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Today, we will be looking at the best caravan hitch locks. Before we continue, let’s answer the question ‘what is a caravan hitch lock’. A hitch lock keeps your caravan safe from thieves by preventing any cars from hooking up to your caravan. If you quickly search on Google for different caravan hitch locks, you will find a shed load of different options, including double lock caravan hitch locks, Maypole hitch locks and locks from Streetwize.

You will want an option that is durable, so it is not easily destroyed by somebody with a hammer, and you will want it to be visibly deterring so thieves know not to try to break in. Another thing to bear in mind is if the hitch lock for caravans is if they are Sold Secure certified. Sold Secure is a not-for-profit organisation for testing and certifying safety products by working with the police, insurers, and security product manufacturers to test how secure a product is.

The three different certifications are bronze, silver, and gold, with gold being the most secure. If a hitch lock is certified by Gold Secure, you know that it is a good product.

Although this may seem like a lot to bear in mind, we have you covered with this selection of different heavy-duty hitch locks. We hope that this article will help you in choosing the right one for keeping your caravan free from any theft attempts.

Caravan Hitch Locks – The Best Security Options

Maypole’s Alko Caravan Hitch Lock is a heavy-duty yet lightweight lock that will provide extra security for your caravan and car when they are parked together, such as in motorway services. Fitting only takes ten seconds, and this is approved to the Sold Secure Gold standard. The strong anti-saw steel casing covers the bolts fixing the lock to prevent anybody from stealing it.

Along with this, the Maypole Alko Hitch Lock has its own unique patented system for locking and the locks have thousands of potential combinations, and three keys are provided along with a key identity tag. Due to the robust nature, it is corrosion-proof and waterproof. The Maypole Alko Hitch Lock is a sturdy, durable, high-quality product that is one of the best on the market and is guaranteed to give your car and caravan extra security.


If you want to not only stop your caravan from being towed but also visibly deter anybody from trying to touch your caravan, then this is the lock for you. Easily locking on to the caravan, this caravan tow hitch lock will prevent anybody from towing or stealing your caravan. A recessed lock guard is added to this stronghold Hitchlock, and two keys are supplied. The recessing lock system covers the bolt, so if a thief tries to cut the lock, it will be extremely difficult. Overall the Streetwize SWTT125 Guardian Hitch Lock is perfect for deterring any thieves from towing away your caravan.


3. Milenco 4534 Lightweight Safety Coupling

Milenco 4534 Lightweight Safety Coupling

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Milenco has provided a safety lock for caravans that perfectly covers the handle of the safety coupling and will allow for caravan safety when you are at home, for short breaks, and for if you are constantly on the road and need to promptly use an easy-to-use, simple and effective lock. Both unhitched and hitched caravans are compatible with this lock, but you must not use it on the hitch whilst the caravan is being towed. All in all, the Milenco Lightweight Safety Coupling is simple and easy-to-use, easy-to-carry, secure and an all-round great product that will mean you can leave your caravan with peace of mind that it will be safe from any thieves.


Our final product is a highly visible, sturdy and all-round secure quality product from Bulldog. Fitting is simple, and a dummy ball is supplied for when you are using your lock when it is not attached to your caravan. The red powder finish is visibly deterring to any thieves, and two keys are supplied with the product. Unfortunately, this only fits un-hitched caravans. Overall, the Bulldog Security GA95 is incredibly visible and a great deterrent to thieves, an easy fit and a product that is guaranteed to keep your caravan safe and secure.

Buyers Guide

We are now going to take a look at some of the key features that we believe your hitch lock should have along with some other anti-theft devices.

Easy to fit

you really want to buy one that’s easy to fit and remove. If not, you will likely become frustrated and you will have to go out and buy another one or stop using it altogether.

Colour and Design

We think you should go for something with high visibility. That way a thief will see from a long distance off that you have a hitch lock fitted and hopefully that deters them. If thieves are doing a drive-by then that’s when you want this to put them off.

Solid Construction and Insurance Approved

All the ones on our list are well made but there are certain guidelines and certain ones that your caravan insurance company will prefer over others. Give your caravan insurance a call and see which one will save you money.

Sold Secure

Related to the insurance approved above. Sold Secure is a logo that will be on the box of many of these products. it is a recognised standard of accreditation. Another popular one is Thatcham approved.


A good solid product will be one that covers the head bolts. If not, any experienced criminal will know how to remove these easily.

Some can be fitted when the caravan tow hitch is connected to the car. This makes your caravan less likely to be stolen when you are at motorway services or pulled up somewhere for a long time.

Pick Proof

No lock is 100% pick proof, but you want to make sure that the one you pick is heavily protected. There is no point having a solid well-made item if the lock can be easily picked.

Do not rely on just a hitch lock

A hitch lock should only be part of your caravan security setup. We recommend adding a wheel clamp/wheel lock and alarm in your high-security setup. Leg locks are also very useful.


What does a caravan hitch lock actually do?

It stops the handle on the hitch being raised and therefore, stops the caravan being attached to a tow ball.

Should I leave it on while my caravan is in storage?

Yes, this is what we would recommend doing just to give you that extra peace of mind. You can always leave a key with the storage guys in case they need to move it.


After looking at the best hitch locks available on the Internet, we hope that you can find an option that suits you. Durability is a vital quality of the hitch lock of your choice. As was, you do not want a lock that is easily smashed with a blunt object. Sold Secure certification is something to look out for as also mentioned before because you will then know that you will receive a quality hitch lock that will protect your caravan. We hope that you have found this article informative and helpful and that you will find the perfect hitch lock.

After some extra on the drive security? Have a look at caravan security posts or if you drive a motorhome then a clutch claw could be a great option.

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