Caravan Waste Water Carrier

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Although it is one aspect of caravanning that you may not want to think about, wastewater is an important aspect that deserves some of your attention. A wastewater carrier is something that you place under your caravan that will store any wastewater. After that, you can wheel the water away and dispose of the waste in a safe way. Here in this article, the team here at Caravan Helper have gathered the best wastewater carriers. You will want one that is easy to use, sturdy and it should be large enough to store the water and not too heavy so nobody can carry it.

Waste Water Carriers and Containers For Caravans

The Hitchman Wastemaster is a robust product that is designed to make it easy to carry waste from your caravan so you can dispose of it without any hassle.

The Wastemaster fits right under you caravan easily and has luggage elastics so you can connect the ledge to the caravan toilet. The material of the ledge and the elastics are high-quality and the product is very well constructed. The Hitchman Wastemaster is a sturdy, easy to use, high-quality product that will make it simple to dispose of any waste from your caravan.

Waste hog is an incredibly strong, robust and well-constructed waste water carrier for caravans that is definitely going to help you in disposing of waste from your caravan. The 45-litre capacity makes it one of the largest waste water carriers we have found. With an ergonomically designed handle for added comfort and easy use, it is perfect for carrying waste easily. The Wastehog has a fold-down shelf for carrying toilet cassette, and you will not have to worry about wet ground due to its extra wide wheels, further adding to its easy use.

The Wastehog is the Amazon Choice for a waster water carrier container and is a strong, high-quality piece of equipment with a large 45l capacity, making it ideal for your caravan’s waste disposal so you can enjoy staying in your caravan without worrying about waste water.

3. WWC01 Portable Waste Water Carrier, 25 Litre

WWC01 Portable Waste Water Carrier, 25 Litre

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This waste water carrier for caravans comes with a folding handle and an ergonomically designed grip for added comfort and easy use. The WWCO1 fits easily underneath your caravan to give you extra comfort when you are camping or caravanning. The level indicator is ideal for informing you when you should empty the water and to aid you with that the WWWOC1 comes with a directional emptying spout making your caravanning more comfortable. It is also designed for pressure free emptying with an air pressure button and a large access screw cap, so even emptying the device is simple. 

The WWWOC1 Portable Caravan Waste Water Container is easy to use, comfortable and is sure to enhance the enjoyment of your caravan trip.

The WastePro is a rigid, well-constructed wastewater, made from extra strong food-grade polyethene for additional durability. The cap is designed to fit around the average size of a caravan pipe ensuring that no nasty odours will disturb you when you are relaxing in your caravan. The large easy grip handle makes it easy and comfortable to transport from your caravan, and the large wide wheels mean you can easily transport across tough terrain. The Crusader WastePro is a robust, high-quality waste water container that is simple and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for adding comfort to your caravan and adding to the overall enjoyment of your holiday.

The Fiamma Roll-Tank is a compact and lightweight waste water carrier that is not overly heavy but still will carry any wastewater you need to transport. Due to it being lightweight and thinner than most of the other wastewater carriers it will not take up too much space in your caravan and it will not be overly heavy for you to pull. The wide wheels make it so that it will be easy to wheel across terrain that might be difficult to go through otherwise.  The Fiamma Roll-Tank has a thin build, is easy to use and not too heavy or awkward and should fit inside your caravan.


In this article, we have looked at some of the best wastewater carriers available on the market. It is important to make sure that you buy one that will have a large enough capacity for you and your family’s needs, is robust enough and not too heavy. A wheeled carrier with a comfortable handle will be easier to lift. If you are carrying it over rough terrain, get a carrier with wide wheels which will make it easier to pull across the terrain. Bearing all of this in mind, you should be able to choose something from this list that will suit your caravan’s needs and improve your trip.

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