Clutch Claw For Motorhomes

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Given how big an investment caravans and motorhomes and indeed all other forms of touring vehicles are, it makes perfect sense to want to take all the security measures you can. Even if you lock up your motorhome or towing vehicle properly and have a sophisticated alarm system and all the bells and whistles that may ring and scare off thieves, there will still be some that will stop at nothing to steal it.

That is why you should consider investing in what is most commonly referred to as a clutch claw. If you are unfamiliar with this security measure, then you’ve come to the right place. In the following post, we are going to discuss what it actually is and how it works and therefore why you might want one.

To wrap things up nicely we have also put together a list of the best clutch claws available right now. If you decide this is the right thing to use in your tourer or towing vehicle, then one of these products are bound to be of use to you. At Caravan Helper, as regular visitors to our site will know, we are committed to only offering recommendations that are the best available.

First things first…

What is a Clutch Claw?

Essentially a clutch claw, often known as a clutch claw lock, secures the brake and clutch pedals together to prevent them from being used by would-be thieves. They have been designed to fit into just about any vehicle. When we say any vehicle, it is important to note that they will obviously only work with manual drive vehicles and not automatic tourers and cars.

Depending on the particular model you invest in (more on that later), you will also find that they have been devised in such a way that they are not only hard to install by you, the vehicle owner but also virtually impossible to remove, particularly if you are sat within the vehicle’s cabin or in the driver’s seat.

That leads us nicely onto…

Why Would You Want a Clutch Claw As Security for Your Vehicle?

This might seem like a ridiculous question to answer, given what we highlighted above, but many people may wish to risk not having one installed in their tourer or towing vehicle. Many people are happy to just have an immobiliser and alarm. Which is all well and good, until those devices fail (which they often do). If you have a wheel clamp, you may consider that protection enough for your car or motorhome.

In that situation, the use of a claw clutch along with a wheel clamp would just increase the level of protection you have.

Sure, it will involve a bigger investment. As we already noted at the outset, though, caravans, towing vehicles and motorhomes are very expensive. The combined price of a high-quality and reliable clutch claw and wheel clamp is a mere fraction compared to the price you’d have to pay to replace your pride and joy.

The first on our list is probably one of the most well-known and popular clutch claw. Made by Centinel, it has been designed to be fully compatible with just about any vehicle from any manufacturer. It has a robust and durable construction and comes with an LED that flashes and window stickers that informs would-be thieves the device is present as a deterrent.

There are a couple of vehicles that there needs to be a special modification made to the contraption, which you can get upon request, for the Ford Transits from 2006 to 2013 and the Ducato/Peugeot Boxer from the year 2014 right up to the present-day models.

The Centinel model has received a lot of positive press and was chosen by City Mex and the Scottish Office for use in the protection of the commercial fleets of LCVs they use. Fast Car Magazine carried out attack tests on this tool and it managed to resist them for a total of 30 minutes and 58 seconds.

Next on our list is a brake and clutch security lock made from Dent-de-lion constructed from a high-quality steel-alloy and has an adjustable height that can be set through 8 holes at 19.2cm. This particular device adapts to the pedal’s level and it can be used in vehicles with accelerator and brake pedals that have a width of around 1.4cm. It is supplied with three keys and is quite easy to install.

This is a considerably cheaper option compared to the Centinel model. Therefore, if you are looking to benefit from the protection offered by a clutch claw, but don’t really want to pay the high price tag of the Centinel model. It is definitely worth a try.

3. Dengzhu Stainless-Steel Clutch Lock Car Brake Lock

price check on amazon

Another inexpensive clutch claw-like device and last in our list is this model from Dengzhu. It is very similar in design and structure to the Dent-de-lion model. The difference is that this appears to be made from stainless steel and features a full-copper locking core. It has 8 holes to choose from, depending on what fits your towing vehicle or tourer’s pedals, with a maximum height of 7.84-inches.

As we said, this is another that’s considerably cheaper than the Centinel option, so if you want to give it a try, this is a great choice.

Final Thoughts

A clutch claw, like a wheel clamp, is a useful piece of protective equipment to invest in for your touring pride and joy, whether it’s your caravan outfit’s towing vehicle or your motorhome. If you are not worried about the cost, the Centinel is the best of the best. However, if your budget is very tight, one of the other products we highlighted above. It is definitely one of those situations where it might be better to have something in place and prevent potential disaster and the theft of your vehicle than taking your chance with nothing at all.

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