Best Caravan Wheel Clamp and Locks

Maypole MP9075 Wheel clamp
Purpleline Nemesis Ultra High Security Caravan Wheel Clamp
Maypole MP9075 Wheel clamp
Purpleline Nemesis Ultra High Security Caravan Wheel Clamp
Adjust most wheel between
13 inch and 15 inch
175 to 225mm width
Adjust most wheel between
13 inch and 15 inch
Maypole MP9075 Wheel clamp
Maypole MP9075 Wheel clamp
Adjust most wheel between
175 to 225mm width
Purpleline Nemesis Ultra High Security Caravan Wheel Clamp
Purpleline Nemesis Ultra High Security Caravan Wheel Clamp
Adjust most wheel between

Of all the external accessories you can purchase for your caravan, perhaps the most important are caravan clamps. These protect your caravan when you are storing it, whether that is on your driveway or in a storage park. You can also use them on holiday parks too. Wheel clamps are a must-have on any caravan to ensure that it is protected, and many caravan insurance companies state that you must have a clamp on your caravan whenever you are not towing it.

A quick search on Google for caravan wheel clamps will give you thousands of results. So, you may decide just to choose any wheel lock, after all, they are all the same right? Well, no. A caravan lock needs to be extremely strong, it needs to have a good lock and it needs to protect your caravan at all times. Unfortunately, not all locks for caravans are created equal.

So, how do you find the best wheel clamp for your caravan? Fortunately, you don’t have to, as we have found the best caravan wheel clamps available at the moment. we have also included a buyer’s guide to locks and clamps for your wheels so you know what to look for and know how to protect your caravan.

Best Caravan Wheel Locks UK (Our Top 8 Picks)

1. Al Ko Wheel Lock

Most caravans today (made after 2005) are based on an AL-KO chassis. If yours is, it may also have this wheel clamp fitted. So, before you buy this clamp, do check. If your caravan doesn’t have this clamp fitted, it will likely fit.

To check, just pop your head under the van, If you see a yellow cap cover between the wheel spokes, you’re laughing. The AL-KO wheel clamp has become the gold standard in the caravan lock world. Many insurance companies want you to have at least one of these clamps on your caravan, some want you to have two. The AL-KO is currently the only caravan clamp that has a Diamond Standard given to it by Sold Secure. A company that tests security products!

So, the AL-KO is one of the greatest caravan wheel clamps on the market. And, if you have it on your caravan already, your insurance company may want you to use this lock and no other ones. But that is just dandy as it is extremely strong, it fits most caravans and insurance companies love it!

Key Features:
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Diamond Standard (the only clamp currently to have this)
  • Will fit alloy wheels with various models to suit 14 and 15 inch wheels

If you do buy the AL-KO wheel clamp, you certainly won’t regret it, but you may need some help installing it. The AL-KO is the hardest clamp to install on the market, and that goes for every time you put it on your caravan, not just the initial install! If you do, here is a fantastic video by the clamp company itself explaining everything you need to know about install the lock.

2 Milenco Wraith Wheel Clamp

The Milenco Wraith is the premium caravan wheel clamp in the Milenco range. It is very simple to install and not too heavy when lifting into place. Overall, this wheel clamp is very well made, it is built to last the lifetime of your caravan. Plus, it is nice and easy to install, and provides a great visual deterrent which many insurance companies look favourably upon and criminals don’t!

Key Features:
  • 5 year warranty
  • Fit steel and alloy wheels
  • Simple to fit (much easier than the AL-KO)
  • Gold award from Sold Secure
  • Highly visible

3 Purpline Fullstop Excaliber

If the AL-KO clamp above seems quite tricky to install, this is a great second option. This clamp was given a gold standard by Sold Secure and so it is the second highest-rated caravan clamp on the market. It is extremely robust but much easier to install. It also offers a bit more of a visual deterrent than the AL-KO too. When a lock has a Sold Secure rating of Gold, you know it is a lock you can depend on! Plus, it is so simple to put on your caravan too!

Key Features:
  • 5 year warranty
  • Fits most caravans made after 2005
  • Much easier to fit than other clamps (like the AL-KO clamp)
  • Sold Secure Gold Standard

4. Maypole Universal Wheel Clamp

The Maypole Universal Wheel Clamp for caravans is another very affordable and adjustable wheel clamp. though a little smaller than the one above, it can still be adjusted to fit wheels with widths between 6.5 and 8.5 inches . The solid steel construction is covered with a very soft PVC coating to protect the integrity of your wheels.

