad, again, it’s always worth checking the rules regarding driving in that specific country.

With all that being said, you may still want to kit out your caravan. This may be as a common courtesy for other drivers, such as informing them of advising them of your maximum speed, or to warn would-be intruders of your security system or just to personalise it. To help you find what you’re looking for, we’ve selected some of our favourite caravan stickers below.

Some Different Caravan Stickers

First up, from coverandcarry we have this bold and eye-catching caravan tracking device sticker that reads in bold writing with a caravan and beacon-style image ‘SecureTrack Warning This Caravan Is Fitted With Electronic Security Tracking Mobile Tracking’ Measuring around 110 x 65mm, it’s made from a high-quality self-adhesive weatherproof vinyl, so is very easy to apply to your caravan and should stay on for a very long time.

Once in place, it should be more than enough to put the opportunist thief from trying to steal anything from your tourer outfit.

Also, from coverandcarry we have a Caravan 60MPH sticker. Fairly self-explanatory, this is a weatherproof self-adhesive vinyl sticker measuring 4-inches, informing drivers behind you the reason why you are going slower than perhaps they think you ought to be. Although it’s no longer a legal requirement, as we’ve discussed already, it can be a nice gesture to other drivers.

Another sticker also mentioned earlier in this post, that’s more a common courtesy than anything else is this one measuring around 100 x 100mm. In very striking red and white, it simply shows a canister written on, with a red trim around the edge of the sticker.

Now that the formalities are done with it’s time for some fun novelty stickers. First, we have the rather funny ‘If You Think This Is Slow Wait Until We Go Uphill’ sticker. These measure at 150 x 83mm and are made from vinyl with a self-adhesive backing for easy application to your window, with a clear background and glossy white writing. Warn people wherever you are about your slow-moving caravan outfit and are both water and weatherproof.

While it’s not very jokey, the next is a dummy GPS Tracking System Device Warning Vinyl Sticker for your caravan to warn would-be thieves not to even attempt to get up to mischief with your tourer. The vinyl sticker measures 87 x 87mm and features in clear white writing and a transparent background with a caravan image ‘Warning This Caravan Is Protected By a 24HR Tracking System Monitored by The Police’. This, is of course, BS, but they don’t know, do they? And really, they are taking their life into their hands to test whether you really have a security system in place or not.

With this product you get a of 6 stickers and they are available in a variety of different colours, upon request.

Now we’re heading into the funny territory and kinda a bit naughty. This reminds us of the good old-fashioned humour associated with Carry On…films and seaside resorts. The self-adhesive vinyl sticker says, ‘Don’t Come Knocking If The Caravans Rocking’ and hopefully we don’t have to draw you a picture about what they are referring to! There is also a very nostalgic, classic caravan.

It’s big enough and clear enough to read and enjoy, without being too big with dimensions of 200 x 150mm.

The last in our guide to fun caravan stickers is this great Great Britain GB vinyl sticker with a Union Jack edge. Although it’s a fun and patriotic way to display where you are from, it’s also a good thing to have when you are travelling abroad. Like the other vinyl stickers in this guide it benefits from being both fully weather and waterproof, as well as hardwearing and durable. It measures at just 15 x 10cm.

So, whether you are looking to try and appease annoying and impatient drivers on the road. Whether you want to inform foreign authorities and drivers of your British national pride or are wanting to warn everyone walking past your caravan when it’s pitched up about your horizontal manoeuvres in the dark, the caravan stickers we have selected above will help you to personalise your caravan whichever way you want!

If none of the above suit you then you could always get your own custom stickers made at somewhere like Label Llama.

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