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With caravans being stolen daily, you will want to have peace of mind that your caravan is safe from any thieves wanting to steal your precious property. As well as this, you will want to put anybody off even trying to nick them, keeping them away from being anywhere near your property. This is where caravan security posts come in handy. Caravan security posts are installed in your driveway and physically block your caravan, so thieves can’t and won’t even try to remove your vehicle.

These caravan security posts are highly visible deterrents, so most thieves will be put off from even trying to steal your precious belongings. However, you have plenty of options when you make a search for these posts. This is where this article comes in handy. We have looked at the best caravan security posts on Amazon, so you can make your choice as to which post you will buy. We hope you whatever security post you purchase protects your caravan from thieves.

Caravan Security Posts (Some Suggestions)

Our first item is a product from highly respected brand Maypole. A construction made of solid steel means that it is strong enough to block any thieves from getting to your caravan and stealing it, and the incredibly visible yellow paint makes the perfect visual deterrent to anyone who might be thinking about attempting to steal your caravan.

To remove the block all you need to do is unlock the lock and then you can access the area that was previously blocked by the caravan security post. For a product with good value for money, sturdiness to give you protection for a long time and a visible deterrent to any potential thieves, the Maypole MP9731 Security Post is a perfect choice.

This next product is like the first and is also from the trusted company Maypole, who have been making quality caravan products for over 40 years. Just like the previous Maypole item, the solid steel construction makes it sturdy and durable and the yellow paint means that the average thief will be put off from even trying to steal your caravan. The thing that separates this caravan security post from last is the different method of use/installation.

Instead of using a lock, this post uses a bolt fitting so it can be fitted easily with the bolts that are provided with the product. When you want to use your caravan, you can simply fold down the block after the lock has been unlocked and you will have access to the area that you had previously blocked. Just like our previous item, the Maypole Bolt Type Fold Down Security Post is guaranteed to protect your caravan from any thieves who want to steal your caravan while being great value for money.

3. BWT Auto-locking Telescopic Security Post

BWT Auto-locking Telescopic Security Post

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With a new and innovative locking system, your caravan will be safe with this unique telescopic caravan security post. You will need an 850mm deep hole to fit this post in. The ground tube is plated with zinc and inside this tube, you have a stabilizing rod. On the bar over ground you get a handle for pulling up and lowering, zinc plating all around the bar and a lubrication hole.

To lock, pull the post up and it will remain in that upright position without you having to do a single thing. Then you turn the key down to lock. It is as simple as that. Turn the key, remove the post, grasp the handle and push in the locking bar and lower the post to the ground to retract. With this caravan telescopic security post, you receive three keys and are guaranteed to have peace of mind if you purchase this item.

Not one, not two but four high-quality caravan security posts come with this purchase. Each of these four has high-quality keys and built-in locks, folds down in a mere few seconds and can be easily raised and locked without needing a key. Everything about these posts has been optimized for security from the integral locks to the keys. To keep this post on the ground, it will need to be bolted down, but bolts are not supplied and thus will be required if you choose to purchase this product.

With four posts, you will be almost 100% sure that nobody will get to your caravan, and most thieves will avoid even trying to steal a caravan when there are four high-quality posts visible at night protecting it. All in all, for maximum safety protection for a good price, you can’t go wrong with these four caravan security posts standing in your driveway keeping your caravan safe.


Upon looking at the best caravan security locks we can find, we hope you can now make a choice on which post you will buy to keep your caravan secure. Each of these products is strong, high-quality, and visible. Being easy to install is another good thing to look out for. In conclusion, we hope that this article has informed you enough so that you can make the right choice regarding the caravan security post you buy.

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