Thanks to its compact design, it can be stored away easily when not in use and comes with 2 keys.

Key Features:
  • Adjustable to fit tyres of 175 to 225mm width
  • Highly visible deterrent
  • Steel construction
  • Compact design so stores easily

5. Nemesis Ultra Caravan Wheel Clamp

The Purpleline Nemesis Ultra is a high-security caravan wheel clamp. The Nemesis Ultra sounds cool and it certainly is very cool when it comes to caravan security. Although more expensive than others, it does come with the Thatcham Quality Assured stamping and has been designed fully with caravans in mind.

Not only is the Nemesis Ultra easy to fit, much easier than the AL-KO, for example. But it is also very easy to store away when not in use. So, it is nice and simple to install, extremely robust and convenient to store when not in use. For all this and more, the Nemesis Ultra is a fantastic heavy duty wheel clamp.

Key Features:
  • 5 year warranty
  • Fits through the wheel
  • Fits most alloy wheels (13, 14 and 15 inch)
  • Thatcham Approval cat 3

6. Milenco Compact Wheel Clamp

Another pricier wheel clamp, but one that is not as expensive as the above, is the Milenco Compact Wheel Clamp. For the price though, you do benefit from a device that can work with both alloy and steel wheels.

It is fully adjustable and will therefore fit all motor-home, caravan, van and car wheels that are 12 to 16 inches in size and tyres ranging between 145 to 225.

One of the striking things about this particular product, which is not necessarily a must when choosing it, is the fact that it is insurance approved. It has also been certified beyond the Solid Secure Gold standard and approved by SCM MP03, the highest level for caravan security in the world.

Key Features:
  • Made for 12 to 16 inch wheels
  • Suitable for steel and alloy wheels
  • Made for tyre sizes from 145 to 225

7. Goodyear Heavy Duty Car Wheel Clamp

Goodyear are one of the most popular and reputable tyre manufacturers in the world, so it makes sense that they should be a name you should consider when looking for a new a wheel clamp

Heavy duty wheel clamp that is fully adjustable to fit just about any wheel size, whether you are looking to use it with a motorbike, caravan, motor-home, van or car. The soft coating on the jaws help to protect your alloys from damage and it comes with 2 keys.

Considering the brand and the fact that it is adjustable, the small price for these is unbelievable.

Key Features:
  • Adjustable to fit all wheel sizes
  • Highly visible
  • Soft-coated jaws so it won’t scratch alloy wheels.
  • Heavy-duty key Lock with 2 keys.

8. Stoplock HG 400-00 Steering Caravan Wheel Clamp – Yellow

From Stoplock, comes the HG 400-00 wheel lock that will fit just about any wheel as long is it is between 13 and 15 inches, regardless of whether it is on a car, trailer, caravan, van or motor-home. The steel disc that sits in the centre adds an extra layer of protection for your wheel. The locking mechanism features multiple combinations and two keys, that will prove difficult for thieves to break into.

Key Features:
  • Will fit any wheel from 13″ to 15″
  • Central steel disc prevents access to wheel nuts
  • High-security, anti-theft lock has multiple combinations
  • Two keys

9. Bulldog Auto Clamp CAT

The CAT Autoclamp from Bulldog is the next item we want to highlight here. This is designed to fit caravans and vehicles with wheels that have a diameter of between 480mm and 640mm and a width of between 145mm and 205mm, including the trim.

It features a lightweight design with case-hardened arms at the top for additional security. As well as being incredibly easy to spot, thanks to the traditional bright yellow colouring, it features a lock that is highly pick and drill resistant and this design has been fully approved by most insurance companies. Although it’s at the higher end of the price range, it’s an incredibly robust and well-designed wheel clamp.

Key Features:
  • Lightweight and fully adjustable simple to use and fit.
  • Rubber backed steel disk protects wheel nuts.
  • High-security, anti-theft pick and drill resistant lock.
  • Insurance Approved.

