Caravan Winter Wheels

What Are Caravan Winter Wheels?

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A pair of winter wheels is an excellent choice for preventing degrading of the wheels and any flat-spotting of the tyres when your caravan is in storage. Winter wheels are a popular choice among insurers due to the fact that you can’t tow a caravan when there are pieces of metal holding it down. Winter wheels will stop your caravan wheels from getting damaged and will prevent anybody from stealing your caravan. 

Winter Wheels For Caravans

This set of winter wheels are robust enough to protect your wheels from damage in storage and will deter any thief who would want to steal your caravan. Your caravan will be completely immobilized for optimum safety.

These winter wheels have a universal design so it will fit 4 and 5 stud wheels, meaning it will most likely fit your own caravan’s wheels. This set of caravan winter storage wheels is suitable for use with locking wheel bolts in case you would like any additional security for your caravan and you will receive two caravan winter storage wheels, two locking plates and two padlocks if you choose to buy the set.

This set of winter wheels will protect your tyres from any damage, prevent any thieves from stealing your caravan and will go down well with most insurers when they know the caravan will not be stolen.

This winter wheels set is suitable for both immobilising your caravan and protecting your wheels as you store your van for the winter.

Working hard to ensure you avoid that common expense of replacing tyres that have stood idle over the winter months, it’s suitable for four and five stud caravan wheels.

This Bulldog model WL10 comes complete with one locking plate, as well as a locking bolt designed to boost the highest security.

Simple to fit, this set also provides customers with detailed setup and step by step instructions to ensure you get them installed the first time correctly, and indeed safely.

Bulldog are renowned for their effective and approved security products and specialise in the caravan security sector.

The preferred choice for caravanners looking for some of the most robust devices on the market, the WL10 is a quality solution and a sound investment.

As well as being 100% British manufactured, the Bulldog Caravan Winter Wheels set is an insurance approved item.

Customers of the Bulldog WL10 model enjoy the added peace of mind that having this kit on their caravan offers – both through security and the knowledge they won’t have a costly bill when they set back off in the caravan after a winter break!


Winter wheels are an ideal way to keep your caravan protected from perishing of the tyres while deterring any thieves and preventing anybody who does try to steal from stealing your caravan. You might want to make sure your insurer is okay with them, but they most likely will want them to be put in place to avoid any caravan stealing. Flat-spotting and degrading are problems you will most likely want to avoid, so if your insurer allows it, investing in a pair of winter wheels, possibly with some locking wheel bolts, is a good idea for the safety of your caravan when it is in storage.

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