The Ultimate Guide to Buying a New Caravan

If the thought of freely roaming the country, taking to the open road and having no fixed address appeals to you or you just want to be able to save money on holidays, you may be considering the possibility of buying a new caravan (part exchange advice here). Who can blame you? Owning a caravan … Read more

Best pure sine wave inverter uk

Best pure sine wave inverter uk

Though it made sound complicated, a pure sine wave inverter is a simple piece of kit which works on offering power to the many appliances caravanners like to use on a regular basis. Designed primarily for those times when it’s not possible to access mains electricity, they are also the more practical of products to … Read more

Best Caravan Draft Skirt

best caravan draft skirt

Though you may not see so many of them on caravans currently, in recent months caravan draft skirts have become a popular search item. This could possibly be due in part to the continued temperamental weather that the UK has experienced this year alone. If you’ve never come across them before and have no idea … Read more

Caravan Storage Essex

caravan storage essex

If you have invested in a caravan or motorhome, you will probably want to consider storage for your vehicle. Why can’t I just store it on my drive, I hear you say. However, it is worth noting that 57% of caravan thefts take place from a person’s drive. If you live in Billericay, Braintree, Stondon … Read more

Best Porch Awning

best porch awning

Awnings are an essential piece of equipment that all caravan owners should own. Here at Caravan Helper, we’ve covered a lot of different awnings on other posts, on this one though we are going to be speaking exclusively about porch awnings. As well as explaining exactly what a caravan porch awning is and how it … Read more

Caravan Gas Regulators

caravan gas regulators

A gas regulator is an item which allows you to regulate just the right amount of pressure to adequately control the gas feed and flow from your gas bottle to your designated gas appliances. With many caravanners using gas for heaters, gas stoves and BBQs on their travels, a standard gas regulator does the vital … Read more

Caravan Water Filters             

Caravan Water Filters 

While the subject of whether a caravan needs a water filter rages on in the caravanning world, there’s no doubt that a considerable amount of people like to know that the water they’re drinking from their caravan site is of good quality. Some caravaners prefer reassurance that when they are away from home, more so … Read more

Caravan Chairs & Recliners

caravan chairs and recliners

The team here at Caravan Helper, like most caravanning enthusiasts, have an ideal image in our heads of what the perfect caravan experience should be like. In our minds it obviously includes a nice and warm sunny day, nothing spectacular, unless we are imagining touring the south of France or along the Spanish coast. For … Read more

Gifts for Caravanners

caravan gifts

At Caravan Helper, we love to give gifts as much as, or even more so than, we love to receive them. It’s quite likely you are the same. Maybe you stick to the traditional times of the year to send gifts, for those special occasions. It could be that you prefer to give gifts more … Read more