Important Things To Consider

As we established at the outset, wheel locks for caravans are an essential deterrent to criminals looking to steal your car or caravan. Often hitch locks and wheel clamps are bundled together as the same thing. While they both serve similar purposes, wheel clamps are a lot bulkier and take a lot more time and effort to install. However, they are worth the effort.

Obviously, the most important time to install them is while it is in storage, whether it is on your property or not; however, it is also essential to get into the good practice of using them while you are at a caravan park or camp site. It is not uncommon for caravans to be stolen from even the busiest holiday parks.

Also noted at the outset and the fact that we listed 8 different models, is the fact that they are not all made equally. There are a wide array of different sizes, colours and styles of wheel clamps that all offer different levels of caravan security products.

Security On The Roadside

Generally speaking, we would suggest that you opt for a simpler hitch lock than a full-blown clamp while you are actually on the road and when you make roadside stops. You can also find hitch locks tested by companies like Sold Secure to ensure your van is as secure as possible. Your car full of family and kids will be grateful that you didn’t have to mess around with a wheel clamp each time you stop.

Some Features To Look Out For

When choosing a caravan wheel clamp, it is wise to choose one that will be highly visible to any thief. This is often deterrent enough for most opportunist thieves. You also need to choose one constructed from high quality materials that feature an attack-resistant lock that can withstand attempts to be levered, drilled or picked off. As a general rule, the longer a thief has to spend trying to prise a lock off a caravan wheel, the more likely they are to give up before they are successful. Most seasoned thieves are also likely to know different caravan locks and will be deterred from even trying to pick yours if it is a recognisable brand.

As some varieties of wheel clamps tend to leave your wheel nuts exposes, this makes it possible for a thief to remove the wheel clamp off by simply taking the wheel off. Under such circumstances, it is recommended that you use locking wheel nuts in conjunction with the clamp.

Security Approval Standard Logos

The price of a wheel lock, as you’d possibly expect, in most cases is a good indication of whether or not it is high quality caravan wheel lock. In other words, you get what you pay for.

However, to give you additional help when choosing a caravan wheel clamp/lock, there has been a few independent testing standards formed, which are now recognised by most caravan insurance companies. This is why it is always a good idea to check what the mandatory security requirements your insurer expect you to adhere to if you ever need to make a claim. Many insurers will even offer discounted prices to customers that use caravan wheel clamps that are insurance approved.

Sold Secure is one of the most widely recognised independent organisations that carry out tests on a wide array of security devices and related equipment, including the likes of caravan clamps and hitch locks. Therefore if you see the Solid Secure logo on a clamp you are interested in along with a bronze, silver, gold or diamond rating – you know it has been tested to a high standard. The Thatcham Approved symbol is another sign of a good device, as is anything related to SCM or TUV.

To summarise – rules for buying a wheel clamp

Choose a wheel lock from a reputable and well-known lock maker. This will prevent thieves and it is more likely that these locks will be approved by your insurer. We wouldn’t go for anything lower than Sold Secure Gold, or the same standard from another security company.

It also means that the caravan wheel clamp will be made from very strong materials and the lock itself will be very difficult to break, pick or drill.

Key features to look for: approval from a known tester of security devices (like Thatcham or Sold Secure, for example).

A lock that is easy to install, but near impossible to remove with the key (not always possible).

If you follow these rules, you’ll find a fantastic wheel clamp for your caravan that will keep it nice and safe for many years and you’ll have peace of mind for years too. Plus you will make your insurer happy and criminals very unhappy, which is always a very big benefit.


As we said, there are loads of caravan clamps on the market and a good few of them will make your caravan nice and secure and many will be approved by the insurance companies. However, before you buy a caravan wheel clamp, it is worth checking that your insurance approves the lock (they will likely have a list of approved clamps on their website). Also, wheel locks for caravans are one of the most important accessories you can buy and you should invest some money into it. A good quality wheel clamp with make your insurance company happy and prevent criminals from stealing your caravan.

We hope you have found the perfect caravan wheel clamp for your needs on our list. The AL-KO caravan wheel clamp is regarded as the best on the market. However, it can be tricky to remove, even with the keys. If the AL-KO isn’t up your street, we hope one of the other wheel clamps on our list is the right one for you.

Check out our article on caravan leg locks if you want to make your caravan even more secure. Also, check out the rest of our caravan articles, we have everything you need to secure your van and enjoy a wonderful holiday in a caravan or motorhome.

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